Guardian's Gala 2020

Fun sites! Getting scrammed and webbed down the whole time adds some excitement and challenge. Handling the hs and ls sites fairly comfortably in a Proteus w/T2 rails, faction web, and nanobot armor repper subsystem. A tip: dont bother fitting a prop mod (because you wont be moving anyway) and instead use the extra powergrid for something useful like an extra cap battery.

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Gila drew hate (from CCP also) because (even setting aside botting) its tough drones could “automate” site-running. CCP nerfed Gila drone HP bonus to push back on that. Any other weapon requires “manual targeting” and deciding what to target.

Even if other ships are more powerful, the fact they require “effort” to pilot, raises their “street credibility” above Gila.

I started to like manual targeting less, and the Gila more, about the time the UI gained additional “target destroyed” feedback for new players who might not have been sure why a target disappeared suddenly. “Did it warp away, or did I get it?” The blinky-blink when a locked target is destroyed annoys me. The “red dot” of its day, and still with us.

Just chiming in. I have seen three in one system before.

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Did a lowsec one in my HAM Tengu… very easy. Have roughly 900 dps tank and do 900 dps.

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I’ve done about 20-30 sites in low and nullsec and yet to find any ‘decent’ loot where are people running these to get bpc ?

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I did this in a 2b proteus. Oneshotted most frigs with null (6-700dps) and bs’s were no contest either. Only one that took time to kill was boss. But I could hve done it In a 400-500m proteus or Loki. Took me maybe 9-10 mins but I was pleasantly suprised at difficulty lvl. I think ccp learned from conduits what happens when every newb is allowed to clear these sites like nothing. Market will suffer usually. When ppl have too much $/upship too fast… I will be honest it was kind of pissing me off that any new person could come in and steal your stuff from a conduit a few times or sit for the payout / running in a couple of gilas and go from A gila to a rattlesnake to a Vindicator to whatever they wanted in a day if they focused and did them all day, it took me years to get the same amount of opportunity from a site or event or some kind of money Source like that so I don’t particularly think it’s fair to just hand out sites that are easy and give you a lot of because they want new players or whatever like the fun of the game is getting there… but NOT in a single day that’s just not cool when it took me forever to do the same thing , I don’t care if noobs want to cry about it, learn to have some consistency and stick with the game. Also I thought login said bonus loot for null or in WH? can any1 confirm this? I got 10th lvl overseer drop (3.6m) and thorax skin (spirit) I enjoyed the fight and mix of ships. Conduits are much much harder tho

Don’t quote me on this, but the implant BPC’s might only drop in WH’s.

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I think more PvP loot is supposed to drop in WH’s, if that’s what you’re asking.

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Yeah, the patch notes suggested WH only for BPCs

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Currently there are 3 Gala sites in a 1.0 starter system I have just visited, :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes: :roll_eyes:

loool, so few people are running these sites then.

well the isk is kinda low, especially for the difficulty, and it’s difficult to find them so … I gave it a try but since there is no specific drop, I rather do a more lucrative activity.

edit : just found a system with 4

for me not worth the effort at all… I can run a beseiged covert site in low sec and get more loot/reward for alot less work

4 more sites in HS … full loot including salvage. (47M BO)
bounty ±14M/site (total +56.1M)
Took me exactly one hour to run, then get my noctis and salvage them all.

=> 110 M/h if you have all the stuff in the system (actually I had the stuff one system away).

If I look only at average value fo bounty (14M) + OPE (8.6) it’s 22.6M/site so 90.4M/h.

Here is the salvage for … I think it’s 8 sites, but not all done completely, there was like a few wrecks that were empty and not brouhg by the MTU so I left. ( 27M BO) . assuming it’s 7 sites full, then it should be around 4M in salvage per site.

I do these sites with a blinged active shield tank tengu, only issue is the frigates, but it blows through everything else.

Hello Red Sains. Yes, I surely do remember you. I had assumed that you had left Eve, so good to see that you are still flying the spaeways !!! Worth trying the 2020 GG in a Navy Drake with Hams and passive tank. Works smoothly for me. Just do not bring less than 3000 javelin missiles lol.


Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Rapid Heavy Missile Launcher II
Salvager II

Instead of the Rapid Fire, would it be viable to use cruise launchers?

I’ve heard from others that the sites are alot tougher this year - targets actually scramble you down.

That said, I’ve jumped around all night and found a sum total of 3 sites in high-sec. 2 were occupied and one was actually empty, full of wrecks, with no player ship inside, and yet the beacon was still active! It didn’t disappear.

I managed to find one site that was on the first wave, with some people inside, so I decided to help out.

Even with a faction-fit max-skilled Machariel meant for tracking small targets and engaging at ranges between 10-60km with a faction webifier, I found myself struggling.

I’m disappointed thus far in what I’m seeing and hearing. I’ve learned the prizes for this event include the SKINs or the previous Guardians Galas, not the new SKINs released alongside this event. Depressing.

So, based on my assessment from previous years, here’s what I’ve got:

The Good:
+sites look pretty
+targets have bounties
+SKINs for loot (just not new SKINs apparently)

The Bad:
-very low spawn rate for high-sec sites
-targets attacking drones heavily
-beacons are not disappearing when sites are completed
-no entry in Agency menu; no points, no achievements, no redeemable prizes
-sites still appearing in new-player training systems
-no new SKINs for prizes
-are we getting accelerators for loot?
-disproportionate difficulty level compared to the quality of rewards

Recommendations For Next Event:
-increase spawn rate for sites
-add an Agency entry with active tasks and achievements (like successful events have done so in the past)
-discontinue spawning sites in new-player training systems
-ensure event is actually tested on Singularity before deploying it
-remember that not everyone who runs these events has alts, all skills at 5, or the experience of a 10-year veteran


Yeah, I think live events should be (1) Challenging, Fun, and/or Different, (2) Lucrative, (3) time limited, and… how to put it… (4) ubiquitous. Like, shouldn’t a live event be something that will make players not want to miss out on it. It should make them want to play Eve over doing anything else (playing other games, sleeping, spending time with a terminal child, etcetera).

Instead, I’ve probably spent about 12 hours running event sites, and I feel like i spent more time looking at gate transitions than I have in site. In fact, I’d have probably spent even less time doing it if it weren’t for skilling spree running concurrently.

And no, we aren’t getting any accelerators. I have multiple high skill characters and 3 SP farm toons (for self-injection), so that bonus SP is quite valuable to me (and one of my favorite rewards).

Speaking of which, accelerators rewards would have made a lot of sense right about now. Like, CCP had a special for 3 months multiple character training for ten bucks when you purchased 3 months of omega. So, if you bought that, your MCT would have expired a few days before the event, but the accelerators would have provided incentive to re-up. Like, I’ll let my SP farms stop training when I don’t feel like grinding for more MPTC’s, but I always spool them up when event accelerators are available because they increase the value I get out of my MPTC’s. And I can’t be the only one who does stuff like this. Accelerators surely increase plex, MPTC, and extractor sales figures. So, accelerators make me happy, and they should have a positive effect on CCP’s bottom line.

Oh, and I don’t mind getting a crack at old skins, especially when they look halfway decent. I’m sure designing a good looking skin line takes a lot of dev time, and it gives me a chance to collect older skins without having to pay an arm and a leg for them. So, a lot of newer players probably appreciate it as well.