This enforce my thoughts about the matter called “CODE”.
Bumping happens when you dock out from a station. Bumping the docking out ships from stations is often used in very busy trade stations like Jita: they use biggest ships crossing the exits and bumping you so you cannot align and warp, leaving some precious time to the gang for scanning your ship for something interesting to gank. It’s ok, is in the game.
But this mafia behave, this extortions you do to miners is really bad: worst cowards that don’t wanna go in lowsec or nullsec to PVP… better bumping solo miners to extort their money (we’re talking of 10 millions each year!). Money that go to high places of your organitation and then -probably- sold in real life online for real life money.
The first victims of this mafia behave are exactly you and all like you with some real life matter about their personality.
CODE is old like time itself, so probably CCP won’t do nothing to stop this. I hope CCP consider that thanks to your mafia behave, many gamers logoff for ever from EVE, making a big economic loss for CCP itself; when they will realize this, they will stop you.
In the meanwhile, I think that for new gamers should be better to consider to play another game, before to throw away their real life money buying an Omega account and then beeing bumped and harrassed by you, with the consequence that they cannot play mining. Mining is one of the first activity new players do. Think people, think.
P.S.: you can enlist me how many times you like as this is not my ingame character. Bye

I think the main problem is that highsec carebears don’t have been beaten into submission enough, hence all the whining and hiding behind the “new player” excuse in this thread.


“Beaten to submission.”
That kind of notion is the root of all evil.

Depends on the people. Some learn if you simply tell them, but for some you need some rounds of antimatter applied to the face to get their attention first. In the end CODE. is there to help, educate and lead the people of highsec who would be completely lost in chaos without us.


Sorry that challenges are something you dont look for in a game.


I’ve always thought that what is often needed is for the carebears to venture outside their comfort zone and see how safe hi sec really is for the prudent. Being encouraged to go on a couple of ganks and a couple of null sec roams really changed my outlook.


Whiel I acknowledge that some players could benefit from that you really are downplaying the danger here. Yesterday the entire pipe between Jita and Amarr was covered by Tornado gankers. One system had eight ready to gank. That eight strong gang was a tad much even for the prudent.

You say that ag was aware where the enemy was, knew their exact numbers and setup, and it was obvious what they would do and what targets they would pick, but there is still nothing they where able to do?

Every other group of players would succeed with even a fraction of that information, yet the only thing white knight leader Drac here is capable of is crying about it on the forums.


Uh, as a new player who doesn’t know how to circumvent that gank fleet except by taking a different route, could you please explain how I could do that?

Why is taking a different route excepted?

I presumed there were other, less obvious ways to avoid a gatecamp that I’m currently unaware of.

Hisec to hisec WH’s are actually rather good to get past choke points.

There may be. Sadly, I timmy into them too often to have reliable advice.

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I know the pain.:confounded:

Ganker squadsmaking tens of millions of isk per year. Money funnelled by strict command and control operation to central account, controlling by James 315, who collections hundreds of millions of isk PER YEARS! This money i sthat used to force miners to uninstall game. All of is true, if CCP knew the truth then they would act, but they are all secret permit holder and CODE cultist. They even have secret room in Ice Land, it having hot spas and marble murals depict James and InvincibleStabber. Why was it it invincible you asking? Just askingCCP. You know answers. Think, and together we can enforce our thoughts here. Follow the isktrail and remember that CODEspace bullies are everywhere, best to just play farmville and hopeing nobody stealng again the carrots again. and potatoes.


This hundreds of millions of ISK goes directly back to the gankers to fund and support their bot fleets so they can plex them - with the bot fleets the gankers can continue to force new players to uninstall the game - this is evil, something needs to be done about this.


if u listening to command confirmation protocools u can tell is robot simulated voice for darpa end user, project crystal castle (looking it up is same system i work with for bombing yemen city probably explai n real purpose for code ganker to develp


Could I have some of whatever the last couple of posters have been drinking/smoking, please ? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

If the likes are any indication, it appears to be mutual shitposting.

…is this how gankers flirt?

It feels like what you cancelled, I have activated @Viirilithizu_Ward I’m the opposite of you, kinda kryptonite to this thread. Feels weird to read and find someone at the exact opposite end. Almost unreal. Oh well. I’ll gank any one or any thing without fear of losing it. Cause after all, I know where you and I have been and are heading.