Hunting gankers with your help

Are you sure?


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Let’s get @Ridley_Rohan in here

Who is that?

He’s an AGer from some other channels to ours, I’m sure you have met him and he says nice things about Aiko all the time :kissing_closed_eyes:

Worth a bump.

Ganking groups seem to be heavily disrupted or distracted with other content. Which is a good thing for players like me that rely on moving large amounts of ore between major trade hubs.

IMO and the likes of Code. / Safety. who are unlikely to admit, AG has made a huge difference and changed the dynamic of ganking for the better for players like myself.


So as Code/Safety always say and we do to , don’t go afk and play Eve .

We often get bumped of the gate but if your playing eve you can get back and bumping it a part of Eve , So we get a report some afk Tornado gankers are about to be bumped at a station.

So we all rush over to help and find 3 Tornados off tether,

Well it would be rude not to ,

Don’t afk unless your safe

(All 3 and pods died Related Kills | Juunigaishi | 2021-02-17 20:00 | zKillboard )


Please, we don’t talk about CODE., its a bad memory and it’s too soon.

Let’s just talk about Princess Aiko, thank you!

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Calm down miner. No need to get all stressed.

That’s right, let’s just have happy calming thoughts.

Calm down miner!

Wait, is AG actually a real thing? I always thought it was a meme.

They are a roleplay guild.

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We are AG , we are many , we are the growing storm that will change high sec forever.

And at it’s centre if you look carefully you will see me fighting away with my loyal band of pilots.

After all , it’s said that Uedama was created by the god’s to train the faithful
Who would defy that now


Sick roleplay bruh.


Okay. This is funny.


So you “saved” a freighter pilot that rage logged during an encounter?
Are those really the kind of people you want to save?


In all honesty I thought Githany Red’s campaign was a flash in the pan , like so many before her.
She’s doesn’t appear to be fuelled by anger or out for vengeance and seems incorruptible and loyal to her cause, commendable traits in a game like Eve, many of her words have come to pass.

These days I see many capable fleets hunting gankers not rag-tag fleets of loot thieves or concord whores, it’s a nice change , I’m sure it’s not easy as game mechanics don’t help this type of game play but it seems more and more people are making a stand .
I salute you all and ganker take heed…


Now this is the point many get stuck on, we or me in particular do this to defeat the gankers, as a side effect some ships survive, often we show up in numbers and the gankers don’t bother, we get salty comments in local and they move on .

Often we scout on our own and call in a fleet, for us to enter a sys can often result in a cautious ganker and a slow down of activity .

I wonder how many ships we have saved by being around , yes I can imagine what some will say.:roll_eyes:


Hi , indeed we try to have fun on all levels…

It’s not all about hunting and kill gankers ,

oh wait it is …

Btw are you Gergoran from from TIS…