How to configure the launcher for 64 bit version, How to configure the launcher for 32 bit version

Thanks for the explanation, I want to chime in and say I use the touchpad to play, so this means the game now requires a mouse for MBP users.

Touchpad ?

Eve Hard Mode !!

Yep I concur. I never got the freezing in 32 or 64 bit until DT 12/09 … now it freezes in 64bit without fail. It did initially freeze in 32bit as well, but now does not and I have been playing the last couple of days.

I did all the procedures for 64 bits and clicked on play but eve dont started, no error messages

Please also ensure you meet the minimum requirements, for example 64 bit version requires Mac OS X 10.12 or later.

Judging by the timing of your most recent message, should I assume there is nothing to (even partially) fix Mac issues in today’s update?

I’m just thinking that for those Mac users who do not read here, I hope they get a notification to let them know all is fixed when the time comes.

It’s not just Mac users that have these problems: not able to log in, black screens, warp-crashes… September Release - Known Issues

Communication on this is terrible. :-1: