Idiot Player Please Ignore

(Brisc Rubal) #81

LOL, ok.

(EVGA Max) #82

I shall await your proof with the keenest anticipation.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #83

Jesus wept, you’re an idiot.

(Sirran The Lunatic) #84

I think you’re right, I was tin-foil-hatting a bit too much in that assumption. Your points are more likely to be the culprit of the terrible pve. EVE is pvp-centric, so I can see it being largely ignored in favor of the things that make the game famous (pvp, large and small scale).

I hadn’t thought of the dev tools. Has that ever been asked at a Fan Fest? As in, a player asking devs directly if their dev tools for certain aspects of the game (re: pve) have completely lagged?

I do still stand by my statement that ■■■■ pve is driving plex sales and “why screw with a cash cow” kind of mentality. I would urge ccp to make that change and do the right thing, it’d win over a lot of <3s.

(EVGA Max) #85

Okay dude, I bow to superior talent.

Another person I will NEVER respond to.

(Brisc Rubal) #86

You’re just going to have to take my word for it.

(EVGA Max) #87

I don’t trust the CSM at all, Human nature being what it is so no, if you claim his “opinion” is false and u know this for a “fact” then i suggest you provide proof or retract your earlier statement ?

(Brisc Rubal) #88

You don’t have to trust the CSM to accept at face value what I am telling you. If what this guy is claiming is accurate, I would say that. I am saying it isn’t, because it’s not. You want proof, and I can’t give you proof because my specific conversations with people are NDAed, and I’m not wearing a wire every time I talk with folks.

So, you can take the guessing and conspiracy theories of a guy with no inside information, or somebody who has been talking to folks and was there when they announced the sale.

(Captain C0ld) #89

So you expect CCP would tell you “Yes, we made a deal with PA, but we are keeping the community in the dark, because you know, Jita riots and all that…”
Not saying they did that, just giving you an example how all this looks, saying being close to them make you right.

You sound like a CIA clerk, who believes they tell him everything.

(EVGA Max) #90

OH I am with u, Ofc we know this is not true, but without proof we are simply guessing.

(Brisc Rubal) #91

I would expect that if PA was meddling in the game, that some of the Devs would resent this, and they would have no problems telling us over beers that all of the missteps that the game has made were somebody else’s fault.

CCP isn’t some monolith. The devs are people, and that’s who we talk to and have relationships with. I wouldn’t come here and sat “PA is not meddling” if I had ever heard anybody say that PA is meddling.

(Helena Gudwin) #92

well done, you completely missed every nuanced point he made. Well done for being a hero!!!

(EVGA Max) #93

No but with your comments, you sound like a MI5 spy holding onto state secrets “i know this to be un-true but i can’t tell you how I know” As I said, you kinda need to think about what you say, being CSM and all that :slight_smile:

(Brisc Rubal) #94

The NDA is the NDA. Sorry. Like I said, you can either take the assumptions of a guy who made a video but has no real information besides supposition at face value, or you can take my word, knowing that I talk to the Devs every day, I literally asked them this question last night, I’m sitting in Iceland right now, and I’m accountable to voters for what I say.

It’s up to you to decide who is more credible.

(Zachri) #95

While the video data is flawed and partially a stretch, he’s not wrong. It’s how simple changes in foundation concepts result in product level targets without that level needing to be aware of the actual goals. He’s a tad over the edge on details, but the observed pattern is correct, more importantly, straight out of the textbook.

@Brisc_Rubal You’re asking the right questions but you’re asking the wrong level. I’m sure you can think of an alternate approach to the product level to distill an analysis from their answers to different questions, but I’m unconvinced that such an approach would be within the scope of CSM’s mandate or its position. Quite possibly that’s a consideration to make before taking any further step.

Keep in mind however, there’s ample history of actual decision points entering the mix but providing incorrect / incomplete statements determined by strategy directives (managing the CSM as a construct is marketing after all). It’ll be interesting to see for players what pops up once a few people’s NDA’s start expiring.

That said, I do believe that any tangible answer to questions with sufficient pressure would take CSM back to CCP’s perception issue of stakeholder concepts, as such any such “clear” answer - if it magically become possible for product level to provide such - would by default be under NDA.

Do a litte concept test with something innocent. Say, demographics metrics. What is focal in tracking & accountancy, accounts or humans? :slight_smile:

Also, don’t forget, you’re part of a controlled messaging dynamic, that imposes behavioural bias limitations. Perfectly human, but it is rare to see CSM members punch through this, the last one being Ripard Teg / Jester’s Trek.

Heh, out of Hilmar’s directives - watch what they do, not what they say.


(EVGA Max) #96

Oh I’d rather take your word of course but yeh, spy stuff :stuck_out_tongue:

(Tipa Riot) #97

What I (and probably others) would like to know the most is, how does this recent disconnect between CCP/developers and the EvE community come?

(Zachri) #98

What disconnect? CCP’s more careful and deliberate in tracking and measuring than ever, in spite of its employee / resource volume still going down.

(Tipa Riot) #99

This is maybe the answer, vets go, early talents with no EvE knowledge and marketing guys take over. Hilmar is rich now, this will have influence on his passions.

(Nicolai Serkanner) #100

LOL … accountable to eve online voters! LOL!