I want to see the Caldari Navy do better

It’s kinda interesting to see how the person who is most invested in helping the caldari navy is a gurista sympathizer. Personally I don’t care much about the invasion of caldari systems. I just watch the struggle of the oh so self-assured caldari. It is amusing, but gets a bit boring. I mean it’s all foreplay for now. The empires aren’t going all in. I want to see the big toys. Where are the Chimeras, Wyvern and Leviathans, the pride of the caldari navy? Are they afraid that their shiny toys don’t work as well as they thought, like their subcaptial fleet doctrine? Why is everyone so afraid? Even if the caldari would fall, the other 3 empires can’t allow that the triglavian take the whole caldari space. Maybe we would see caldari space under control of the other 3 empires. Or the caldari would survive weakened. Each of the options would create many opportunities for the gurista. And right now Caldari space is a pirate haven. So i am asking myself a bit why do gurista algined capsulers support the caldari navi, when they could instead create profit out of the whole triglavian situation?

I have a wide range of reasons , some personal , some not.

Where to start?

Let’s start economically… Since you wanna point out all the profit there is to make. Caldari Scrip is heavily used in Guristas economics, It carries just as much weight in Venal than it does in the State’s regions. As a result, the economy of the Guristas and the State are tied together.

As Capsuleers we have ISK so our currency if anything could see an increase… But what happens if KK is completely wiped out tomorrow? Or Lai Dai? Wirykomi? What do you think happens to the value of their scrip? This would have economical damage on the Guristas, and I’ve made my reputation on caring about the economy of the Guristas.

As profit… Sometimes Profit isn’t always in the form of a currency. Sometimes profit is merely in the form of value. And the value I see right now is taking advantage of the unrest the State is experiencing and getting citizens of the States to flee the borders and make way to Venal.

Yes, I’m being 100% about this, I’m exploiting a crisis.

By helping the Caldari Navy, I’m playing the villain I’m warning them about that will take advantage of the situation… I"m trying to pick up the Navy’s slack to humiliate them. Humiliate them specifically because someone of Guristas association is fighting alongside them… How do you think that looks for State Citizens? I’m applying pressure to get them to change whatever it is that’s costing them so much. Not just dropping vague notions of the Guristas taking advantage of the opportunity to recruit - Nah I’ll just do that myself.

Again, I’m being 100% transparent about this… I’m not accidentally showing my true colors, I’m being honest right now.

I want people in the State to find home in Venal… I Want them out there, because all of them can bring their own talents and skills to the region and enrich that instead of my wallet with a few crumbs of kredits. THAT’s profit to me… I want these people working for the Guristas instead of the Caldari State. And if they don’t want to work for the Guristas? Well hey, The Prosperity Agency can employ them… Maybe we can get a few teachers or professors out of this. Doctors and scientists - I Much rather have them out here than Venal. If the State HAS to collapse from this then I’d like to get as many people out of there as possible.

But I ain’t gonna get anyone out there just raiding and pillaging in the time of a crisis… All i be doing then is be the steroytype State propaganda sold to it’s citizens and reinforce this mindless patriotism I wanna see them break free from. So I need to be a bit more original in how I go about grabbing ahold of an opportunity…

Moving on, The State still needs to be… Well, the State. The Guristas take comfort in the ability to recruit from any nation’s military, that said - Caldari Navy is still one of the biggest source of skilled and trained recruits… If the Trigs wipe them out? Well Guristas just lost a giant pool to recruit from… So we have two options to hope for. A. Guristas cash-in and make a mad dash to grab as much of the Navy as they can and reinforce their numbers. or B. Hope the Navy turns things around and sticks around to continue being a source of recruits in the long-run.

And as it stands right now, While the Guristas are a self-sustaining military force. They are not sufficient at a civilian level. Venal prosperity Network was established to help remedy and work towards fixing this… But the reality of the situation is that the Guristas can’t create produce everything, sometimes raiding is essential for certain goods like advanced medicine and even luxury items. Unless we can start making this ■■■■ ourselves, we gotta take it from those that can. And if the Trigs plug the source? Well, we’ll just be hurting after that.

Now I’m gonna end on a personal reason… One I’m actually very insecure about. I’m saying it to be completely transparent however.

I have Family in Space under the State’s influence. The Raata Zaibatsu, int he system of Nannaras on planet X there is a colony of people very dear to me. Thanks to my work in Venal, I could relocate them out here, easy. Point is I don’t want to have to do that If i can help it… If I have to? So be it. Problem is figuring out how to get them out, what has to be left behind, and worrying that it may be too late if the Trigs suddenly decide to show up on their doorstep.

So in short, I can relate to every State Citizen out there when I say that I want to the Navy to get it’s ■■■■ together before the Trigs start coming after my family. If i gotta evacuate them? I Will, but I highly doubt Capsuleers are gonna rush out to that low-security backwater and just leave the Navy in it’s current state to fend for themshelves.

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They are there. Just because they’re not deployed where you can see them does not mean they do not exist. This is substantiated by the fact that the capital squadrons of the 3rd Sarum Circuit Fleet needed to be brought in for repairs despite capsuleers only encountering a few Revelations which were destroyed by Kybernauts.

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Please. If you believe that, I’ve got a great high-sec pocket in Oasa to sell you. That bit in the news report was smoke and mirrors to let the Imperial Navy claim they were ‘helping’! Really!

I’ve spent long hours in quiet meditation and prayer within my chime garden. The State has failed. It’s as simple as that.

Cold Wind has always tested the Caldari, and sifted the strong from the weak. It is clear the State has grown weak. They have clearly failed the test set upon them by Cold Wind and the Maker is now desiring change. And that change has come in the form of Trigivalians.

The other empires are staying the test. They resist and in some cases flourish against this adversity. But not the State. The State as we know it has failed. It is weak and should be left abandoned upon the frozen windswept crags of the Kaalakoita peaks, to die as it dutifully should. A new stronger Caldari will be honed against this bitter chill. A Caldari that can stand against any adversary.


The Triglavians are an opportunity for the State to become More.

I don’t think someone important enough in the State is going to care about the rambling of a nobody like me, but I can hope.

Reading all of this just makes me sad. I do not have much experience fighting the trigs, but what I do have is some experience fighting the State. Since the very beginning of my career, I always managed to find ways of getting into fights with Caldari ships.

The thing is, every time I see a ship with the Caldari logo I know it’s going to be a hard fight, every Capsuleer and Baseliner fighting for the state would gladly give up their life before loosing an inch of land to the enemy. I have never seen a Caldari ship that didn’t fight to the last bullet and I have never seen a Caldari soldier surrender out of cowardice. Most of the time they are respectful, honorable, brave, honest, and they embody what every soldier must aspire to be.

This message is not directed to the brave souls fighting in the front lines, you are doing great, this message goes to the morons in the upper echelons of the State. TRY SOMETHING NEW! You would think that after loosing 13 systems the Caldari Navy would change how they operate, maybe bring in new weapons or bring better ships or just plan different tactics. They can’t do the exact same thing over and over again, hoping for a different outcome, EVEN I KNOW THAT, AND I’M NOT TASKED WITH THE DEFENSE OF A SPACE EMPIRE.

And if any executive or admiral tries to put the blame of this failure on the brave souls at the frontline. I will personally pay a Billion Isk to whoever shows me a video of that ■■■■ being thrown into the nearest star.


With their hands, our ancestors built the state up from nothing.
Their sweat and blood is as much a part of our worlds as the air our people breathe.
We toiled while others complained and persevered when others gave up.
We will not stop protecting our families because you sat in a garden whilst our fleets burned.

Your words are words of iron.

The State has failed this triglavian conflict and is in crisis.

It is time for quiet contemplation for the Caldari people, lets listen to our spirits , our ancestors,lets look at the strength of our Kaalakoita mountains, take encouragement from them, look for away forward .

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Honestly I wanted something witty to go with this, but every idea just seemed very mean-spirited and really I feel like this should just speak for itself.

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Wait what happened? Weren’t we about to turn Kaunokka into a Redoubt yesterday? Now it’s in Liminality…

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Same story as the rest. The Caldari Navy acting as target practice rather than doing their job made the job of EDENCOM-aligned capsuleers way harder than it should. It was a race against time to fortify it while Nani was left to burn, but the aforementioned point continues to thwart their efforts, and Kybernauts had ample time to move over once they were done with Nani.

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Well, if one build a wall and yet the invaders come from a hole underground, it is still fortified. The Megas are working together, so much that they have an ongoing coup against the navy. And they are not being ejected from their homes, in fact are not even encouraged to leave.

In a tragic twisted way, the description of The Citadel stands true.


What happened was that when you were about to do that, there were two active Caldari liminal candidate invasions, and the kybernauts were concentrating on the other one. Then Nani went liminal which allowed the kybernauts to divert their forces to Kaunokka.

Edencom allied capsuleers can in practice hold a Caldari system only when the only opposition are the triglavian forces. With the Navy being of so little help, holding it against the triglavians and a kybernaut capsuleer presence is sadly not achievable.


Honestly, the Caldari Navy’s performance in this and refusal to adapt their tactics and tools is shameful. Long range Rokhs and Feroxes would let them carve up Trigs with impunity.

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The Caldari people are being punished by God.

They are being punished because, while they recognize that they have a Maker, they refuse to worship him and instead worship winds which are really just demons.

They are being punished because they have brought the Achurans into their state while refusing to correct the Achurans’ grave errors of monism and maya.

Only when the Caldari face the world as it is, in all its duality, and throw themselves at the feet of the Amarr God, begging for mercy, shall they be saved.


But again, perhaps if the navy ships spread ECM, used long range Rokhs and Feroxes, and proper shield hardeners, the fights would be a little more even. If the Amarr navy used our (current) ships, the mercy of a God would probably be a non-factor in the equation.

¯\ _(ツ)_/¯

However, it is what it is. We Caldari will deal with this new chapter in our history.


You neglect to mention how much work the kybernauts put in, they managed to grab victory from the jaws of defeat.


Or rather Edencom grasped defeat from the jaws of victory

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Pretty sure the Matari will throw that comment back at you, being the only empire out of the four to avoid losing a single system to Triglavian liminality to date. The performance of the Amarr navy has been nothing short of stellar, given the vast territory they need to defend. Unfortunately, not even your God could stop a horde of angry bees stirred up by null-bloc agitation from taking down a major trade route.

Ultimately, it’s not scripture nor spirit worship that we need to adopt from the other empires, it’s ship and fleet tactics.