[Good Samaritan] Saving up for my first Super, FAX, & Titan through elite pvp (UP TO 110b!)


(Dracvlad) #249

I am in an alliance referred to as TIKLE, what do you expect?

(Dom Arkaral) #250

Nothing serious

You still haven’t answered me

(Dracvlad) #251

Read the thread, I have!

Let me repeat it here so as not to clutter this up with Dom misunderstandings and Shae silly games, read the damn thread its above, like I have…

(Dom Arkaral) #252

Look the 5 posts between my question and the post you just answered, you’re talking about non-related stuff.

So no, you haven’t answered anything.

(Dom Arkaral) #253

I read every single quote since the start.

You’re avoiding yet again because you can’t answer…

(Galaxy Pig) #254

Drac likes to tap dance.

Like when you ask him for proof of his wild conspiracy theories. You should see him go!

(Faylee Freir) #255

Hey did you guys know I dueled a second Jump Freighter? He happened to be at war with Pirat, but sadly I couldn’t find one of their combatants. Fortunately he was itching for honorable pvp and chose to duel me.

(Tengu Grib) #256

That was fortunate.

(Faylee Freir) #257

In all reality I won’t actually buy a Titan until I’ve flown a capital ship for starters. I’m completely green when it comes to caps, so getting into my Thanatos, Apostle, and Naglfar will be my first steps.

Obviously owning and learning how to properly take care of a Super will be my next stop before a Titan.

(Dracvlad) #258

Very wise, they are now in my opinion a lot more fun, you will enjoy using them.

(Faylee Freir) #259

So maximum frustration happened tonight… Bumped a triple expanded Charon carrying 5.2b while at war with Pandemic Horde. I scrambled to get an invite, but had to settle with finding someone to come kill. Target ended up logging off and we gave him a timer in order to keep him in space. When our PH friend landed to kill for us the freighter was unlockable. He wasn’t in warp, as we had him bumped and all of our other ships had him locked up. We had no choice but to let him go.

Hey, CCP. Fix your ■■■■. Lets introduce blowing up some goddamn moon with a death ray, but we can’t seem to get a grip on some of the basics of the game such as targeting.

(Rena Skjem) #260

Yes. I guess when you log off in space server puts you into “warp” mode immediately where you cant be targeted. and since he was not aligned he could not warp out so he was in this “im in a warp” mode while not being in a warp i guess.

I got a guestion. Do you find juicy targets with mach or have dedicated scanners for this?

(Scipio Artelius) #261

Seems strange and if that was it, it is definitely a bug. When you logoff, your ship will attempt to emergency warp out before being removed from space after any engagement timers have expired.

If your ship can’t warp, it just sits there. Should still be totally 100% lockable whether it emergency warps or not. Frustrating bug for it not to be.

If you look at the lossmail for STOP AND FRISK (linked above in the thread too):

The Mach is fit with both ship and cargo scanner. Doesn’t preclude using other alts to scan targets enroute in other systems, but the Mach looks perfectly capable of checking targets as well.

(Faylee Freir) #262

Yes, I know the nuances of what happens normally when a freighter logs off and how it should behave. It’s just incredibly frustrating when bugs happen.

Nah I don’t have scanners spread out or anything. If I did I’d swap some of the mids out for more tank or something.

(Faylee Freir) #263

Right, so the target logged and we gave him a timer. He logged back in before the timer expired and stayed logged in, but was unlockable by anyone other than people that had him locked prior to logging out.

I’ve personally encountered the bug once before during Burn Jita where I was trying to extend the timer on a target that was logged off, but he was unlockable. Extending the timers on a target that can’t be targeted isn’t an issue if you’re prepared for it. This very bug is one of the reasons why Miniluv uses a specific ship / fit, but doesn’t help much if you have are free to attack something that can’t be locked up… short of smartbombing it in a safe or something wonky.

Let AG rejoice in this as I’m sure they’ll claim CCP’s shortcomings as a victory!

(Dracvlad) #264


Gankers do!

EDIT : Editing my clever meme into your post above is lazy :stuck_out_tongue: Tell your own jokes fool.

EDIT: I thought it worked both ways like my comment…

(Keno Skir) #265

EDIT : Editing my clever meme into your post above is lazy :stuck_out_tongue: Tell your own jokes fool.

(Dom Arkaral) #266

@Dracvlad I’m still waiting for that proof

Seems like you can’t quite back the things you say :wink:

You know, this sign and you have a lot in common with each other lol

(Faylee Freir) #267

I assume if I’m away from the game for the weekend to be with family AG will claim that as victory as well?


(Dom Arkaral) #268

It’s ag
They don’t have caps :wink: