So if they strong are already empowered, why are they crying so much about being overpowered by the weak?

Wait, I am totally confused. The gankers are the strong? Or are the afk highsec miners the strong?

The gankers are strong because they are weak, the carebears are strong except they are bullied by the weak who are stronger even though they are weak.

What part of my text makes it seem like I’m calling the community toxic?

I’m talking to this guy.

I’m just thoroughly perplexed by this notion that there is something inherently immoral or unethical about engaging in PvP within a PvP game.

Oh, in that case carry on. The notifications are lying to me.

I just hit the reply button.

Thats not what opposed means.

Yeah its happened to me too. Its wierd

I remember once I played Axis and Allies. I was cast as Liesl von Trapp in the Sound of Music, and someone set up the game in the Green Room. So we decided to play in between scenes, and we assigned nations at random, but this one girl got Germany and had a terrible panic attack because Germany is evil, and she just couldn’t do it. So we had to switch, and I gave her the USA, and I played Germany… ever after, she seemed to think that I’m a fascist IRL, and I suppose that’s the mind of a Highsec miner. They simply can’t fathom the distinction between a game and reality.


As long as people don’t end up thinking I made that claim, I’m good. The community has been good to me in general and I don’t want it to appear I’ve turned my back on them now.

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Why are you talking to me?

Narcissism at it’s finest lol.

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I’m a PvPer in the game, and a cereal killer in real life, so I think the carebears might actually be onto something with their logic.

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What is your favourite cereal? I am partial to honey nut cornflakes myself!

Noooooo in real your an anime supper hero/heroin.

Let me try to understand this! You are saying they are eating Heroin at supper dressed as an anime character?

I am in fact very concerned about how my deeply-private information became public like this.

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Points finger at Githany Red >>>>>>

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