It sounds like EVE isn’t for you.

Perhaps you would enjoy Breathe of the Wild?

I have a feeling that not a single one of those new players actually experienced any form of non-consensual PvP, and quit only from false expectations after you wouldn’t shut up about how they’re going to get ganked and griefed into oblivion.

You want to know how I know this?

Because I sat in multiple high-sec carebear corporations as a spy, and observed dumb-■■■■ CEOs do that very thing. And the members just dropped like flies, saying stuff like “well if that’s how the game is going to be, I don’t think I want to stick around, bye.”

You’ve done more damage to the game than any ganker ever has.

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So, there is one group of players that engages in boring, unimaginative, self-centered gameplay. What can we assume about how these players behave in their real lives?

These people seem very eager to judge the other players that engage in exciting, creative gameplay that involves other players and provides interesting experiences for all of their fellow players.

Can I ask you if you’ve killed anyone in Breath of the Wild?

Ive not played it but in every other Zelda game Ive played, I have driven a sword through a person’s head many times.

I was never a ganker or outlaw, but I find that these players were important to my interest in the game.

I’ve been wardeced, and I’ve had gankers come to ruin my day, but it was never anything I couldn’t handle. It’s not anything that any reasonable person can’t handle with some reasonable precautions. Some equipment will be lost some of the time, but that shouldn’t be a big deal.

Someone comes in and raises a little hell, we tighten our belts and watch our asses until they go away and bother someone else. It didn’t matter if it was a ganker, or a wardec. Something’s changed, though, and players fold like a house of cards with the slightest disturbance.

Take any sufficiently large population and you’ll find terrible people in there. For me, though, every ganker I’ve encountered has treated me with a certain minimum of respect, while most have gone above and beyond that minimum to also be courteous as well.

These people will kill you, and then turn around and provide a font of information on the game’s systems to show you exactly what you did wrong and how you can avoid being a victim in the future. Some will also pay for the inflicted loss as well if they gather you’re actually poor. All you have to do is ask questions and respect your fellow players even if they’re not on your team.

Salt miners probably exist, but I have never run into them. If they are being abusive in chat, that’s a different issue that has nothing to do with being an outlaw or ganking. I know first hand that being a ganker does not mean you can’t be polite, kind, and an all around outstanding person (That I have to be careful around if I want to keep my space pixels.)


How is EVE PvP any different?

Any different from? Salt mining? Abusive chat? I’m not sure what you’re asking because any topic that seems likely is one I think you’re also clever enough to know the answer to.

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I was in a corp once that had a mix of play styles, all would chip in and help the other groups . In time of war or low sec pirate attack the pvpers did there stuff and the non PvP would lend a hand in defence of pos if needed,

It was the working together that was fun and never carried all our eggs in one basket.

Unlike some corps who’s answer to a war Dec was to go back into an NPC corp


I respecfully disagree. gankers are the one being bullied. They just did some video gaming thing but those who was gank resort to rl cursing, rl threat and verbal attacks.

I’m genuinely perplexed. I’ve played other computer games, and I find people tend to trash talk in every game. Meanwhile, EVE has one of the most polite and civil communities, but for some reason you insist on pretending that the community is toxic.

It’s like you hate EVE so much, you are determined to convince everyone that EVE is a terrible game, even though it’s not actually that bad.

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The weak to feel powerfull and flex the muscle they lack in RL!

The clue was in the original post!

How come the strong don’t get stronger in EVE, why are the weak so empowered?

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Because the weak can hide behind the mask of invisibility through the internet or so they think!

The strong in general are allready empowered!

So if they strong are already empowered, why are they crying so much about being overpowered by the weak?

Wait, I am totally confused. The gankers are the strong? Or are the afk highsec miners the strong?

The gankers are strong because they are weak, the carebears are strong except they are bullied by the weak who are stronger even though they are weak.

What part of my text makes it seem like I’m calling the community toxic?

I’m talking to this guy.

I’m just thoroughly perplexed by this notion that there is something inherently immoral or unethical about engaging in PvP within a PvP game.

Oh, in that case carry on. The notifications are lying to me.

I just hit the reply button.