[Good Samaritan] Saving up for my first Super, FAX, & Titan through elite pvp (UP TO 110b!)


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Not in hisec :wink:

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I’m sad that i made it to the end of this thread without seeing the video. :cry:

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Video is a WIP. I need about 2 more minutes of solid footage before I’m finished :slight_smile:

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Just wanted to give a little update on this little project:

I’ve been incredibly busy serving the Dark Lord and have neglected my duty to you, dear readers. In an half-assed attempt to fill you in on what I’ve done since my last post, I will spam you with the killmails of infidels. Stand back and admire the blood sacrifice as I line up each of these detestable pilots as you would heads on pikes…

You’ll notice that I’ve since executed two more Jump Freighters

and the much more impressive 20b Jump Freighter…

The Dark Lord chooses to reveal himself in wonderful ways. I am constantly receiving his blessings in the form of pure tears:

Zwisto > gald you ganked me while I am skyping with my daughter, grats.

Lacie LaFleur > You ready?
Falcon War > yea
Falcon War > i don’t see u
Falcon War > oh you mother fucker
Lacie LaFleur > 1b or you die

Khuni Marr > you guys are ■■■■■■■ my game, to the point wher i will not be able to continue
Khuni Marr > #just saying
Lacie LaFleur > lol
Khuni Marr > i ple
Khuni Marr > plexz
Khuni Marr > thanks
Khuni Marr > i cant plex this minth
Khuni Marr > or next month
Lacie LaFleur > Really?
Khuni Marr > yea
Khuni Marr > really
Lacie LaFleur > I need more isk. Can you give me some?
Khuni Marr > sure, if you ■■■■ your self first on a pike
Khuni Marr > cheers

So now comes the interesting part that I never would have anticipated… I’m up to (around) 93.3 billion isk since July 11th. I say “around” because there have been multiple instances where I’ve convinced them to jettison their cargo and even eject from their freighters, and just like I’ve neglected this space… I neglected to document those instances. The 93.3b comes from total loot and ransoms.

So what about the original goal and vision of this thread? Well I will admit that I’ve invested chunks of my “donations” towards various projects I’m working on and have emptied my “BOOTY” can twice so far. I’m determined to see returns on my investments that will see this 93.3b complete and whole. I had around 50b liquid before starting this project and there’s no real reason to sell anything as I don’t ~really~ need the ISK, so I’m going to pack-rat everything in my can and see how big my pile can get. I’m sitting at 30b in loot right now (wish I wouldn’t have sold my loot twice now).

Yes the Fenrir I use to scoop with was “stolen” or “donated” to this project. Don’t ask about the meat locker… JUST DONT. Some stuff I’ve obtained I’ve put in my keepsafe container, but its mostly skins, cosmetic items, or other various things that I would prefer to hold on to.

The goal is still to have Super, FAX, and Titan pilots with the hulls I decide to train towards, but I’m still a very long way off. I still have yet to actually own or pilot a Capital, so the Super pilot will enjoy a Carrier until I feel I’m ready. I have an alt training for another Panther, but will likely go for a Nag just to get more capital experience. Naturally being in VMG I have plenty of logi alts, and two of these are being put to use towards FAX training. Sadly I don’t have a character that I’m currently training towards a Titan for, so we’ll just have to see how this plays out.

So realistically I’m months away from actually undocking my alt in a Thanatos and even longer for the FAX alts. The Naglfar pilot (who is actually my old bump machariel alt) will likely be ready first. I have no plans to inject any of these characters, as I have plenty of time to wait with no shortage of content.

I was on the Mindclash Podcast this last Monday and the theme was scams and scammers. It was awesome being on the show to not only talk about what I do and enjoy, but to hear some of the guys that I look up to as they provide incredible content / stories / chatlogs. I do go into a great bit of detail on exactly what I do / say and the strategy behind it (no I’m not just spamming duels). If you’re interested in that you can watch it on their youtube or listen to it from their website

I am also collecting the last bit of footage that I need for the video I’m making, then I’ll need to re-do some of the editing since I’ve realized that I’ve been somewhat lazy. I just know everyone here is going to love it, and I’m really eager to finish.

To close out my little update I’d like to take a page out of Feyd’s (rip) book and dedicate each and every single kill, tear, and “donation” to those that wish to see Eve Online turned into some kind of PVE farming themepark abomination. I do this for you and because of you, and hope that as you read this that you project all sorts of armchair psychology towards me.

@Dracvlad @Nitshe_Razvedka @Culdaris_Kahn_X

I could keep the list of heretics going, but I might as well just include the majority of posters here and on Reddit.


Are you Sure
(Dracvlad) #273

I see you mentioned me first at the end of your long list of successful ganks as a fan of hello kitty due to my perfectly valid criticism of bumping as a lame mechanic. That aside, I can say without rancour that you are an incredibly effective and dedicated ganker. Calm down, there is no need to get so emotional about a perfectly valid criticism of naff mechanics.

PS You detailed the 20bn Ark twice in your post…

PPS Wow that was an expensive pod…

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Congrats on the total so far. You’ll be able to buy one of each Super, Fax and Titan if you keep going…:blush:

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Lol @Dracvlad I can smell the jealousy from here, quite cute actually :joy:

@Faylee_Freir :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

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I listed it twice in order to double back and emphasize that it was 1 of 2 JF kills. It wasn’t counted twice in the total.

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Hey I listened to that mindclash episode, good stuff! Nice to hear an EVE podcast that isn’t just a carebear circle jerk…

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So we what we basically have here is something along the lines of :

  • Promotion of egoistic cynicism and nihilism.
  • Disdain or inability to empathetic thought.
  • Self-congratulatory egotism.
  • Ruthless individualism.

Congratulations in deliberately and consciously keeping in check what our world reaves from and since the dawn of our species.

If you have kids, or planning to have, make sure to tell them how you contributed to human consciousness and understanding of its own condition on this planet, and how far you went to actually help for it … in a video game…and as significant as that may sound.

Guaranteed that the people you’ve cleverly manipulated aren’t feeling any more positive about all this than before they came in, if not even less so … and even less now with my post.

You’re the reason we needed governments and laws framing our societies, just as themepark mmos came into existence.

So a third way could’ve been possible, but thought naught of it, and then you just had to exist, and I guess…unfortunately ?

All I can say is goodluck, in making the world feeling that little bit more hopeless, and continue shifting the universe in a negative way via the above-mentioned points.

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It’s just pixels
Why do you carebears have to be this dumb? :joy:

(Machimpy) #280

Say if I were to hack all your accounts, take away everything you hold dear and work so hard for and spent Real life hours for.

Would you still immediately brush it off as “Its just pixels” ?

Maybe you would eventually, but only after some time of stress, frustration, cursing, and overall negativity. An experience that was totally worth your time yes ? Or maybe only for the one forcing it on you… And do you even consider your time to be worth anything at all ?

You dont, because if you did, or had an ounce of empathy left, you wouldn’t do this, curse at carebears and being an overall lost cause as far basic human sentiments go.

(Paulus Ostus) #281

Only trouble is, hacking is outside of the game mechanics - kinda like if someone were to suddenly make a person disappear via a Death Note or something like that - while what s/he’s been doing here is entirely within game mechanics - kinda like China breaking into and stealing the Philippines’ land and natural resources.

(Scipio Artelius) #282

Then you would be breaking the EULA, which is the only place RL comes into this as we all stand in agreement with the EULA.

You would deserve to be permanently banned by CCP.

However, playing within the rules and the spirit of the game is fine, no matter what the playstyle. We don’t all have to conform to one style of play. There are many and it’s what makes the game challenging and interesting.

And that’s all it is. A game. In game actions against fictional characters in a make believe galaxy. Nothing of real value gets destroyed (again, see the EULA where that is made clear and so we all agree that to be the case).

(Machimpy) #283

It’s not just a game in the case where it allows for dog eat dog interactions and brings out the worse parts of human beings with it, “because they can”.

So it’s still completely viable to bring in the hacking argument here because we are talking and observing what an un-empathetic action and reaction means for both the victim and the bully.

Its certainly a great lesson for many people here, because so many similarities in this game with how the real world works and how people generally behave in it.

Or dont you think ?

(Scipio Artelius) #284

No, I don’t think that at all.

If you play COD, or World of Warships, or World of Tanks, Assassin’s Creed, etc. do you apply the same standards to the actions in those games as you are applying here in EVE?

COD is all about killing other characters in the game. Same with the other games listed. They all have aspects of kill the opponent, steal from the opponent, out compete against other characters.

It’s no different in EVE. It’s always been promoted as such by CCP and no one can claim coming into the game that they don’t know what it is about. There is plenty of material to learn from.

The issue comes where people can’t separate RL from fantasy, just like here.

It’s just fantasy. Nothing real.

(Dom Arkaral) #285

I lost 15b to scammers, I brushed it off despite having not much isk left

It’s called adaptation.
Those who can’t adapt cry and quit.

I’ll also add this:
Irl, I’m not a thief, a mass murderer, a cult worshipper, a permit seller, a spy, or a rich man. So that argument is beyond invalidated, it’s just another stereotype coming from weak people who want to justify what we do.

(Machimpy) #286

It’s difficult to compare Eve with those games as all of those are basically arenas you can just hop in and out of with no RL time or asset repercussions if you die and whatnot.

Eve is a game where a considerable and non-comparable amount of an individual’s RL time gets spent.

So far, I cannot comprehend how people would deliberately choose to go out of their way to even play such a game, and even less the people choosing to completely screw that many hours up of another individual’s time, just because it’s fun or in “the spirit of the game”, all the while as it was also in the spirit of it to choose not to, in light of other and more empathetic reasons one could find as well…

It’s that specific choice-making that Im talking from, why people choose what they choose, and if they even know why they choose it to begin with.

It’s like I feel so many people are inherently “conditioned” to playing the bad guy in a game because they feel it’s something they can finally do, which they cant do in RL without serious repercussions, and are frustrated by it.

Granted some still do them irl, but then why and how to even begin to want to contribute to nurture at a conscious that effectively makes the real world already a pretty crappy place to live in ? I mean, other than just the game and fluffy fantasy, for what cause really ? Why the hell even want more of it as a distraction ?


Your skills of adaptation aren’t in question.

You brushed at least something off, and for how long it took you get over it, who knows, and who cares, that’s still something.

(Toxic Yaken) #287

Because conflict makes the game interesting, but the game doesn’t create or force us into conflicts, we have to create them ourselves.

(Scipio Artelius) #288

Sure and that’s just as valid a choice. Not more valid, just equally as valid a way to play the game.

One of the great things about EVE is that unlike many of the games listed earlier, it isn’t only for pvpers, it’s also in many respects, a city-builder type game and it offers options for all different styles of play. But none of the styles within the rules are any better or worse than others. They are all just valid playstyles.

So, as a pvper, if I shoot someone in the game, I’m not setting out to screw up the hours they have spent in the game. I can’t even know how much they play the game. I’m just playing my own game (and hopefully sharing my time with friends in game too). And it’s the same if someone else shoots me too. They aren’t setting out to screw my time up. They are just playing their game.

That also applies to the PVE style. I do a lot of industrial activity in game and if someone else is manufacturing and selling the same things I am, they aren’t setting out to screw my time and effort over. They are just playing their game and making their own choices.

That we all influence each other (at a character level) is part of what gives EVE so much depth and the only thing we can do realistically, is play how we want to, within the rules.

There’s no mallice in this thread. The OP has a goal and is just acquiring the resources and ISK to make that a reality. That she chooses to do it via PVP doesn’t make her a bad person. She’s just playing the game.

I can appreciate that you can’t comprehend that a certain playstyle is valid, however at the same time, surely you can understand that it is just as possible to “screw over” people by competing against them on the market, or running all the exploration sites in an area, or running a massive mining fleet in nullsec that leads to depression in the ore/mineral market, etc.? They are all valid ways to play the game, with just as much potential to influence other characters.

None of them is any more or less valid a way to play the game and at the end of the day, how we each react to situations as people (outside the game, separate from our characters) is up to us individually. How I react is on me. Not on you. So how you play the game, even if it influences me, is perfectly fine. It’s up to me to be rational about how I react (and importantly to realise it’s just a game. Nothing real is destroyed).