How Can I BEST Help New Eve Online Players? :parrotdad:

And have them join you in Fleet.

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I’ve done this for years. There’s got to be a bigger scale idea out there. :gift_heart:

Does Eve University still exist?

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show them a whole new world, a new fantastic point of view

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Dont be silly.

Lol sorry Mike forgot about your tailoring business.

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I’d say the best bet is to hang out in a couple starter systems, possibly in the corp channel for that system, and just let new players know in chat that you’re planning on putting a small cheap fleet together for some fun. Just to get out and do something. Tell them how to fit out a cheap ship, set their home clone, not have any expensive implants, and then filament the fleet into Null or Pochven, or jump them all through a WH, or as DeMichael said take them on an anomaly run. Take them on a poke into low sec and see who’s the last one to get ganked.

Basically just organize something they haven’t done before, get them working together, and show them that getting blown up and hopping back to your home system and re-shipping is part of game play.


A really simple answer, OP: teach them not to be wussies.

There’s a small window available to instruct these people on a proper EVE mindset, and if you miss it, they’ll join a shitty high-sec carebear corporation, and their minds are going to be corrupted by losers who tell them to log off and play another game any time they encounter any sort of hardship (player or NPC, it doesn’t matter).

How you spend time with them, how much of it, and in what capacity is all circumstantial (can be PvP or PvE, but avoid mining), but your goal should always be to instill a mindset of curiosity instead of fear.


I don’t like to mine but it’s a huge part of the economy.

Tell them to do it on an alt when they’ve learned the rest of the game and have the background info to be able to make rational decisions.

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Point them to the great NPSI communities like Bombers Bar and Spectre fleet … or if you are German speaking, Black Rise public fleet.


As a newbie I enjoyed mining! It allowed me to make enough ISK to buy skillbooks or new ships in case I needed them, which meant I had the means to come back after a loss.

But the best thing about mining was that it allowed me time to read up on EVE in the mean time. :grin:


Might I shamelessly plug EVE University here? No corporation is perfect, but I’m so glad to have access to their resources and classes.


That ain’t nice.

The removal was an accident, then I reconsidered my post and felt that it was more bragging than being helpful.

you talk, you help but give them things that they can learn from. That is why the Bus gives fitted ships and does the occasional field trip. They learn nothing from isk.



I managed to catch Mike’s actual post before the edit, pasted below:

“Take them to Thera and bathe them in the blood of the diggers. The barge’s wings are clipped and it drags its flightless body on the ground, begging for the final blow. Do not provide indulgence; it must atone. The dark ones arise as the crow flies at midnight, and take their souls to fertile Pochva. The meat remains to rot, but gives birth to a golden egg. And when the shell is shed, they arise anew, serving their Queen, of the three, and the fifteen.”

And then just a bunch of triangle symbols.

Not sure what any of it means, but when I posted that, I felt really strange, and got the urge to run to the kitchen and start eating salt right out of the shaker. I can’t stop. Help.


Nothing wrong with salt, a LOT of Eve was built upon it.

But I fly with Edencom (as far as I can remember)


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Gank them to free them out of their catatonic PvE activities, and then help them to get back to the real EVE (PvP).

Such a limited perspective.


I’ve actually done this.