How to make every type of player happy

tldr: New design principle should be: Don’t bother the carebears, meanwhile cater real players and content makers to come back to EVE.

As we all can see now after failed but instructive Blackout, EVE has two big groups in her society. One is “carebears, nullbears, botters, multiboxers” and the other one is “pvp-ers, normal players, content makers”. What carebears want: farm big piles of ISK in the biggest possible safety without creating any meaningful content to the game. What “normal” players want: challenge, content, and impact.

As we saw, carebears just left the game with all their multiple accounts after they should and couldn’t do some adaptation, being on comms, organize a bit, etc. They just left because they are not interested in such things, they just want farm ISK peacefully and safety. They sometimes drop titans and supercapitals to each other in meaningless wars if they are so bored. These wars have no real inpact on anything. In the future, if CCP try to introduce any big change again that harass them, they will just leave again, because they completly not interested in EVE’s philosophy and what EVE is about really. And because they have multiple accounts and they are the majority nowdays, they will make CCP to kneel again and revert the changes.

We also saw that with the Blackout, old and new adaptable and challenge thisty players came back to the game. They tought now it’s time to come back, because there is a chance they can make impact.

But CCP just reverted Blackout because the massive drops in carebear accounts. It’s understandable in financial viewpoint. However the same time they admitted that krabs can defeat them and disable them to add any changes to the game that they won’t like. So in other viewpoint CCP made a stress test to the players of EVE to see how far they can go. Result: they can not go so far because majority of EVE are just carebear hellokittens.

The solution for this problem is to leave the carebears alone, and focus on pvp-er, content maker, challange seeker part of the society. Design new content and rewards, that can only be reachable to people who actually can organize, adapt and play clever. By these new rewards give effective weapons to these people to help them fight against big nullbear groups and defend themshelves from the swarm of F1-kitty online players.

Meanwhile introduce environmental changes to the universe, that has no direct and cruel effect to nullbears, like Blackout had, but what makes them to fight. Carebears like meaningless supercapital wars. For example if a big nullbear block depletes trillion tons of minerals from a part of space, make them to move elsewhere, because they burned their resources. The goal is to force these big dumb nullblocks to move around, and meanwhile they do it, they just burn their money in territory wars, and enjoying it, plus spinning the economy.

As nullbears fighting each other to get territory for farming ISK, the smaller and clever organizations of players getting impactful weapons to their hands by fulfilling challanges that unorganized blob groups can’t do. These can be new materials from hard to make abyssial sites, wormholes, other hostile environments, etc. From these new materials they can build weapons that making impact in and against the nullbears big wars. The important thing is that these new weapons and stuff should not be useable by any trillionaire/rich players, no matter how much money they have. These things should only be used by groups of people who can play really well together organized. (For example a device that can be runned by X or XX number of skilled pilot for 30 minutes and making a big impact on the environment or the hostile fleet.) So at the end, big blocks need these clever players to help them in their big fights and also these small clever groups will have impact in EVE politics, etc. Also small goups could make themselves defensive weapons that not letting big alliances to erease them from a territory just by dropping a bunch of titans on them. Finally the strenght of an alliance won’t just be in their numbers, but the quality of their players.

So at the end, EVE can welcome farmer type people and challange seeker type people also, and both of them are happy playing and can make impact, can be important, etc.

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Interesting read.

Better yet just play as an alpha.

Until null is fixed it trashes the rest of the game.

Wow, based on that start the rest of what you wrote is likely to be total garbage, to define players who do not make PvP as their main focus as being the same as botters is some real tinfoil thinking, or lack of thinking.

I am adding you to my block list, do not pass go do not collect 200…


You just block everyone who says things you don’t like?

And the PVPers run away as soon as there is a little opposition, just like what they accuse carebears of.

Moreover: PVE is not the issue, PVE is the solution. 100% of PVP comes forth from PVE. Without any exception. Instead of trashing on carebears, you need to make sure there are more of them so that you can farm them. You need to make sure they can earn their livelyhood so that these challenged elite PVPers can get their money from selling PLEX and to have enough targets around.

That does not mean that there have to be super cap umbrellas around at all. Quite the contrast, these tools should be completely neutered as they do not serve a good purpose in this EVE.

That is someone speaking about a thing they have not experienced at all. Sov wars are not fun at all as they mostly result in tidi lag fests and people not being able to farm a little bit in peace. Moving around constantly is also not enjoyable in the slightest.

And they left again or started to “whine” (to employ a popular buzzword that certain individual use excessively) because there were not targets around.

I suggest you watch Clarion Call 4 and 3 to learn just how useless this suggestion is in the grand scheme of things. These videos are also a testament of a time when things were better and blackout wasn’t yet necessary to keep things in check. It’s also from a time where EVE was actually developed and not just maintained or meme-rofl’d by the likes of Falcon just for shits and giggles.


I have not blocked you. But are you telling me that his premise that people who do PvE are the same as botters and that anything based on that could in anyway be sensible or worth reading?

No of course not but at least he is trying to be constructive.

That is not being constructive, it is a long way from being constructive. He should remove that stupid paragraph, let me know if he does then I will unblock him and remove my posts calling him out for it.

It gets even more amusing when he does not even have a killboard. He is a Bot!!!

Yeah but if stupidity was a good reason to block, 90% of these forums would be.

Maybe I just like to see the good side of stupid people.

As to killboard, I would not post in this toxic pit with my main.

I must add I do like the block feature.

Well, I am one of those who fall into the Carebear, Nullbear, ratter, miner group that you seem to not like but we are needed (from what I hear, most PVP’ers have several PVE alts) . Someone has got to get the resources to replace the ships and the fitting used by those who do want to focus on PVP.

Anyhow, you did bring up something I have wondered about in the year I have been playing. Is the unlimited supply of resources. If someones favorite belt is almost depleted, they just wait until the next server restart and it is back. It wouldn’t hurt my feels one bit if once all belts in a system are depleted, it is at least week before they are replaced (at least in hisec and the upper part of lowsec). With no belts during that week, also reduce the NPC rats or remove all together as well during that time. I think even how moons are mined in hisec should be looked at as well.

I am moving in that direction actually.


I do, makes it more fun, but no one has ever come after me either.

I read what people have to say and if they are trolling or are stupidly offensive I just block.

You may have got into some forum splats but your opinions do mesh with some of my own at times. For example I might have stuck with this blackout longer even though I was opposed to it based on the one player test and too easy destruction of subcaps. I was interested in whether it was right to make the assumption that to operate in sov nullsec requires a high level of team work and to see how that pans out over time. And it was starting to look interesting in terms of the Goons play. Oh well.

PS I am in favour of resource depletion and over fishing of anoms causing a lack of pirates…

Thats actually the problem with the game. Hi-secs resources are very limited, while those in null are not. We have 1 region out performing almost all of the rest of the game.

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He’s an idiot…being blocked by him is a good thing.


That comment will probably end up blocked and removed by CCP.

Apparently the forums have been taken over by 18th century puritans. The word arse or saying idiots exist apparently will get things removed.


It’s no matter how i call you, there is 2 type of people. One who just pile up ISK and one who actually playing the game. I made a game design theory about how to design the game to be good for both type.
Excuse me because i call you carebear, but you just ruined the game because you have no interest about what EVE should be like. You’re only interest is pile up ISK. And sorry to say but you really don’t needed in this game, PVP-ers can make ISK also.

I admit there are resources unavailable to us in hisec and even lowsec that can be easily had in nul. I was going more off the fact of forcing the moving around of people in hisec. Get them out of their comfort zone. Have lost a couple of ships now to venturing into lowsec due to hisec becoming boring.

PvE isnt the problem. Its unchecked infinite material and isk creation that is. Null sec pulls in way to much of both. And we dont hate people who PvE, we hate people who do nothing but PvE and dont want to play with the rest of us. If i go into a WH system and there are players in a citadel ill ask for an honor brawl, 5v5 or w/e both sides can field. Go to null and theyll tell you off and drop 30 titans on your frigate fleet.
Just be part of the comunity and if you cant accept there will be PvP and you cry when you get killed then yeah dont expect people to care about your playstyle.

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Yeah but the problem is not in Hi-Sec, the problem is unlimited resources in Null.

When 1 null region can produce more than most if not all of hi-sec, the problem is not Hi-sec.


Slow up… getting defensive over what you assume is “crying” lol

When you kill a mining barge and are told in local “brave men killing a miner i see”. Yeah thats crying

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