Goonwaffe expand in to High-Sec Incursions please!

(Brok Haslack) #21

The eggs are being laid. League of Lunatics is working on it.

They have a much healthier & realistic viewpoint when it comes to gaming ( it’s a game, for example ).

(Brok Haslack) #22

If you think that squeezing someone out of the social circle they like because they “aren’t fast enough any more” is going to make said person smile then…

You have a screw loose. There, I said it. That is proper crazy thinking. And you are not a Dr either, so quit making that rubbish up. You are no expert on DIsability, & you kicked out the bloke who was.

It hurt to be torn from that Social circle. Since when did I have no rights? And yes, I did swear etc. That’s what people in pain do…

This whole thing stinks of Donald Trump. And most of the Council are Yanks too. Oh my.

(Brok Haslack) #23

“You aren’t a Doctor”. I’ll clarify here.

Here is the real world; the one you don’t understand.

  1. We have unique DNA.

  2. We have unique life experiences.

  3. Having worked in medical for 10 years I assure you I still don’t know all of teh different injuries, as there are so many. That’s A LOT of different crutches that some people will need. Including myself.

  4. Saying “I’m disabled, therefore I am a doctor” is… Insanity. For real. And it’s VERY dangerous.

  5. Stamping on someone else’s health condition is… depraved.


As I said, you and your precious Council are imbeciles. Dangerous ones too considering how over-confident you are. I wrote down 6 pages of material for you on how it really works, but if you are too lazy & stubborn to read it then I can’t do anything more.

Oh, & if you have lied to Council about me then… Maybe they won’t stay united with you.

I don’t need to say any more. You’re just a bluffer & a thug. I prefer real science.

(Kroaky Oke) #24

i have never said i am a doctor or even have any medical qualifications so im not sure what you on about there … probably more invention on your part
nobody "tore you from your social circle " you chose to create problems for yourself and then blamed everyone around you while screaming “im disabled , you cant do that”

i really think you have many problems other than your disability , but , their your problems , not mine so i’m not gunna lose any sleep over it

your such a sad little man

(Brok Haslack) #25

You claimed to ‘know disability’, & yet you clearly don’t.

And then you just got nasty.

And, by the looks of it, you got a few friends in too.

There’s nothing civilised about that. Or sane for that matter.

PS: Yes, I do think that CCP staff should be looking at what you are up to. Carry on screaming ‘offence’; I can work with that.

(Brok Haslack) #26

To clarify, Herr Oke:

You got abusive ( calling me pathetic etc ) whilst refusing me teh wiggle-space I need in my fits, because…

Apparently you know disability.


I gave you 7-8 pages of material on how to help disabled pilots.

You threw this in the trash because…

You know disability, apparently.


I work in the medical sector, & you don’t; and yet you got on your high horse & threw me out ( by dirty trick. I can’t fly for long without that wiggle-space, & you know that ). Why? Apparently you know disability. I know right??


Anyone thinking they know everything about disability just because they are disabled is… Clearly not a Dr.

And that is why I think you have a screw loose. That is proper deluded thinking, & yet you have done it.

Either that or you really get your jollies hurting others.


By all means lob in another offensive flag. I need CCP to see this to get an intervention. I WANT more disabled pilots on grid.

What’s the next lie gonna be Kroaky?

(Kroaky Oke) #27

just what drugs are you on , and can i have some please … cos you be tripping man

(Varrius Durmire) #28

This is some of the strangest ■■■■ I’ve read in a while…

Even if you have been in the field for 10 years, Oke brings up a great point. What disability is so serious that module management is going to be detrimental to your health? This doesn’t make much sense at all…

I’m also surprised incursions are still running strong :thinking:

(Kroaky Oke) #29

i could be wrong and confusing Brok with one of our other pilots with a disability , but i believe his issues stem from head injuries received in a motor vehicle accident , resulting in un-bearable anxiety whenever his capacitor warning goes off
most people would simply fit a remote capacitor transfer and find a cap buddy , but that was not acceptable to him

as for the discrimination … i have never refused him a position in one of my fleets , tho i havnt run one for a while

his current whine started when he x’d up for fleet in a totaly crap fit and was asked by the FC in charge to change a few modules which resulted in Brok joining comms and abusing the FC , screaming that he was disabled and it was against EU disability regulations to discriminate against him due to his disability
he then mailed the TDF council with a complaint against the FC involved and when he was given the response that “FC’s are free to run their own fleets as they choose, with they fits they deem necessary and are free to refuse to invite a pilot for whatever reasons they may have” he went ballistic with the abuse and threats , to the FC involved as well as several other US FC’s , to myself , and to the TDF council in general
we bent over backwards to accommodate him but nothing was ever good enough and he was not prepared to make any concessions to attempt to conform to our fitting requirements , rather choosing to wave his "i have a disability" banner in an attempt to bash any opposition he encountered.
at the end of the day , he was called out on his “EU anti-discrimination” threats as i don’t really think that real world regulations apply in a fantasy world environment, which has resulted in this post to try to raise support for his one man crusade against both me and the incursion community i am a part of

(Dekoda1) #30

Nom Nom Nom , Popcorn Time.

eve has a wonderfully colourful variety of players, code pandemic legion Goons and we can not forget the iam people.
you guys know I am this and I am that — guess what princess you are not the only one in the world and hear in Australia if we heard you carrying on like a prok chop with that crap we would say 2 things to you … Eat a tea spoon of cement and harden the F@#k up or — here is 50 cents now go call life line cause no one here gives 2 rats arses and just shoot the red things …

Before you go saying “oh you don’t know what its like” try real hard to read between the lines dick head you give the rest of us a bad name…

(Brok Haslack) #31

Wow! You just aren’t intelligent enough to get it are you?

Oh well, at least it’s all here in Black & White etc.


I just penned this:

(Brok Haslack) #32

The key issue is that it literally does not matter what I do or say The Boss ( Frau Oke ) is so obsessed with his precious Doctrine he’d rather lose a pilot.

I had never got anyone killed. I had never lost a hull on grid. So there was no big deal, except a tiny %-point on someone’s spreadsheet. And a sizable dollop of Donald Trump from what I understand.

He’s actually done it to me twice now. I try to give people a second chance, but if they blow it then they blow it.

Some of us can’t keep up with his garbage ship designs & annoying complexities. Yeah, complexities. Cap Buddy this, inject for that, “no I want you missing the target as it’s my toy”. Including his obsession with everyone having to be the same or he gets p*ssy. And when people like me speak up…

I don’t pay to worship him. Never did really.

And he clearly can’t handle that, which is why he gets so salty about it ( the jibes etc ). As he hides behind a computer screen, naturally. You know, having punched a disabled guy & fleetmate in the real-world-injury to prove how mighty he is…


It’s ok, I have toons set up to Farm Lvl4 Missions if need be. And I’m worth 40b now, so job done really.

Back to T1 insured I go. You don’t need big ISK when you can fly well in T1 insured. Oh, & a Cov Ops ship is only worth 30m… :smiley:


No, I have no idea why Incursions are losing popularity shrugs. [/sarcasm]

(Brok Haslack) #33

This is the problem. It isn’t a great point.

Some of us mentally can’t keep up with this game, unless we simplify our ship. It’s a fatigue & response time thing.

And yes it is a real world thing.

And Oke doesn’t even try to do it. He just waves the same old crappy ship design in front of you & nags with the same old phrase.

“Git gud.”

Even though I was missing the target in his junk ships.


Apparently there was an incident on grid last night with one of the fleets? Someone forgot that gankers exist?

As I said, junk ships. All bling & no tank. Junk.

(Brok Haslack) #34

I’m finding 2 things really funny here. And I do have to say it:

  1. Smartbombs apparently. Someone forgot that gankers exist. Were the pilots reimbersed for the crap FC & Council designs? I think that that is a fair question. 4b here & there is not small ISK to some players. If Incursioning is only for Rich Kids then do we have a case of false advertising?

  2. You’d rather I actually miss the target than deviate from Doctrine. Even though you are into site times. And you can’t see the problem here either.


Oh dear. Poor old Kroaky. I guess that olde age comes to us all in the end.


Just waiting for the next dopey argument. This is funny.

(Brok Haslack) #35

This is just quite how bonkers & Low Skill Kroaky is. And his Council if they have chosen to back him for real. Check this out.


OK, The Nightmare.

FC says pew-pew-pew at those Niarjas & Tamas. I pew-pew-pew.

I miss at times. So I add two target painters. I hit a lot more then. My Combat Logs look nice & shiny.

Oooh no, we can’t have that. Take 'em off; we might contest, & they will help the enemy. It’s better to miss the target.


In a fleet, if I am in a ship I am comfy in, I can fly for 50-odd sites on a session. We will probably only contest like 2 sites in that, and we do lose because of the Newbro factor. The other 48 we are NOT contesting.

I don’t want Newbros barred, so…

So I have to sit there, missing the target, in a junk ship, for 48 sites, because of 2 p*ssy contests.

I say this because if I hit the target better for 48 sites then it might turn into 55 sites ( more Iskies ) in the same time-slot ( due to improved site-times. Hitting the target does have it’s uses ). I was in a 5b hull after all.

This isn’t complicated math. Hit the target a lot and the baddies die quicker. But someone said that contests have to come first instead.

So I sat there, missing the target. We all had to. And fleets weren’t as fast. Missing the target does that. Well, unless everyone has skills at 5 and more ISK than even I can dream of. Oh, & perfect Fleet Comp. To the point where Newbro’s can’t… Indeed.

Who on earth prioritises 2 contests over 48 other sites? That’s just insane. The best financial return is to get those 48 sites real quick and lose 2 contests. But El Kroaky decided to do it teh other way. In a game like EVE.


Application ALWAYS wins over paper DPS. As any good pilot knows. And with some of us not having 5 in every skill we do need to make adjustments to hit the target. Adjustments Kroaky happily barred.

His idea of accommodation was to just say no & point at the doctrine until his patience ran out. You know, the “I miss the target” ship designs that are a bit flimsy…


It did cost me ISK, but I’m not ISK obsessed really. It was the frustration of it all that made my game go sour. Hence why I asked Council to do something.


Bad Managers eh? Hey-ho.

I got an Armageddon! :smiley:


Kroaky will never change, but… If this starts important conversations that make better fleets in the future then it’ll be worth the jabs he’s sent my way. Hey-ho.

(Takara Tsukaya) #36

Hang on, weren’t you talking about Ditanian? I checked zkillboard and it looks like a shield fleet involved in that gank with smart bombs from what I can see.

So… not Armor. Thus not Ditanian. Ditanian wouldn’t be flying shield in an HQ. Armor doctrine.

Brok, I’m sad that you’re throwing personal attacks around like this. We both know you’ve flown many many fleets with TDF. Fleets where your various ships and fits have - as long as it will survive and does a reasonable amount of Dps - been accepted by more than one F.C. You’ve been welcomed. When you’ve dropped for a break, that’s not been a problem. When you’ve returned, you’ve got back on fleet.

To turn on the ENTIRE community - even those who have made you welcome and been accepting and made allowances for you - because an F.C. exercised his right of discretion about fits, that’s not right.

Smearing and attacking an entire community and the people within it - because you then hit the limit of those allowances, wanted more, and then brazenly tried to bully your way to what you wanted and were (not unlawfully) denied - that stinks, frankly, and I thought you were a better person than that. If you quoted legal frameworks in order to get your way, then I can quite understand why the community then had no option but to do due diligence, which - I’ll be frank - may have shot you in the foot somewhat. However, your methods are ultimately yours at the end of the day.

But if the cause of this hostility, venom, and smearing of the community is your disability - then maybe I can make an allowance for the way you’re been behaving (but I wouldn’t expect it to continue with no let up, honestly). But that is as far as is reasonable to go. And having had more than one person here hold a mirror up to your words, it can only make me question if that is the case here or not.

And I say all this as someone who likes you, who has enjoyed flying with you, and who understands the reasons you have put forward for wanting your fit as it is. Who you then tarred with the same insults in your repeated statements about TDF. Who, I’m sure, you’ll now personally attack as well :cry: and level insults that I’m an alt of someone’s already posting here (no, I’m not).

I’ve kept quiet till now but Brok, I hope you some day re-read this with a calmer mind, and understand that all this ranting does is burn bridges, I understand you may not be able to see past the very clear animosity you have for the whole community right now, but I still hope some day you do manage to. I wish you peace.

Fly safe or fly fun, wherever you may be. o7

(Kroaky Oke) #37

Takara Tsukaya thank you sir … nice to see some fairness and honesty from a neutral source , from someone who know’s how to fact check before posting … Bork could learn some lessons from you , but probably never will

(Brok Haslack) #38

I haven’t turned on the entire community. That’s another Oke lie.

Kroaky taking the michael again. Lie after lie after lie.

But Ditanian just let him do it, and that ain’t cool is it? And so far all I’ve had is people yelling ‘git gud’, which isn’t intelligent OR useful to me.


Depression & Anxiety can kill if triggered. It’s real.

So when my Team Mate punches me in the Mental Health I tend to take it seriously.

The obvious conclusion is that he should not have done it, but he did it. And then DItanian let him off.

It reeks of Donald Trump levels of abuse:


I use Incursions as my main earner. Well, did. And I got along with people in Ditanian. But if people are allowed to crack me in the Mental Health with impunity then I have to back off. I don’t particularly want to die…

That is Oke’s agenda. He IS that violent & dishonest. Now do you get it?

(Takara Tsukaya) #39

Brok, with all due respect, I’ve read your posts, here and elsewhere off these forums, and yes, yes you have turned on the community. I’ve read your own posts where you have repeatedly slung insults at the entire community - that’s all the people within it - because you feel they did not support you in the way you wanted. Perhaps that was unintentional on your part, perhaps you did it while trying to effect change with the best intentions, I don’t know, but that is, at the end of the day, exactly how they are phrased.

That’s my opinion formed from reading your posts, and I’m entitled to both think & express it.

I’m not going to let myself be drawn into a debate with you about all this - I’ve seen everyone else who has, end up being personally attacked. I’ve said my piece. I won’t respond further - it’s not conducive to any positive outcome - for anyone.

I hope you find peace out there in space amongst the stars, whatever you choose to do. I truly do.

(Brok Haslack) #40

Nope, you are lying:

Which is typical of the faction that see Incursions as…

To clarify:

  1. I needed a reasonable adjustment due to my issues.

  2. I was then turned on. No, go away.

  3. There was no safety issue. My track record is near perfect.

  4. Kroaky then starts calling me a pathetic trouble maker in Public.

  5. No-one does a thing to stop him.


Here is the problem:

I have severe PTSD AND broken legs. This is teh second time Kroaky has gone for me for not being perfect enough.

There was no warning. Just blammo, out of the blue. a VERY vicious move. Suddenly my lee-way is revoked.

I could have been killed. That’s what happens when you take away someone’s support:

I now have no idea what Ditanian people will do to me next. Which isn’t, well, welcoming.

Like many we can’t handle the Space-psychopaths. So we back off.

And Kroaky DID do it. He’s done it twice now.


As scams go this one is truly depraved. You really do need to stop.

It’s either that or take the slings & arrows of outrageous fortune that could come your way.

As for me?

Well, if it’s true that the whole community has turned on me then I don’t see the problem here. I am already trying to build a Disability Friendly Incursion thing ( FoB’s too ) to provide content that is safer than, well, what other Fleets provide ( assuming you’ve told the truth about the whole community of course ).

I hope people have checked their Inboxes. I did say that Kroaky was lying. In reality he’s been lying for years from what I now know.

For those not involved in this beef between myself & Kroaky:

If you don’t know how to do it then learn. Or don’t FC. Seriously. Broadcast For Reps is there because we don’t want EVE pilots actually dead in the real world.

As for me I have worked in medical for 10 yrs, and can happily upload my credentials to CCP should the need arise.


I agree this situation needs sorting, but the last thing you do is protect dangerous & bad management. That’s how you lose Pilots.


Is the Incursion Community united in removing Reasonable Adjustments & support from Disabled Pilots, instead of making space for them? Really?

Have you become so obsessed with ISK that you are actually willing to injure & kill in the real world.

I ask this as so far what I am seeing is VERY worrying…


PS: I’ve done work for people like Lord Bassam as well. Yes I can upload that credential too.


I swear, how on earth has Darwin not seen you lot fall?