How do you define ganking, pvp and trolling

Maybe he needs to take one of these:

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I like how you are able to reference in game items to state your point.

Which will it be, the Blue Pill or the Red Pill ?

Don’t cry aboutt the short supply as;

We are the Frostpacker, high expectations are futile

We just ran out of time

Well, she doesn’t really need it; she’s a trillionaire several times over, but she likes to receive gifts from her admirers. And from her detractors too, of course.

I am a rational adult. I’m also generous to my pals and supportive of playstyles which uphold EVE’s dark and edgy atmosphere. In fact, milkyway, you have inspired me to send her - yes - another billion.

I’ll be sure to mention your unwitting role in bringing about this donation, in the ‘reason’ field.

RUSH EDIT: All done, milkyway - ‘milkyway miner inspired this donation’. Thanks again.


This miner does seem very angry. I recommend he enrol in one of my anger management classes at a low price of 1 billion ISK.


The fact that you had to add the caveat “no offense” leads one to believe that you really do need to calm down.

Here is a stepwise process for the best calm-down strategy in EvE: (with reason included in parentheses)

  1. Drink camomile tea. (Illicit a feeling of peace)
  2. Donate 100 mil isk to Aiko. (Illicit a feeling of community acceptance and adding value to a much broader demographic rather than yourself)
  3. Post something that is contrarian to what Mr. Epeen expects everyone to conform with. To draw him out and low-brow troll you. (Illicit a sense of accomplishment and gives you something to laugh at.)
  4. Donate another 100 mil isk to Aiko, just because. (Illicit a feeling of goodwill and joy)
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Ax’l, man you’re killing me. I know you been in prison for illicit activities ‘cause the cops got to elicit a confession out of your partner. While I don’t think the government has outlawed the feelings of peace, communicty, accomplishment, and goodwill yet, maybe you’re on to them tryin’ to slowly make it illicit to elicit those feelings.

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Well, I mean, I do have to offer Mr. Epeen low hanging fruit, to entice him to troll me.

He can’t not help himself when it’s that obvious.

I just hope it’s back to his normal standards. It’s been a little wan as of late.

Careful there sweetie, Trolls have a compulsion to flag. We wouldn’t want you silenced, would we?

Oh thank God. I will now be spared your frothing at the mouth when you ( correctly ) get called out on something.

Oh, I didn’t know he was this month’s Self-Proclaimed Forum Mom


Uh huh…

Is that so?

Well, this is my response…

Get a mining permit, or get wrecked.


Very cute gank

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He was very cool about it, the story behind it is a bit funny.

Turns out this is a package for the corp. ‘Just move this 8bil package please under time pressure through Uedama, oh and you gotta use a freighter for the m3!’

So who is this CEO, who would setup a linemember up like that, either nefariously or by incompetence? @RGC_Godfather, failed ‘anti-ganking’ CSM.

I think the circle really closes here if you think this through. All of this is easily preventable, anyone who has ganked could have predicted the outcome. The people who are the most adamant of how ganking mechanics should be changed, are the most oblivious about them!

This is a recurring theme by highsec bears with strong opinions about ganking. They will just dole out terrible advice to newbros and linemembers alike, while setting them up for terrible failure.

This imo highlights really how misplaced most of the AG whine really is, because it’s just removed from reality. Reality is, that you could have packaged this differently for your line members. Fact is, anyone in the hauling community could have told you, making people do this is a bad idea.

People like that, pushing for mechanic changes they do not remotely understand, is absurd. Imagine me commenting on mining mechanics.

But this hyper moralistic approach about the game imo has a real toxic aspect. Since people like RGC never ganked or refused to really engage with the mechanics, they have no idea what to teach & more importantly not setup line members for failure.

^This is a recurring theme for me, senior corp members outsource work (they apparently don’t understand) to newbros, returners or people who are just too nice to say no. Then it’s big crocodile tears in a capsule. But is it really MY fault or the guy who hands some poor soul a package that is going to get him killed… WHILE CHARGING HIM FOR THE PRIVILEGE.

Actual griefing & toxic.

Little greyhound should not be getting any ■■■■, in my book he didn’t know better and was setup for failure, knowingly or not. He was also very cool about it, which is a better reaction than you get from most. And hey we had a nice chat and he knows atleast one nice ganker now! :kissing_heart:


wow, so coward RGC sent a newbro to do his dirty business

Imagine being so bad at the game you not only decide to be a ganker? but you actually are bad at it. The one thing this game offers for zero skill players like you and you’re bad at it.

Screenshot 2024-04-03 020835

Screenshot 2024-04-03 020929

For your information I pay my people very well for the jobs I have them do. I also wouldn’t ask them to do anything I myself wouldn’t do as I just showed by going through your pathetic home system and surviving the gank attempt. Ill be back with my hunting ships later to get my free kills on you pathetic lot :slight_smile:

RGC „I’ve never been ganked“ Godfather has repeatedly assured me in the past in his CSM thread that he has never been ganked when talking about a blingy Dramiel loss, yet here RGC „I’ve never been ganked“ Godfather is saying he has been ganked.

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Frosty told me that he could see this happening years ago and reason why he had seeked out training for avoiding being ganked with heavy costly freight.

He also says hi each time he sneaks past you through with a sneaky wave o/

Well, seeing as your freighter went BOOM , says alot about you, doesn’t it?

Frosty is one weird arms dealer.