Here is how to gain good standings to EDENCOM npcs 👮‍♀️

Nice try haha

You think people will leave after this ? Maybe a handful of salties maybe but most no.

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And most that will be left will join trigs? Most people in high sec who would be touched by the changes triglavians make to high sec, doesnt prefer triglavian effects on liminality systems tho, so you may want to rethink it.

Trigs are making enemies in high sec, and friends in low sec and null.

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We are making friends in all regions.

However much you would like to believe that all highsec people hate trigs it simply isn’t the case.

Maybe not all high sec people, but majority will not like changes to high sec systems going liminal.

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A handful of people who own structures there will get angry sure but the locals will just move out

People know they cant escape forever from liminality. They will have to stand up for what they like.

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No, you’re not.

Yep. Albion.

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Just my opinion, but forcing players in a so called ‘sandbox’ to choose between two sides is anathema…



You aren’t forced. It is 100% optional.

How is that the case at all?

In a sandbox game your choices and path are suppose to have consequences. Getting ahead should force trade-offs - picking a side. You aren’t suppose to have everything. This isn’t some theme-park where you can grind standings with all the factions. The factions do not like each other, so to get the most rewards from one of them, you should have to go all in. You shouldn’t be able to play all sides.

So many Eve players hate making choices it seems. They want it all. Well, that is not how things work in a well designed game, nor in real life. You can’t be the hero or chosen one for everyone. Pick a side. Fight for your side.

The Trigs in this case are alien invaders. You can side with them or choose to resist. That is interesting and that frames some interesting choices. No choice is wrong, nor is irreversible even, but a choice must be made now. Or at least, you are put on a side (Edencom) unless you actively decide to support the other side. But you can’t lap up all the gravy from both sides.

That is how it should be. That is how Eve should have been from the start. You will always be able to cheese the system in a game with alts, but at least now there is at least some consequence for your character’s actions as was clearly intended from the start of this Invasion.


Actually, it is. That’s what the Diplomacy and Criminal Connections skillbooks are for. That’s why you can start the Guristas Epic Arc with a Caldari agent, or the Angels Epic Arc with a Minmatar agent. That’s why the SOE Epic Arc allows you to choose which faction you’ll get the big standings boost with.


It’s fairly quick to switch to either side then back again.
Which is where most people will put themselves.

may be
but is stupid since some of the old players are invested in the 4 empires thing and don’t care for the new 2 npc ■■■■ content
i find the drifters waaaayyy cooler than the trigs , i want to side with them

and btw i never interacted with the new content besides that time that i shot a edencon ship to avoid being instapoped by a trig turret as i was instructed to do in the last topic about this shity content

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In the fast majority of real cases, staying neutral is definitelly a thing. Even our world wars had neutral parties.

This is just some extremely far fetched reasonning to try to justify how devs applying consequences of an event on players who just don’t want to play this event is anything else than an attempt to push more people to play the said event.

The vast majority of the playerbase don’t give a F about this content, that doesn’t suits their current agenda, so they remove the possibility to just not take part in the event.

And that can be considered fair, to some degree. Their plan is to put the Trig invasion at the center of the attention, so they push players towards it.

But at least, accept this patch for what it is. It’s an attempt to push players (not “force” them, but not far from it) to take part in what CCP wants to be the current main activity of their playerbase. There is no moral story of “suffering consequences for your actions” behind it.

If it was about consequences for our choices, then we should actually have the choice to stay neutrals and to have consequences adaptated to neutral 3rd party.

And don’t try to just go like “But no because it’s a war that includes all New Eden so you can’t be neutral!!” when half the NPC factions are not involved in any away, and half of New Eden (Null Sec) can’t be affected by the event.


We now you gotta shoot a trig to stop edencom shooting you.

Personally I dont care one way or the other regards Trigs or EDENCOM, i have killed a few trigs though so am blue to EDENCOM, Only thing that pi**es me off is that werpost gun, instant death and podded. I know they made a change to delay the lock depending on the size of your ship, but I think too little too late (its rank 74 in all time kills) and i dont know what that delay time is.

But you can bleat about it all you likem it won’t be changed, so yuo have to accept it or leave.

i refuse to do it
im tired of this ■■■■
should never jumped 30 jumps to join this nonsense

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It’s probably better to be slightly + trig anyway.
Edencom systems are fairly easy to get through

good to know :smiley:
ty , i really dont undertand nothing about it