Idiot Player Please Ignore

(EVGA Max) #41

Because whilst a company may “own” another, it does not mean they have a “controlling” ownership. We know nothing of the deal involved. Don’t jump to conclusions.

(Draqolas Windfury) #42

I have watched the whole video because after playing for 2 years, reaching 135m sp in this time…
I’m about to leave the game because of rapidly rising plex price and having the same as you feeling what’s about to happen with Eve.
I agree with you.
There is also Rorqual that should be added to the summary.
Ever since they have changed the rorqual from just booster to main mining boat.
Price of plex started to rise as well, because big fish are buying more plex for ingame currency since they can more easily afford it.
Most of people use between 2-30 rorquals per person.
which results in multiplied profit for CCP. Because there is more active accounts(who cares if its alts)

(EVGA Max) #43

Yes but your post is basically this.

I pay for my game time with “plex” and I can no longer afford Plex because I don’t play enough. That’s fine, then simply budget Eve Online in to your monthly budget and forget about PLEX. If you cannot afford multiple accounts, then dial it back mate. Stick to one.

A lot of peoples complaints can be fixed super easily.

Hateless gaming, heard of him? SOE Missions, makes billions every week running level 4’s, should try it :slight_smile:

(Daichi Yamato) #44

Was it?

Surely becoming free to play would have resulted in loads of people playing and activities going up? Surely that is the whole point of free to play?

Well it did, for about 6 months. And then it went below pre-free to play levels. By any possible indicator, free to play has not worked for eve. If anything it looks like existing players have decided to stop paying and now play for free.

I’m linking you graphs and threads. The broad statements here are yours.

‘change is good’ being one shining example.

Now whos manipulating words?

Content is good. But free to play hasn’t got us more content by any measure.

Trials are good, and eve had 60 day trials…what we have now is ‘fly battleships for free’. Which is what we’re doing…

(EVGA Max) #45

Do you know why F2P failed? It’s quite simple, the issue was simple, war decs. Now that’s changed, let’s hope people will stick around.

Stop turning what I am saying into a silly argument.

Free to play has lead to a massive surge in pilots flying smaller ship around low and in null sec. That is fact.

As I said, Eve Is changing, Embrace it, don’t resist it.

(Shai 'Hulud) #46

I honestly wouldn’t know where to begin with you. You’re all over the place with concrete, but wrong, assumptions and biases. How can everything be good? Do you have a single criticism of CCP and/or EVE?

(Daichi Yamato) #47

Ha ha.

Yes, thousands of players are now immune to wardecs and activity since is…down.

Funnily enough that’s what happened the last two times wardecs were nerfed. :thinking:

(EVGA Max) #48

Of course I do, there is a lot I don;t like, but there is ZERO point posting that here in this thread or on the general discussion board, so ill post it in the “ideas” section with what “i” think is a fix and then ask for feedback.

The correct way to do things. I am not all over the place, Eve is not, nor will it ever be “p2w” and Eve is changing, for the best, because it is going to get rid of… nvm, I will not let me temper get the better of me.

(EVGA Max) #49

You started your reply with “ha ha” - Troll.

My guess is you had alts in marmite etc and Enjoyed hunting down defenceless new players. You have also been the “ceo” in your current corp for 1 year, 11 months and 29 days.

Your corps description is, about you, major mistake, people will see that and go “wow thinks a lot of himself doesn’t he”. So remove the first part, the rest of it looks good, add a forum post in the rec section, arrange ops and perhaps you have will more fun ingame and spend less time, attacking people on these forums for imagine slights :slight_smile:

(Jorad Todako) #50

Ok, so it’s clear you have next to zero clue how FW mechanics work.

Let me put it straight then, at the current rate of alpha bot farming in FW, it’s plain impossible, in any realistic ammount of MANHOURS, to outperform it on the long term. Warzone control will always fall back to the shitter, no matter we do.

CCP bans the bot farms and a week later they’re back, by the 100s.

FW alliances do not have the number of dedicated actives to counter it, as it would take a coordinated effort every day of the week, 8hrs a day, by at least 40+ guys to pull a significant change, and then for how long and for what purpose exactly ? hmm ?

Bots are in endless supply, whereas human boredom and willpower from doing the same repetitive crap engagement, cleaning up and killing the same Atrons over and over, simply because CCP SCREWED UP in their introduction of Alphas into the game.

But by all means, do try to take your own advice and attempt to clean up FW from bot farms, and a welcome change from casually shooting at blobs on a saturday night…

(Daichi Yamato) #51

Laughing is trolling?

And now your trying to attack my character and make up stories of who i am…but I’m attacking you?

What happened to backing statements up with facts?

(EVGA Max) #52

Then I suggest, you stop complaining on the forums and do the following.

  1. Build your corp up so you can flood the systems with your members, therefore making it impossible to bot farm.
  2. Step up the patrols, get other officers to step up and help run things, keep gangs moving (you will deffo get into more fights this way with roving pilots)
  3. Step up and ill keep saying it, you wanted the WCS fixed, they fixed it, step up, step up and take the action, stop demanding ccp fix every little thing you do not like

Step up :slight_smile:

(Jorad Todako) #53

Which part of “current rate of alpha bot farming”, “realistic ammount of manhours”, and “number of available and willing players” did your peasized brain not understand ?

(EVGA Max) #54

Make up who you are?
Laughing is trolling?

Starting a post with a derisive “ha ha” is trolling, it is offensive.

I literally looked you up in-game, I can see who you are, i literally said “my guess” is that you had griefer alts. It was a “guess” not fact.

I am now going to stop responding to you, you are a troll and simply because your corp is dead, you have no one to speak to so you attack people on the forums. Thanks for the chats :slight_smile:

(Drago Shouna) #55

LMAO, are you being paid to post that, or are you really that naive?

Hell you might even be an employee for all we know, but you just blew any credibility you might have had.

(EVGA Max) #56

Step up, make a bigger corp, flood the systems, make the effort, step up

I will also not be responding to you either. Thanks for the chats.

(Jorad Todako) #57

You’re quite clueless.

At the very least go check on the warzone yourself, and lookup Ushrakan allliance while you’re at it.

(Daichi Yamato) #58

Guessing is still making it up. And you thought enough of it to make an ad hominem post about it. Now two.

There is no real information in what you’re talking about. If there is, please share.

I haven’t looked you up and I’m not making guesses about you. Everything in my posts to you are based upon what is contained within two threads. Apart from calling you naive, I’m not attacking or trolling.

You just don’t like that i can use reasoning to argue against your narrative.

(Sirran The Lunatic) #59

In all the years you’ve played, surely you’ve asked why the PVE mission loops are pretty much completely dull, uninteresting, and generally boring? Do you think CCP really lacks creativity? Do you think the “technology isn’t there to make good gameplay loops in PVE”? Why aren’t the “events” like guardian’s gala, that add (a marginal amount of) spice perpetual?

It’s always seemed pretty obvious to me that unless you won the lottery with titan/super BPs, PVE gameplay is either to a) drive motivated players towards killing other players for their isk or b) drive people toward the cash shop for plex. Try being in a large PVP corp like PL without a huge cash pump like BPOs - it sucks and you end up PLEXing if you don’t have the play time to stay competitive and maintain the required expensive fleet doctrines. It sucks.

Offering game currency for cash is arguably an evil that stops RMT to some degree. But it’s definitely in this case a method to encourage players to just pay cash and skip the grind. OR BOT. And yet the PVE missions persist despite other space sims doing PVE so much better.

We can easily assume ccp is being lazy in this arena on purpose for the cash. PearlAbyss could potentially be exacerbating this and making it more obvious now, and the attention is being drawn more so now than ever because of scrutiny from purported “money hungry” production studies (Re: PA, EA, et al).

Case in point: SKINs are overpriced. You think the “space barbie” scandal is behind us? They just low-key refocused their “space-barbie” efforts towards what players care about - ships. They still got those hooks in us in the end. SKINs used to be an interesting novelty to me, but I’ve stopped buying them because the price is outrageous and I’ve realized what I mentioned.

It’s like you said, turn up the heat slowly so the frog doesn’t notice. None of this would be as grating on my patience if we didn’t already pay a sub.

PS: I think the answer to the SKIN issue is a CCP-regulated player-generated SKIN shop - SKIN designs can be sold for isk on part of the NES store where players can get a small portion of profits - the better their skin is, the more they can make. It also keeps ships with penises plastered all over them from becoming a thing as they certainly fear.

(Zachri) #60

In EVE every ship is a penis, some even look like them. Skins with penises plastered on top would be like cancerous growth on top of the penis.