Why not?

There is plenty of counter content. Every Agent of the Code has experienced the attention of vigilantes that try to stop them or drive them off, sometimes successfully. It’s just that like Code enforcement itself, the scale is very much local and personal, not at all the same paradigm that goes on between large groups in nullsec. Criminal game play is a different flavour of conflict than that between groups.

Your local Agent Is there to generate content both by enforcing the Code and serving as a target themselves. Feel free to go shoot them if you want.

Go for it! You might get tired of protecting self-interested miners too lazy or greedy to spend any resources to protect themselves, but if you can find enough like-minded players to form a competent white knight group, that would be awesome. There are plenty of stories waiting to be told there!


This is what the Op’s hanger should look like


One distinction, though, is that CODE is a violent counter to an inherently peaceful activity. My stance against CODE stems from this distinction, and it comes from my real life stance against people who are inherently non-peaceful (whether they see it in themselves or whether they act on it or not being irrelevant). This is more cultural than anything else, and in CODE’s case, they have built a culture around this non-peacefulness, and both know what they are, and act on it.

There is solid groundwork there for a grand clash of good versus evil.

Interesting philosophy.

However, I would counter it by asking what you feel is an appropriate response to counter non-violent activity that is or may be damaging to a person, a group or a community.

In the case we are talking about, there is no real non-violent counter to the activity.

Yes, fantastic! I’ve always been disappointed by the low level of effort that the anti-Code resistance puts in. I wish you much luck and success, worthy adversary. When do you start recruiting?

Or were you waiting for somebody else to do it?


And Good will win, because CODE. always wins!


Excuse me a second but to be utterly blunt CODE are an awful target for most PvP players unless they are masochistic. Most of the ships they fly are worth nothing and they will spend a lot of time just chasing catalysts and bombers. It would be tediously boring.

That being said taking out their Citadels would be something that people should be doing. I have said that seeing the CODE Fortizar in Niarja blown to bits is an objective for me and trying to get people willing to do this is rather difficult. The issue is getting people with the attitude to want to try for it. And with hisec wars being as it is the only way would be to get a load of dedicated characters into a single alliance to do this objective, and this makes it doubly difficult in hisec.

Syeed Ameer Ali

Or perhaps you are under the illusion that it is possible to totally supress a video game guild through gameplay until it disbands and permanantly ceases to exist. This is just a fantasy.

Wait! That last part. Look up U.S.A.T.O

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Youve never asked me.

Haha yeah, I remember U.S.A.T.O - I was there in that wormhole with you, Bing, in another life, before this toon was born. Ah memories…

I guess it is possible to destroy a corporation if there’s only 1 person keeping it going. Something like the New Order (or really any group worth joining) is different because when one of us gets permabanned, or quits or something, a dozen others are ready to carry the torch.

Which peaceful activity?

I see, a true white knight! A glorious hero with shining armor ready to strike and safe the princess filthy miner. To protect peace you must declare war on CODE.!!! The hero we need is finally here!!

Can’t wait…

Although I fear this is just another someone™ do something™ situation.

Miner please! Stop with your lies. How many defenseless Guristas refugees and so-called ‘blood pirates’ have been victimized by the endless aggression of the miners, who don’t even bother to ask if someone is living on the asteroid before blasting it to smithereens. How many non-capsuleers have died because they no longer have access to fresh water because some bot fleet came and sucked all the ice out of the star system?

Enough is enough! Miners must obtain permits and support a regulatory agency which serves to protect the interests of everyone who lives in the high security zone!

CODE ‘kills’ capsuleers who regenerate in their clone bay, whereas the miners slaughter hapless NPCs who have but one life to live. Remember, when an NPC pilot dies, he is dead FOREVER. CODE thus seeks to defend those who cannot defend themselves.


You truly are the People’s Princess


Here’s an interesting question then… there are now NPC miners in High Sec. I have looked at them. None of them have mining permits. So does that mean CODE needs to destroy them too? They are all technically bots. :wink:

Nah they are normies.

Their short existence is punishment enough.

I’m building an alliance of top anti gankers. Send me 1bn isk in game to find out more.


They actually do have permits. Non-capsuleers obtain a physical permit which they must display when undocking at the station. James supports their effort in the hope that eventually all mining can be done by the NPCs, so that capsuleers are free to do other things.


I know they named a hospital after you.

I wish I cared about normies as much as you.

You set a wonderful example for all <3

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