I will return to Eve Online if

…if they improve the payout of Level 4 Distribution Missions.


Run courier contracts


yah , i like space truck simulator to :smiley:


Why? Whats wrong with them?

Its money for nothing

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Yea but no chicks for free.


Surely this is one reason to not increase the payout.


If they remove quantum cores and old moon mining.

…if they remove griefing PvP and add loot crates!


“i will return to Eve Online if” …

move it to

thats the right place for that

i dont know why so many ppl dont look for the right section


“IF” …

Mate you’re theory-crafting about Eve Online, so you’re technically already playing it again …

Eve addiction psychology ftw …

… if miners gank themselves and I get paid for it.


Fix low frequency trading so I don’t have to pay tax on an item 10 times so I can actually sell it, because only 1 sells a day on average and there are 10 people selling it.

When the store lowers the price on something to beat its competitor can you imagine if they had to pay 1% of the value of that item to do that? The prices of everything would be stupid.

This is classic rewarding people for not playing, because CCP was incapable of actually dealing with bots in some actual fashion, so instead everyone was punished because they weren’t actually able to identify a market bot or couldn’t be bothered to actually try. Its called the “shotgun” approach because sure you hit your target, but you hit everyone else too, and even EA looks down on this kind of approach.

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If they overhaul the GM team, ISD & publish player gift $ & ISK/plex, affiliate link & partner gift ammounts in the M.E.R oh yeah also a GM reinbursement graph would be nice.

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How people do love their “If” …

Boring people that is.

Ever heard the phrase “No buts no ifs” ?

Probably not.


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Your jealousy is staggering lol


Setting conditions :laughing:


Not as staggering as CCP’s hypocrisy,

“eve is real, the losses are real, they hurt”, well unless we like you then you can have your stuffz back.

“A dynamic sandbox” unless yet again we like you & in that case look here have free ■■■■.

It is just where I am at in life, I like competitive gaming & eve online is just not competitive enougth for me. I dabble back in now for the lolz but I prefer persistence & competitiveness in my gaming titles.

If I want a sandcastle sim like Eve I play subnautica, if I want heart pounding pvp I play warthunder. If I need an intellectual number crunch then I spin up Kerbin. Eve in 2010 was the best for all these things but in 2021 its wow classic, nostalgia & friendship holds this place together.

I like logging in and flying into pockets and people saying “hi, you killed mh Tengu 13 years ago 2 jumps over.”.

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I guess you arent competing in the way they actually value or something

Still, must be wierd only measuring success based on the failures of others, so vOv

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Yeah defo, others have said the same. But I get no enjoyment bashing npc’s, I’ll fly past 2 officers, 5 clones & 6 mordu rats to pop a venture. PvE in eve sucks pvp is ok.

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Thats fair.

I assumed you were talking about t2BPOs or something. My bad.