How do you define ganking, pvp and trolling

Well, seeing as your freighter went BOOM , says alot about you, doesn’t it?

Frosty is one weird arms dealer.

Everybody knows that gankers are the ones spanking the monkey!

You seem to be confused with an attempted gank and an actual gank. I’ve had plenty of people try. It’s the succeeding part that actually makes it a gank.

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But you too awesome?

this conversation is about ganking so I’m not really sure what that kill has to do with anything lol

are you a ganker? just asking

[quote=“RGC Godfather, post:542, topic:441827, username:RGC_Godfather”]
Imagine being so bad at the game you not only decide to be a ganker?

damn right

You really wanted that ship and km .

And yes your response proved many point’s :thinking:

Do you have one? :thinking:

Picture of contract or it never happened

@Felix_Frostpacker @Saladinae

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How could you mock that, frosty sent some cats.


Yes, I will now kill your pretty ship with harsh words and putdowns …

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I have 9 PVP characters yes.

With Eve having so much to offer i’ve separated them skill wise as 3 industrial/manufacturing, 1 market/locator agent ect. 3 Catalysty, Talos, Thrasher, Tornado pilots & 2 high-sovernity carebear toons for NPSI fleets, event running and the sort.

15’ish years of Eve online. Changing activity from time to time or just doing a bit of everything keeps it interesting for me. Like building my own high-sovernity PVP ships in bulk for cheaper and so on and so forth.

Talking about “ganking” aka PVP and what i wrote there: Yesterday i logged in. Took a Thrasher to stargate. Cargo scanned for about 5 to 10 minutes and got this logged on to another character to update planetary industry then to another character to update market PVP buy/sell orders.

I don’t know that went a bit off-topic maybe but regarding to defining ganking, pvp and trolling. I see it that all of what i do and listed is in some way just pvp . Plain and simple. For me to manufacture my ships is considered to be market pvp. Updating buy orders to beat others is also market pvp. The fact that i killed someone in high-security at the gate instead of null-security at a deadspace pocket is just as the same, pvp. :person_shrugging:t3: NPSI fleets are pvp. Clearing combat anomalies in a pipe of systems before others thus being faster is pvp against them. Can be trolling too in a way lol :person_shrugging:t3: :person_shrugging:t3:

did you do that for grefing serious question?

were you trying to grief and harass new players?

Listen here asshole, I’ve admitted my mistakes on that one and I have zero beef with the gankers that did it, I actually found them to be nice people. I’m intentionally trying to forget that because yeah, I messed up big time. Not the first I’ve done that. I would appreciate if you didn’t rub my mistakes in my face. Was actually wondering when someone would mention that to me on the forums.

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