I give up

(Triana en Chalune) #1

some of you will probably think i’m being petty, but the “hardcore” aspect of EVE is simply too much for me.
no, it’s not just that, it’s the “pay to win” aspect…
what JUST happened was simply the last straw.
i went into a low-security area to try to mine some rare ore. using a rigged-up frigate, i killed some pirates, grabbed a little ore, then left, no problem, so i switched to a “venture” mining ship and returned-and was immediately shot down by two smart-ass players, one with a larger mining ship (a pay-to-win ONLY class) and a frigate. and they shot down my escape pod as well, just to be extra-nasty.
so i decided to try to get a little revenge, and returned with my Vexor cruiser.
i approached the mining barge, then a different player, with a Vexor and a cloaking device (a pay-to-win only component) ambushed me and used “ogre 2” drones (ANOTHER pay-to-win only) to destroy my ship so quickly i didn’t even have time to lock on with my own weapons!
the “fight” was over in less than ten seconds!!
so, i quit.
game over.
going to switch to a game that does NOT involve hard-earned ships being permanently destroyed.
it will be POSSIBLE to have FUN in THOSE games!

The Tragedy of my first Venture
(Tiddle Jr) #2

Good luck.

(OId SouI) #3

Unfortunately, paying would not magically increase your intelligence.

(Linus Gorp) #4

Yeah, EVE definitely isn’t the right game for you. No game with PvP is. Here, try this one.

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #5

Bye, Sweetie.

–Can Gadget have your stuff?

(mkint) #6

Only politicians get to pave over incompetence with money. Us on the other hand, no amount of money will make not suck.

(Rhalina Sedai) #7

To the OP i feel your pain, been there many times. Cancelling subs then re-subbing when the rage quit syndrome subsides. Hope your up and flying with us again soon.

(Quelza) #8

OP feels that reaping the benefits of paying a subscription in a subscription-based game constitutes a pay2win model.

Not sure they’ll be back.

(Dark Engraver) #9

Always assume people in local are out to kill you

(Rhalina Sedai) #10

Depends on the kind of space you fly in. High-Sec is dangerous.

(Old Pervert) #11

Eve is most definitely the wrong game for you.

  1. You don’t like it when losing matters (nobody likes to lose, but when you win, god damn does that make it a lot more fun)
  2. You expect people to fight fair in a game where losses actually matter
  3. “Pay to win” does not in any way describe subscribing to a subscription-based game. If you want access to subscription based modules, subscribe.
  4. The previously mentioned subscription based perks would in no way help you with this game.
  5. That lossmail… my god that’s a good one. What in the world were you even thinking with that fit? WERE you thinking?

(Ramona McCandless) #12

Ive now bought 250m isk worth of these. Have I won yet?

(Dark Engraver) #13

Need geckos to be pay to win

(Gadget Helmsdottir) #14

If you bought them from GadgetCorp, then yes, you have won. :+1:

–Sales Gadget

(Serylda Skor) #15

some points to give there:

  1. from what i see in Zkillboard (because dotlan isnt working properly) that system is pretty heavy in traffic, so you were risking your ship, in a low security system with a fairly frequent amount of player movement.

  2. instead of moving to another system you decide to fight the gankers.

  3. you loose your poorly fitted vexor to a more experienced player, and thus that makes the game “p2w”.

yeah no. i’ve lost much more costly and proper fitted ships than your vexor to NPCs, that doesnt make the game pay to win. that only shows you didnt were carefull enough.

  1. if you’re planning to explore low sec or stay in a high risk area, then you should make sure there’s no people around, and even then, check the Directional Scanner to make sure there’s no ship coming up.

  2. if you dont have the skills to use a ship to its full capacity (like that vexor), then that money could be gone elsewhere to something you can actually do properly.

  3. a cruiser is barely a loss, i’ve lost battleships that top almost 200 million. you could replace those 11-12 millions of the mail with a few mining runs.

  4. did you insure the ship with platinum before trying to play the revenge game?

finally, if you really think it wasnt your fault and think the game is to blame, so be it. go find fun elsewhere, no one is here to retain you.

(QuakeGod) #16

The simple act of undocking is your consent to PvP…

(JC Mieyli) #17

lol @ p2w

(Jorad Todako) #18

Calm down, miner.

(Qia Kare) #19

Even though you’re not going to play anymore, I’m going to try to cover a few points.

Eve is a game where you define your own goals. As such, I feel that whether you’re winning or losing is largely defined by yourself. You’re a new player, and I presume an alpha account. You lost a fight against a larger number of more experienced players. Even had you been an omega clone and spent even more isk for those omega only items, the outcome would probably have been the same, except you’d have lost more isk.

You’ve found a thing you could not do, and have used the logic that because you can not do this one thing, you can not do anything. That is definitely not true. There are lots of opportunities in Eve for alpha pilots. They range from small groups trying to bolster their numbers in engagements like the one you described to large groups with an eye on eventual galactic domination.

Eve can be a harsh world to live in, but no matter how hard someone tries, they can never kill you. They can destroy your items, but your life and what you’ve learned by living it are your own, forever. You only die when you give up. When you quit. Until that moment, the game’s not over, and if it’s not over you haven’t lost.

Set a reasonable goal for yourself and work to attain it. When you do, set another reasonable goal and work to attain that. Be persistent, keep trying, and you can ‘win’ at Eve.

(Jorad Todako) #20