How to make maxellon and Isogen

just got into mining, please tell me how to make maxellon and Isogen. Thanks.

You can’t make them. You get them from refining certain ores.

You can click on “Show Info” on the minerals to see which Ores have them.


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but dont I need a mining crystal thing to mine special mines? how do I get that? can I make it on myself or I have to buy it? Thanks.

No. Mining crystals are optional - they are used by T2 strip miners to expedite mining on the specified ores, but are otherwise not required nor used on other mining equipment.

so if I want to mine kernite, a normal miner 1 would do??


For Kernite, you can use the following modules to mine it:

  • Miner I (on any ship, including Venture)
  • Miner II (on any ship, including Venture)
  • Strip Miner I (on mining barges and exhumers only, such as Procurer, Retriever, Covetor, or their T2 counterparts) – Best NON crystal module to mine while using a mining barge.
  • Strip Miner II – Requires Kernite Crystals to use effeciently, otherwise stick to Strip Miner I – (on mining barges and exhumers only, such as Procurer, Retriever, Covertor, or their T2 counterparts)

oh that makes everything clear. Thank you!

Have you thought about just forwarding the OP the entire Eve Uni wiki all at once? Might save you some time😉

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when good topics clearly give the answer to the questions ask by new players, yes, i link the wiki topics, because:
either they are very new and don’t know what is the wiki, and it will give them valuable info, and will spare the time to other players to rewrite what has already been written elsewhere
or they are lazy and don’t even try to google it before asking, and i expect them to feel a bit ashame

indeed. :frowning: I don’t have much time to browse the internet.

I know that EVE requires lots of knowledge to play but spend Hours reading a wiki page is something I dont have time for.

spend hours is a bit exagerated when you can at least use google and read the topic on the wiki. It takes probably 10-15 min
and instead, you prefer people here to “spend hours” to answer your questions? surely not

Be aware this is the 21st century skill every pupil should learn.
Nearly all information is available within 4 clicks, the skill is to find it quickly and to identify unnecessary or even fake info.

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I’m not sure I follow how asking a question on a Q&A board is “lazy”. Basically everything can be googled, so what even have a Q&A board? I think going to where you will find the best answer in the shortest time, or where you might get multiple answers for the same question is the best thing to do. Coming here IS research.

Why would someone go somewhere where they MIGHT find and answer instead or just going to where they WILL get an answer?

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  1. i was answering to Wes Wyhunnan, who was laughing at me (or criticizing me?) about linking the wiki topics to OP

  2. eve is hard, eve is not for lazy people. In eve people will help you if you show that you also do something on your own. But OP has posted
    How to make maxellon and Isogen
    How to hack open containers
    How to use scanner probes and probe launcher

which are questions related with very basic things in eve, where very good videos and tutos have already been done.

finding the answer first would spare the time to most of answerers to rewrite here a complete guide about hacking/scanning/refining etc and would probably provide better tools (learning to scan with a video is easier than with a text)

This is a discussion in every forum I know :slight_smile:
Most people are not aware that all the threads stay accessible and build up to a huge pile of information which can be googled. So each answer or link given may not only help the OP, but all people asking a similar question on google in future.
Because most questions repeat, most helpers get kinda weary or impatiently from time to time. But we are also human (and unpayed), on the other hand. I don’t care anymore why people ask, because probably there’ll be more players having exactly the same problem who find that answer in 2 months or years and think “Ah OK, that’s what I’ve searched for!” I still frequently find anwers to EvE problems in closed threads.
BTW that’s why I like threads with precisely expressed headlines.

To be honest, there’s not much as annoying as a thread I reached via Google about my exact question whose core answer is “try Google”. But a helpful link imho is perfectly ok.

I actually wasn’t laughing or criticizing. In fact you are probably one of the more helpful people on these forums. You could just ignore every body but you take the time to look up and link them relevant information. I just figured you could probably save time by just linking him the entire wiki because that dude seems to ask a ton of questions

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