How to play this game when i cant earn ISK?

Cool, do you feel better now?

Don’t underestimate the Sunken Cost Fallacy. When these people began their Eve carreer, it might just have been different. When I started playing it certainly was not paid to win, as you couldn’t get SP with $ or € back then. Another aspect is the fact you can kill a Battleship with a Frigate if you know what you are doing (the “bigger is not better” aspect of the game). While that aspect is still true (AFAIK) you are indeed able to “win” in PVE & PVP by throwing more money at the game these days. Not having to do this and still have a good time is a symptom of having enough SP to diversify activities to keep things fresh.

I’m not the one who needs salve, friend. I am just fine, you seem to be the one having issues.

Can I have your stuff?

I just type numbers into the market and I get billions of isk in return.

Yeah, sure thing there buddy.
Do you usually go around calling people names?
You must have a lot of friends, yes?

Yeah, you do.
Continue to have a great life.

And you make that starting this year, yes?

Nobody cares.

Thank you for caring enough to reply.

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CCP has the mantra that information is to be found, not given, when it comes to eve. very little has been given out by ccp, most everything you find on eve wiki, eve survival, etc… has been player found, cause thats how CCP has wanted this game to be.

There is 18 years of information on the interwebz about eve online… its up to you to find it.


You’re welcome. That was just an FYI.
It’s just a game. No need to get all emotional about it. Be happy that you only spent €30 and then realized the game wasn’t for you.
Imagine playing for two or three years all on Omega and then rage-quitting. It would’ve hurt a lot more.
I hope you find a game that entertains you AND is easier for you, they’re out there.
Try Elite, it may be more to your taste.


Yeah, problem with me is that I am stubborn. And hate to fail. So I will push through probably justt to find a way. But ef me if I ever saw less interested devs in my life.

I called you no names.

Yes, many. Most irl but a few in EvE, even.

So players who are not crushed emotionally and mentally by a video game are “elitist” in your view? Ok… Real life is so much harder than a video game, people should be embarrassed how they mewl and thrash about in “agony” over a video game.


i didn’t see you call him any names either…

While there’s probably a good mix of opinions on exactly how engaged CCP’s dev team is, one thing I can guarantee is that you are experiencing the early stages of the game exactly how it was intended to be.

I do, however find it interesting that you claim Eve is pay to win, and yet you paid over the odds for your Plex and skill injection, and did not win. Does this not demonstrate to you that while Eve offers ways to spend more money, it does not guarantee that that money spent will result in progress in the game?


To the OP, Have you tried begging?
There is good ISK to be made by begging in trade hub systems.

Launch a few fireworks outside a trade hub station and request that people throw some ISK your way for the performance.

Then weave some of your killmail losses into the begging script to prove how poor you are

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Do you still have the 90m for trading? Could do station trading with buying from buy orders and creating sell orders. Or buying from one trade hub and selling in another trade hub.

I made 300 mil in 14h versus 90 in 9. What are you talking about?

Nobody likes to fail and I don’t call it “fail” in a video game, I call it a missed opportunity.

It’s not that important. If it’s not fun for you just play another game. There is no shame in acknowledging that a game isn’t for you. Lots of people play Battlefield, I don’t, it’s not for me.

That’s another topic for another thread. Lots of players don’t hold EVE’s Devs in their heart.

Any rudimentary Google search like “stay alive null-sec” or “null sec dangerous” or “avoid lose ship EVE” would point you to wikis and videos explaining these various game mechanics. How you managed to find nothing after a whole week of searching is beyond me.

The fact that, as a gamer, you didn’t at least assume that an open-world PvP game (you at least knew that EVE was an open-world PvP game, right?) with a science fiction space theme would have various gameplay mechanics like cloaking and electronic countermeasures means you need to reevaluate how you play games in general. You were literally using a cloaking device yourself, for the purpose of avoiding other players, and assumed that other players wouldn’t do the same to you.

Additionally, you ignored your own instinct to drop off your loot at reasonable intervals and chose instead to hoard it in your cargo based on convenience alone. You knew that the possibility of danger existed, otherwise you wouldn’t have brought this up just now. It was your judgement call to not act on this when you had the chance because you assumed that you could deal with any danger in the absence of knowledge of game mechanics like cloaking. This means that you ignored the possibility that someone else could’ve simply outplayed you, which is a very likely scenario in a game with tens of thousands of players logged in at a time. Even if cloaking didn’t exist, you could’ve still died, but you chose to ignore this possibility.

That was your choice, and the game and the community are not at fault here at all.

So you’re telling us that someone screwed up by listing a sell order at buy order prices for an item with a 900% margin, and you didn’t instantly buy it out and relist it for a huge markup? And are instead complaining about this rare opportunity to basically get free money as being cannon fodder for old players?


What you got is tens of hours of meaningless PvE grind time that did absolutely nothing for your progression in the game. Maybe you should’ve considered actually playing the game instead of grinding out fake space bucks, especially since you…

…Didn’t really need them since you can afford to drop cash on PLEX.

Also, those level 3 and 4 skills take a few days to reach at most, and there are plenty of modules, rigs, and implants in the game that you can use to improve your scanning efficiency. Oh, you didn’t know that there are plenty of modules, rigs, and implants in the game that you can use to improve your scanning efficiency? Well then why didn’t you come to the forums or rookie help chat or something and ask if there’s anything like that in the game?

The game doesn’t even have a million active accounts total. Also you can see character details in market transactions, so if you have any empirical evidence that there are market orders being made by “CCP own bots” you should show it to us.