Idiot Player Please Ignore

(Brisc Rubal) #263

It’s not “if they’re not in my party” it’s more akin to “they’re not in my district.”

You said the magic words: “EVE PLAYERS.” I absolutely will consider the ideas of all eve players, including those who disagree with me.


Uh, every player with an active account who logs into the game. That’s who I represent. And all of those folks with Omegas can vote for me.

I really don’t understand why this is such a difficult concept for you. If a World of Warcraft player who has never played EVE but may some day consider playing EVE wants to tell CCP what he thinks about war decs, should I present that opinion? What if he played for two weeks in 2003 and never played since?

Come on, guys.

(Brisc Rubal) #264

The vision of the devs when they created Alphas, if I recall correctly, was to make it possible for players to have a meaningful EVE experience by being an Alpha character. Part of that, of course, is shitposting on the forums. So I’m fine with Alphas being here, and I think they can often provide better insights than somebody who has already made the decision to quit playing.

(Shai 'Hulud) #265

You should present opinions to CCP that you strongly agree with… where they came from is rather irrelevant. Again, standard ‘representative’ of the community stuff.

This is becoming tiresome because you are just repeating your definition of “active player” over and over, without defending the merit of outright ignoring others.

If a WoW player came here, made an alpha account, and then immediately made the best suggestion you have ever heard for “fixing” war decs (without ever logging in to the game)… would you ignore the idea simply due to its origin?

I still suggest you don’t even follow your own standard, unless you strictly check the player behind each post before reading to make sure that the player is active and valid for consideration. Once you’ve read it and considered it, you don’t really get to choose the effect it has on your thoughts and positions. These things are not entirely predictable.

(Brisc Rubal) #266

To make an Alpha account with a character on it in order to post on the forums, he’d necessarily have to log in to the game and create an character. At that point, he’s a player and I’d gladly hear his suggestion.

I really don’t understand why you guys can’t wrap your heads around the concept that it’s absurd to expect me to represent the interests of people who don’t play EVE.

I mean, it’s nuts.

When somebody tells me “I don’t play the game anymore” that’s kind of where I draw the line. Otherwise, I’m going to assume that if you’re on the forums and care enough to post, you actually play.

(Shai 'Hulud) #267

I see no significant difference between these statements, in practice. Maybe a change in the tense of “I quit”?

I think my work is done here…

(Officer McChicken Bawk) #268

So as someone who is a current subscriber and I play when I can, usually a few times a week when free of other obligations, How likely are we able to get CCP to understand that the way they did this Event was quite disheartening? In fact I honestly haven’t even done the last few events because I’m not much for PI and don’t have 12 alts doing it. The mining requirements were obsurd for the accelerators as well and I am primarily a Miner. The last time I really actually enjoyed an event was probably the one before the The Abyss event, which was still pretty broken. I don’t want to quit Eve. I love the corp I am apart of and the community of ■■■■ posters I am in an alliance with, but it’s hard not to be discouraged when things like this happens. I can’t remember who I voted for in the last CSM sections because I was barely a few months into the game and didn’t know anything about anything. I mostly voted for Goons because people said I would fit in with such Accoustic people. I want Eve and CCP to succeed and prosper, but not if it means selling their souls to loot box scams. I can take the gratuitous release of skins but please. Just not the loot boxes.


(Brisc Rubal) #269

They know it was a bad event and people didn’t like it. Trust me.

(Ghost O'Mo) #270

But did they see the sincere turtle.

I feel like that adds something…

(Officer McChicken Bawk) #271

Can we expect a bit of a roll back in how events work to reflect that generally held Opinion? If this is already answered you can just link me to a forum thread so you don’t have to deal with my 20 questions.

My biggest issue was with having to produce the accelerator’s since as someone who doesn’t have 500Million skillpoints, it’s just not really worth it for me to even buy or invest time since a Skill Injector currently offers more skillpoints Per isk.