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Define interesting then, in the case of Eve it’s “Interesting for some and not for others”.

Im pretty sure Trump leveling the entire North Korean peninsula will look at being a pretty interesting and unique video feed on Youtube, but for those on the ground …

So where Im getting at is this, at the basis of it, why even consider conflict a interesting game/distraction to enforce on others ?

You can answer that as honestly as you like. :slight_smile:

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Thanks for the kind words @Machimpy

Are you capable of separating this video game from real life? There’s so much I want to say to you… I want to help you, but I think it’s a waste of my time.

They’re playing a game. I don’t care if they feel all warm and fuzzy when I trick them and blow them up.

Am I really the reason that our forefathers gathered together to create civil society? Neat!

Are you telling me to kill myself?

Sorry dude, my chi is pretty centered.

I would be bummed that my two-factor authentication failed, then petition CCP with a smile on my face knowing that some “silly person” (I have to use nice words. I’m on my last warning) is going to get destroyed by CCP for breaking the EULA.

Yes. Even if you legit stole or scammed everything from me. I’m not a helpless player… I’ll just consider it paying it forward and take it from the next guy. ITS A VIDEO GAME! We’re here to have fun, and if for you that is to roleplay some off the wall space psychologist, that’s fine.

Yes, that’s exactly what it is. It’s a VIDEO GAME set in a dog eat dog world.

Oh now you’ve used the bully word. I don’t know about everyone else, but my bingo card is almost full. I’m sure @Dom_Arkaral and @Ima_Wreckyou are getting close, so I’ll have to pay careful attention here.

There are times when I do feel bad. I felt bad when the 20b Jump Freighter that dueled me was upset that I messed up his Skype session with his daughter. We talked for about 30 minutes after and I told him that I wish he would have found another time to play Eve, and instead focused on talking with his daughter. Messing up that time is something that I blame him for because we were both in a video game, playing a video game.

Don’t lie to us man! I know you’re in a cult!

Let me counter by asking you this: Why do you even play this game? You’ve chosen to come and sperg in this thread, but the entirety of the game is a competitive PVP battlefield where most of everything is free game. I thought your first post was funny and that there was seriously no way you could actually be serious, but you need help dude.

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You unmasked me
I’m part of the cult of happy people that know they’re playing a baddie in a game:
The EVEl

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I think you’re a total hippy…

:headshot: :slowparrot:

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For me, it’s because conflicts are what have given me the most memorable experiences playing this game, so I assume it would be the same for other players. I don’t remember anything of the months I spent solo mining, but I lovingly remember my corporation trying to overtake a Highsec island from the locals. A lot of them didn’t want to fight us, some left the island, but some came together and slammed us into the dumpster. I think that a lot of it comes down how you want to play the game and engage with other players, but I think that is what makes EVE unique from other MMOs, where your choices and actions matter.

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Let me counter by asking you this: Why do you even play this game? You’ve chosen to come and sperg in this thread, but the entirety of the game is a competitive PVP battlefield where most of everything is free game. I thought your first post was funny and that there was seriously no way you could actually be serious, but you need help dude.

Right, and it was the human mind inside a free game mentality/environment (regardless of it being a video game) that I came to observe, question, and yes attack.

Aside from the isk making part, you will not stand to tell me that you don’t enjoy doing what you do and seeing people reel from it.

I would even go as far calling you a straight out liar for mentioning how you supposedly “felt bad” about the guy on his skype conversation, since you even had the balls to objectify this moment publicly and post a picture of his comment on this thread. I quote:

The Dark Lord chooses to reveal himself in wonderful ways. I am constantly receiving his blessings in the form of pure tears:

As far as help, I would say your choices in this video game clearly indicate you could probably do with some professional help irl as well.

As far as Im concerned, I used to be just as much of an abuser ingame, both in terms to myself and others, and cant say I didn’t have my fun with it, under the safe excuse of a video game environment … until I realized it was reflection of how sick I really was irl too. And I’ve now already taken the first necessary steps to help myself, and in ways you’d find hard to even contemplate, since you, along with 90% of the people here, will always find good reasons not to.

All that being said though, I cant add anything but, that may you enjoy your game then sir.

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Get out.

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Yup. Hippy.

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You are a broken individual if you cannot draw a definition between fictional game worlds and reality. Do you get this worked up when someone beats you at chess or do you maintain that the little armies aren’t real and their lives don’t really matter?

(Faylee Freir) #298

I mostly enjoy the behind the scenes stuff. I enjoy the social manipulation. I enjoy exploding peoples stuff. I enjoy having my stuff exploded. It’s all part of the game. Enjoying the tears is just a by-product of what I do. They are a sign that you’ve done good work. The goal isn’t necessarily to get tears, but to find them amusing when someone gets SO ANGRY over a video game.

Nah, you’re just assuming here. Yeah I posted his comment, so what? His comment is a perfect example of why this is all a huge joke! He was playing a VIDEO GAME while talking to his daughter. He chose to get upset at the game and let that ruin his chat. How strange is that? It wasn’t to make fun, but more just flabbergasted that it even occurred. I had to share it!

Here you go. Fill this out and hang it on the wall. Your mother would be proud to know you’re a psychologist diagnosing people over the internet that are playing a video game.

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The goal isn’t necessarily to get tears, but to find them amusing when someone gets SO ANGRY over a video game.

Because clearly to some, it is clearly more than just a video game, you at least notice that right.

So not everyone approaches the game the same way you do.

I personally would respect that and not arrogantly toy with it just to make a purely self-gratifying point. (where the RL human attributes talked about come in)

If someone blew up at me for losing a game at chess, I wouldn’t use the opportunity to make fun, I wouldn’t perverse it further, I would respect the fact he takes this seriously and just let the rage be and keep the interaction private.

You on the other hand, made an entire thread about it, is building a whole e-reputation over it, and here you still are trying to justify it all to yourself, and others.

I enjoy the social manipulation.

Yea, just like any closet socio/psychopath would.

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Why? It’s absolutely funny to burn something down in seconds that took months to build up.

Everyone knows this can happen to you in EVE if you let your guard down. I really don’t get the people who make themself a target and then come here to complain about it.

All this ganking, thieving, war and pewpew is the essence of EVE. People like you who come here to complain about this have some basic misunderstanding what this game is about and should either educate themselves or if they really don’t like it play another game.

(Machimpy) #302

I hesitated to answer to your post because i found it so well synthesized of all the famous parroted conceptions a typical Eve player like you would spew as if by remote control, i almost felt bad.

But i’ll just answer this, more as a non-answer because your post wasnt even calling … an answer … And more to exist through your rl attributes as yet another individualistic, narcissic and self-congratulating remark.

Yesyes, well done.

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I love how you keep judging our real life selves over a video game about spaceship pvp

(Machimpy) #304

Because your rl selves end up showing through and by your choices, in and out of game, and one could start by the very making of this thread for instance …

(Ima Wreckyou) #305

It seams you realy have a hard time enjoying this great game. You know we should maybe take this discussion into another thread instead of derailing wat is a monument of good content.

(Machimpy) #306

Oh, whats the matter, suddenly not taking a taste in how im enforcing it in a direction you dont like ?

You poor you…

(Ima Wreckyou) #307

What direction would that be? I don’t think you will say anything that could surprise us. I just want to prevent this great thread from beeing locked because of your trolling.

(Dom Arkaral) #308

You’re in no position to enforce anything as these are CCPs forums (and this isn’t your thread either)

So, leave with your space psychologist views or assume your trolling :wink:

Thanks for that high-quality salt tho :kissing_smiling_eyes: