I began to gather Eve Online players in Dual Universe to attempt for the first democratic organization in a sandbox game


I am Olmeca Gold. Some of you may know me from my piracy and asymmetric warfare activities in Eve Online, such as stealing 2 trillion ISK (approx $27.000) of assets from the most powerful organization in Eve, alone. In 2019 I made a documentary about my activities, won a seat in the player-elected Council of Stellar Management (CSM) in Eve, and served the Eve community for a year at that capacity.

During my years in Eve, I gained a major appreciation of how ecosystems and communities emerge in single shard sandbox games. I gained lessons both from a player perspective, and from a developer perspective as a CSM. I came to Dual Universe for a fresh start and with a vision.

Dual Universe is not Eve. But many Eve lessons apply. Our goal is taking these lessons and converting them to founding principles, with which we forge our Dual Universe organization.

What if we created an organization that governed itself? What if we formed a government-like organization in Dual Universe led by democratically elected presidents? What if it was composed of departments which specialize different areas of the game, all working together toward a common goal? What if it had a constitution and a bill of rights to ensure smooth self-governance with due process? Democracy is the most prevalent system in real life for many reasons. If my vision is right, it should transform us to one of the most influential groups in Dual Universe.

I invite all interested Eve and DU friends to join me in this endeavour! If nothing, this is going to be a fun experiment.

What is Dual Universe?

Dual Universe is a sci-fi MMO that is currently in an alpha phase. Similar to Eve (and dissimilar to other so called “Eve killers” such as Star Citizen, Elite Dangerous, etc.), it is a single shard sandbox MMO. I can say that the game is potent with opportunities similar to Eve such as organization building, industry, trade, piracy and PvP. However, unlike Eve you can actually walk and conduct activities on planets, build your own ships and structures from your own design, pilot ships in a FPS mode with interesting physics. This combination makes it a very interesting and fun game.

Why Should I Play A Game in Beta Phase?

First of all, even alpha has been fun many aspects. Particularly building, industry, markets, and mining are very doable. PvP is in a highly early version, but that’s understandable as NovaQuark started working on it most recently. Barring huge server issues (entirely possible), beta should be even more fun.

There is value in playing the beta because, besides the game already being fun and interesting, you get to accumulate advantage. The most valuable asset in a sandbox is knowledge. You get to learn how to build ships, produce materials, trade, explore planets, fly spaceships before the actual release. Organizationally, we get to start building up our knowledge, experience, out of game infrastructure and human resource base swiftly. Moreover, there is a good chance you get to keep your assets and talents to the actual release. The current intention for beta is that it is the last server wipe. This is not an official promise though.

Dual Universe Beta will start on August 27th, and will last a long time. It will have a ($7) subscription fee. Alpha backing packages are available until Aug 17th, and they are more cost effective if you plan to play through the entire beta. If you are already convinced, I suggest buying an alpha pack.

Why Should I Play With You?

One of my goals is to gather Eve-minded players. I believe our previous experience gives us an edge in this game in so many ways, provided that we also get organized. So if you already decided to play, Dianoian Directorate is a good place to start. Note that when PvP becomes more viable in this game, we want to tap into the ruthless Eve Online spirit to stay ahead as a Nation.

Secondly, I find the vision for a democratic organization that can govern itself and make its own decisions very interesting and potent. Democracies in real life are messy yet still work the best, because decisions are made by considering a plethora of ideas and choosing the best, instead of purely following some power-holder on top. If nothing, this will be an interesting experiment to test the idea. If I am right, this will give us another edge in making the right decisions.

Thirdly, I have a track record of valuing intelligence, creativity, and emergent gameplay in Eve, and winning the hearts and minds of players while doing that. I chose to be a lone wolf there, although I have flown with and fleet commanded many Eve players at different capacities. We will do all that and more in Dianoian Directorate; a democratic, transparent, fun-oriented space nation that I am intending to build together with you.

How to join?

Our doors are open to anyone playing or planning to play Dual Universe. If you want to join or if you want more information, check out our website.

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You want EvE, eh? Bet you’ll get it.


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…it’s just a videogame, man. :woman_shrugging:

Also in my experience, you will need a way to ban players. So unless you’re a GM and the company backs you, you’re doomed.

I once belonged to a political forum -self-administered, hands-off moderation. No ruels and not even admins.

The fun lasted until a user’s lawyer informed the owner that his virtual property was being used to violate California’s laws against hate speech, thus he was legally responsible for those violations by enabling them.

Rules where drafted, admins were recruited and eventually I would become a moderator.

You’ll need a ban hammer against those who will join you to destroy your work.

On the other hand…

…it’s just a videogame.

Nobody says its not a video game :). But organizations are led by principles similar to IRL political regimes. When you look at Eve, most organizations (Goons, TEST, Panfam, almost all relevant organizations) are autocracies. Meaning that you can’t choose your leader. I will be attempting to create an organization in which you can choose your leader. Otherwise it is still a game. That’s all.

Wow. The Eve influence is strong with this one!

Why not just play the game that the former CCP devs are doing?

Second Chance?

Eve Valkyries


You use the official EvE forums to recruit players for another MMO ?! Wonder how that will end …

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You can do anything in OOPE


This game too is developed by some people who originally designed Eve.

In the Non-Eve-Related section no less!

Good idea. Some of my friends have entered the beta, I can direct them to you if you like. But your discord link appears to have expired.

Updated. My bad!

DIA is now one of the largest growing organizations in Dual Universe. Want to check out the game, and looking for fellow Eve players to play with?

Recruiting players for another game on the forums of a game is ok with you, Olmeca?
Still seems odd to me.

Sure in a forum specifically allocated to non-Eve stuff.

Well…it’s still a subforum of the “official” EvE forums…so on them - but evidently ccp doesn’t care, so ok, more power to you then.