Idiot Player Please Ignore

(Chan'aar) #61

In general I agree with you but I think you are a little out with this

I believe the reasons the old missions are still in game are

  • The mission creation tools are so bad no-one wants to use them
  • PvE development is not being sexy enough for peoples CV’s
  • The whole null sec CSM “■■■■ PvE” mentality.

(Malango) #62

Look at companies like Activision. They made huge profits last year (billions). But they still fired 800 staff recently! It’s not longer ok for companies to make good money (billions), they have to make ALL the money, more and more each year. CCP is heading the same way. Companies with shareholders are F***ed. Because making good profits isn’t ok anymore. Hence the awful world of gaming we now live in. it’s not just enough to release a game anymore. It has to have lootboxes, day one DLC, skins, better weapons you can only purchase online, all that bullcrap. I was born in the 80s. back then i bought a game and I played it. That’s it. Gaming is screwed. Small developers are getting right thankfully. but ALL big publishers suck right now.

I was paying £20 per month for 2 accounts. 2 days ago I cancelled both accounts. If CCP want to treat Eve like to sh*tty F2P game. I’ll play it like a F2P game.

(Bjorn Tyrson) #63

Hate to break it to you. But Yes, this is just tinfoil hat conspiracy.
Plex prices have been on the rise since they where first introduced, and there has ALWAYS been a boogie man that people have tried to point to and say ccp is doing if intemtionally for… reasons. Sometimes it’s greed. Sometimes it’s because they “want to price out free players” for a while there it was because they where trying to push alpha clones as the new ftp.

Fact Is, plex prices rise due to simple inflation. And they are arguably the commodity most closely tied to total isk in the market.
Yes, ccp wants to promote plex sales, they are a business generating sales is literally their job. That’s why they make skins etc.
That does not however mean they are intentionally trying to manipulate the price. Even if they Tried and pushed plex higher than market forces dictate. Then players would stop buying them with isk. Which means anyone who DID buy plex with cash to try and take advantage of the bubble market wouldn’t be able to sell them.
Which would make the bubble burst and plex prices plummet, killing the sale of them for RL cash (assuming of course that ops theory is accurate.)

No, plex and other plex items are expensive because a large enough portion of the player base is willing to pay it. Not some nefarious scheme to try and generate sales (especially when even a 10% off sale is almost guaranteed to be more effective at it)

(EVGA Max) #64

Well I…

Screw it

“stands up and claps enthusiastically” YES SON YES!

(Shipwreck Jones) #65

You’re right, the forums tend to be rather… negative. But I think that has a lot to do with how we respond to things as gamers. If it’s good, we tend to stay in game, and if it’s mediocre, it’s mostly going to draw apathy or ambivalence. It’s when it’s bad that we stop what we’re doing on take our feelings to the forums (or other outlets).

Personally, I try to be constructive. I try to be understanding of design decisions that appeal to different types of players, or that improve the company’s bottom line. But, I could probably do a better job as well. After all, I still have a tendency to only pipe up when I don’t like something -like, I doubt I’ve ever made a post where I’ve said that I liked something, and there’s plenty I like about Eve.

Anyway, I’m going to keep reading comments, and give all of this some thought. And hopefully that will help me to shape my responses into something more beneficial to discussions and the state of the game. I doubt CCP gives a damn what I think, but I believe that they care what “we” think.

(EVGA Max) #66

Of course they care, if you put it into terms that they can respect
In the right forums
Without contempt
Without anger

Believe me, I know this :slight_smile:

(Brisc Rubal) #67

PA had nothing to do with any of this. These conspiracy theories are tiresome.

(EVGA Max) #68

Regardless of “tiresome” (ignores the csm title) people are entitled to an opinion, no matter how silly it is, however it does tend to spawn these thread noughts.

The issue is, CCP has not shown any evidence to discredit this, if they did this kinda rubbish would disappear very quickly as would the trolls :stuck_out_tongue:

(Brisc Rubal) #69

This isn’t an opinion - it’s a claim.

The claim’s wrong.

(Marcus Luttrell Khan) #70

While I understand where you’re coming from, this is a logical step for a company that has slowly but steadily lost players over time. They need to make money to pay their people just the same (if not more due to cost of living increases over time) as they always have. I’m not even sure CCP is to blame for the increase in the cost of pilot services. There have been way less sales in the past several months than there used to be, sure. However, the isk faucets in all sectors of space are the likely reason for this. This comes down to correlation versus causation.

(EVGA Max) #71

Which is his opinion, In his opinion, he is making a claim that CCP is fleecing the player base, we know this to be false, as a member of the CSM I suggest you try to be more diplomatic with your responses.

His opinion is such this is what CCP is his doing so he has decided to make a claim, which is based off his opinion.

(Brisc Rubal) #72

He is claiming that something is happening that is not happening. That’s not an opinion. So the fact that this is wrong tends to discredit the rest of the argument he makes based off this claim.

This was pretty diplomatic. I could have simply written “everything this guy said is ■■■■■■■■,” after all. I didn’t. I simply said he was wrong.

(EVGA Max) #73

“in my opinion I believe that CCP games is fleecing its playerbase” - The video was the “claim” - The post is his opinion.

You know it’s wrong, I know it’s wrong, he believes otherwise.

But then Santa drops presents down the chimney at xmas dontcha know?

(Tipa Riot) #74

How do you know, you are not an CCP or PA employee? It’s your opinion as well.

(Brisc Rubal) #75

Because I’ve literally asked CCP about it, and because I’ve been interacting daily with the Devs for months, including before and after the PA deal, and I have seen no changes.

(Captain C0ld) #76

This thread is starting to look like the "Did we land on the Moon or not? Neither side has evidence. Even the CSM has no idea what happens behind closed doors, yet most people are convinced they are right.

OP however said, he hopes that his statement is not true, but he has raised his concerns.

(EVGA Max) #77

So the Devs, tell u everything going on at CCP headquarters? IS what your implying?

(EVGA Max) #78

You just described every thread on this board haha

(Brisc Rubal) #79

I didn’t imply that. I said, on this issue, I have specifically asked this question - I literally asked it last night. And I have seen nothing that leads me to believe that PA has been handing down orders from on high that is causing specific game changes like this guy is alleging.

(EVGA Max) #80

Then unless u can provide proof i.e a text log, you responses are like his post, your opinion, I can claim to have spoken to Jesus last night, doesn’t make it true.

Provide proof, not statements