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(Faylee Freir) #309

You still haven’t answered my question: Why do you even play this game?

Sure I’m sure there are some people that play this game that suffer from addiction and other mental health issues. I’m not here to make fun of those people. If someone really needs help, I encourage them to seek it.

Trying to find real-life value in a video game is sad. I don’t go brag to my wife about how I took some pubbie for everything he had, because it’s just a game and is incredibly unimportant. I don’t consider it sick or twisted to find humor in peoples reactions, especially when they are telling me to go ■■■■ myself or that they wished my family would die of cancer.

Right, because in society bursts of rage and violent threats are normal and acceptable. You are trying to link this to real life and it just doesn’t fit. It doesn’t matter how you cut it, this is a video game.

I mean it’s part of the game. This is getting tiring… it’s almost like I’m…

In closing, I appreciate your thoughts, concerns, and opinions. Lets keep it on topic. If you want to create a thread offering your services as an internet spaceship psychologist, please feel free. I will support you 100%!

(Machimpy) #310

This is the water, and this, is the well.

Drink full, and descend.

The horse is the white of the eyes,

And dark within.

(Machimpy) #311

So you finally admit to enforcing your RL judgement and act upon it a virtual environment that allows you to.

You’re so right about that horse then.

As for the others, I will troll, derail and humor myself in this thread environment however much I want to, because I can, and am enforcing my rl judgement for it as being a pretty sad case.

The more your resist it or ask me to leave, the more you fall in line as the biggest of fecking hypocrites.

(Faylee Freir) #312

I don’t do this because people take the game too seriously. I do it because it’s a neat way to make ISK for my first capitals.

I don’t recommend blatantly breaking the rules to purposefully derail threads and troll. I get it, you’re upset and you don’t like what I do. I am okay with that. You aren’t going to change how I feel about the game, nor do I believe you’ll change hearts around here. Most of the regular posters here in this sub-forum know that this is just Eve Online.

The last person to openly declare his intent to troll and derail this thread found himself with a forum ban. I don’t mind you leaving tears here for others to laugh at, but I will remind you: if you want to create your own thread to discuss mental or social illnesses in video games, then go for it.

(Scipio Artelius) #313

What does you’re own posting illustrate about you in RL then?

You’ve come here to do nothing but disrupt, judge, denigrate, name call and take a bogoted view about a particular playstyle.

Is this what you are in RL? A zealot and a bigot?

That’s certainly the way you are coming across, yet that’s a completely silly judgement. RL doesn’t matter here. It’s all just a game.

(Teckos Pech) #314

That Machimpy is a smug sanctimonious jackass putting on a pathetic attempt at virtue signalling.

(Machimpy) #315

There could’ve been MANY other ways to make that kind of isk, without resorting to messing people’s ■■■■ up, and then going FURTHER by riding on a RL moral high horse and publically humiliating on how those people should play along according to your perspective of playing the game and taking a loss according to how YOU think they should.

Yes, IT IS incredibly arrogant, nothing short of narcissic, and what a RL sociopathically inclined individual would do.
So, sorry to have to continuously point that out to you, and play the role of a space psychologist, but here’s me actually hoping you might end up taking a hint, at some point…

You can endlessly attempt at justifying it all through the game’s nature, but your RL decision to turn it into how you’ve effectively CHOSEN to turn it into, evidently shows through.

As if you didnt expect to get the good old “I hope your family gets cancer” types of insults from those people ?

Sure you did.
Who else here wouldnt know how violent some people get over such things in Eve …

And Im just merely here to make sure your RL and malignant motives behind your little project, just show through.

I think it also as a strong possibility you’re not even as much aware of it yourself and simply following on the “must harvest tears” train that every competent eve playing idiot starts feeling compelled to adhere to once he’s reached a certain level of egocentric threshold…

(Scipio Artelius) #316

This community really does have some toxic individuals that only seek to divide.

Unfortunately in this case that’s McChimpy.

We’d all be much better off without such disgusting opinions.

(Faylee Freir) #317

It’s a sandbox and I’m free to make ISK however I please, as long as I am not breaking the rules.

Do you have anything else you wish to air out?

(Kaivarian Coste) #318

This thread is great. XD

(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #319

but I wanted to roleplay an evil gurrista space pirate in this internet space game… this thread has upset me because now it seems that if I blow up someone’s gnosis battlecruiser without asking first and checking they are ok with the loss I am a bully with a mental disease apparently, so confused…

But I am a good person and thought this was a game like risk, monopoly, poker, minecraft, D and D etc.
I thought it was an imaginary world were we could ‘role play’ (eg. play a role, eg PLAY a role)

also, children play this game its pg13, what about some poor kid who has signed up to play a game and has taken the time to learn the mechanics, they get in their first bumping ship and go out to engage in some legitimate pirate rp, and someone accuses them of all sorts of irl nonsense, threatens them, blames them for their own inadequacies etc, poor kid maybe doesn’t have the life experience to realise some people are too dumb to irony and goes away believing they are evil irl,

children are pirates too!

(Faylee Freir) #320


(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #322

I probably didn’t add much to the discussion did I?

I’m just frustrated because EVERY TIME I come on the Eve O forums to read about shenanigans in the fictional world of New Eden, it devolves into out of game nonsense about psycopaths…

Maybe we need a hero? We certainly need more threads like this and it would be nice to see some creativity on the part of the…‘good guys’ to take the fight in game and maybe produce something inspiring… instead of whining on the forums and name calling…

I’m not sure people want to be heroes for realises though, I think fighting evil gurristas pilots with lazers is enough but real pirates have too advanced AI?

Faylee have you ever been ganked while you were bumping?

(Machimpy) #323


The problem with retaliating on a guy like Faylee ingame is that you’d have to think beside the fact you’d be giving that guy, who you dont know and who just facked you over, what he wants as well. So people usually treat it like dirt and don’t bother.

Because they’re not really worth the time or effort, and rl being actually a lot more important to take care of than some sociopathic loser online.

Which is kind of ironic if you think on how Faylee and co would so desperately want this from people, to just take it cool when they’ve just virtually raped them ingame, but also never fail to judge the same people irl, to mock, provoke and humiliate anyone who even attemps at taking this too seriously … lol

And, I rest my case on that point. So long.

(Faylee Freir) #324

Yes I’ve been ganked 3 times. First time I went afk and had forgotten to warp to my perch and cloak up. Second time I was sitting on the gate with my freighters only tab up so I never saw the gank fleet warp on top of me. Third time I was actively bumping a target.

Each time I learned a lesson, and it was all in good fun. I lost a Mid-Grade Nomad pod in the first gank as well so it wasn’t a cheap loss by any means.

Feminist Robot was my old bumper so you can look up her losses. STOP AND FRISK is my current bumper.

(Faylee Freir) #325

I’m glad your point is finally rested. I would like to thank you for finally diagnosing my psycosis, as I can now rest easier knowing what is wrong with me.

You point out that it’s not worth people’s time to try and counter or fight against what I do because they might have real life obligations that are more important. The same can be said about those that are hauling irresponsibly and taking the game WAY too seriously when they get held up. Sounds like those people need to learn to get some real life obligations that are more important that a spaceship videogame full of sociopaths.

Do you think that I deserve the real life threats and insults that I have collected?

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #326

Firstly, I would like to say that I have read every single post in this thread, and it is amazing. I don’t often post on the forums, in fact, this may be my first post on the new forums, but I feel this is warranted. From a fellow highsec merc/pirate, thank you @Faylee_Freir for providing me with this wonderful content while I am deployed overseas and unable to create content of my own. I find it inspirational and unique, and I am amused by the naysayers.

This all makes me wish I could join you in your venture. Sadly all I have heard about the merc world and other highsec ventures in my absence has been drama; excepting this case, which is pure ingenuity and has clearly required an enormous amount of patience and luck. It makes me want to share the few exciting highsec stories of my own that I have experienced in my years of EVE. Perhaps, when I have enough stories to tell, I will follow through on that idea.

In an effort to prevent myself from putting Reality L ammunition into my 1600mm howitzers, I will try not to get involved in these arguments which, although they have provided amusement in reading, are probably not worth the time getting involved in, as clearly you (plural) outwit all of them.

That said, thank you once again for providing content to someone who has been busy with RL. Perhaps, as a supporter of blowing up internet spaceships, I too should 'seek help" for my obvious sociopathic and narcissistic tendencies. Clearly spending so much time away from spaceship simulator has clouded my mind with collectivism and love, and I need to return to my true, negative RL self.

Ha, and I said I wouldn’t get involved.

Feel free to hit me up in-game or otherwise for any reason, even if just to BS with a like-minded individual.

(Patti 'Potato' Patrouette) #327

So the problem with blowing up an evil space pirate in a space ship game is that they get what they want?

Yes, that’s the idea, its a sandbox game, you can play as a space hero or villain, or someone in between. If everyone was only allowed to kill ‘baddies’ it would be a single player game or another MMO, eVe has real badies, and guess what you can explode them.

Do you think people who play as evil or chaotic characters in D&D are psycopaths irl?

You see its about maturity as far as I am concerned,
Faylee hasn’t ‘virtualy raped’ anyone, he has interdicted their shipment of space guns.

This is an entertaining thread, but it would be more entertaining if their were some good guys mouthing off without taking everything out of game, it is also a valuable resource, for anyone who wants to learn how bumping works and what to avoid/how to have a go,

so thanks to the OP, as for Machimpy I am not sure this game is good for your health, if you cant separate fantasy from reality like this and you get so hurt by what happens in game maybe its not for you? I cant dance OR bump freighters we are all different.

But please FOR THE CHILDREN and little pirates to come stop spoiling the Crime and Punishment forum

(Faylee Freir) #328

Thanks dude! I am glad you’ve enjoyed reading! When I created this post I never thought that it would turn into what is basically an offering plate at church, but instead of monetary donations we have white knights and high and mighty beings on their high horses donating tears and entertainment.

When you return to playing join the “Belligerent Undesirables” channel and hangout. It’s a collective hive of undesirables and others that enjoy the emergent gameplay of Eve Online. It is definitely not what it used to be back in it’s hay day, but a few of us are still here even after the nerfs and changes.

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #329

I just hopped in game and did so. Chatting and spinning spaceships is close to the extent of my ability to enjoy the game while I’m here. Luckily, in another month, I will be back in action. Hopefully between now and then you continue to provide a source of entertainment as I continue to ‘embrace the suck’ over here.

Best of luck in your conquest of non-compliants in the mean time.