I want to see the Caldari Navy do better

Pretty sure the Matari will throw that comment back at you, being the only empire out of the four to avoid losing a single system to Triglavian liminality to date. The performance of the Amarr navy has been nothing short of stellar, given the vast territory they need to defend. Unfortunately, not even your God could stop a horde of angry bees stirred up by null-bloc agitation from taking down a major trade route.

Ultimately, it’s not scripture nor spirit worship that we need to adopt from the other empires, it’s ship and fleet tactics.


Molok the Deceiver protects his own.

Looks like Union Day celebrations are going to proceed as planned, despite the aforementioned devastation that’s taking place right now. There’s even a Leviathan slated to appear in Josameto, right next to Otela. I don’t know, is this some kind of joke?

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Amarr doctrine actually has the best EWAR for fighting the trigs. Tracking disruption kills the spool needed for Triglavian ships to get to their optimal damage output.

The navy could stop trying to use missiles against fast-moving targets with a low signature radius, whilst wasting all their electronic countermeasures on a single frigate. We have been annihilating targets with Naga wings at ranges between 100 and 150 kilometers, as well as wings comprised of Osprey squadrons and Ferox squadrons in Antimatter optimal range. Today I watched those assets steadily push back the tide in Aband despite the fact that each Kybernaut ship in the system was worth more than our entire task force. It saddens me that our own navy does not deem it necessary to copy the tactics we have developed for using the very vessels they designed.

But what saddens me even more is doing a double shift in an Amarrian system to honour our alliance, only to find this on the net:


You literally had Paladins, and high tech Pirate ships in system.

Caldari humor.

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It kinda gets lost in the translation.

Most Wouldn’t Get It


People wonder why I get upset with the Amarr at times; truly, while I find their penetration to a Space Wizard silly, I can mostly tolerate it. But when my failings are being blamed on the lack of their Space Wizard in my life, over my own failings and ineptitude, I find it laughable that we are even considered friends. Especially when our entire existence is at stake.

Naupilus, you’re no stranger to violence, so why dont you come to Caldari space and show us how much more your lasers sparkle from that faith of yours? Or are you too afraid an Achuran might blink at you and remove your Space Wizard powers because you haven’t killed him already?

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I do not consider it proper to insult our allies, but by the same metric it would indeed be wholesome if they would reciprocate the aid we have given them during these dark times, rather than scold us over cultural differences in a public communications channel.

In case this was not abundantly apparent, anyone and everyone should be familiar with the fact that Nauplius is at best a self-serving, mass-murdering lunatic who has not, does not, and never will speak for Amarr.


This post was adjudicated as “being horrible”. Because I made a vow to be “not horrible” this month, I am retracting it. Amen. Amarr Victor.


What? This was considered horrible? And you agreed to it? :woman_facepalming:t2:

Oh Nauplius, the most powerful chains are the ones used willingly.

If you go only by the judgment of others, somewhere sometime your existence will be considered horrible, and what shall you do then?

To consider it proselytist is one thing, but horrible?


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It would not have been considered so horrible if it wasn’t someone from an allied state salting our wounds. Over eighty percent of our systems that were invaded fell. Roughly ten percent of our systems are either occupied or being harvested. Our people are being abducted by the boatload by pirates masquerading as evacuation vessels. My brother was killed in action in the Urhinichi system alongside the entire capital wing he served with. I was not able to support my parents during the funerary ceremony because I was deployed to defend one of your systems, leading a fleet to protect your people. After all that suffering, being told that we deserve it is the cruelest thing someone could say. Using religion as a pretext for such a statement is nothing short of cowardice. If you hate us so much, have the courage to say that without invoking your interpretation of your god’s will.


The irony is that our allies can say this with love in their hearts and truly mean it and care for us.

Kinda makes it worse.