[IKAME] Semiki investigative work

(Makoto Priano) #41

You have my thanks for the contribution, Ms. Blackfire! The Zainou liaison center is currently operating as a freeport. Contributions at this time should likely be contracted to me for the sake of our accounting. We’ll be relocating the assets to an appropriate research facility as we receive them.

Edit: I should add, though, that we are also ferrying materials from major trade hubs and other locations, so you don’t necessarily need to traverse to the pocket. Again, thanks!

(Valerie Valate) #42

Why are people mentioning the Triglavians in connection to this incident ?

Is this a Triglavian Meme Worm Rampage ?

(Kuba Ganowski) #43

Yes, it is

(Bataav) #44

At this stage it looks like the authorities are reluctant to disregard any potential lines of enquiry.

I and others in the IPI are concerned that Aliastra employees continue to suffer, with potentially life changing concequences.

Having spoken with Teutonii, CEO of Viriette MicroLabs, and in light of yesterday’s request for additional resources to support the investigations, V-ML released a significant quantity of Drone Cerebral Fragments. I’m pleased to confirm they arrived in Semiki this morning.

As recommended, these have been transferred to the IKAME Zainou Liaison Centre in system, pending clearance for further distribution.

Our hope is that they will be of use in establishing and implementing a solution for Aliastra personnel in the very near future.

(Maira Blackfire) #45

I like to oversee these things myself lately, after the incident on one of my own stations last week I feel a bit safer doing so.
I have also come to offer my own knowledge of drones, along with what little I have gathered about triglavian technology, should you need it.

(Rhoxy Runekin) #46

With Directrix Aspenstar’s confirmation, I would like to offer not only my own labratory’s stockpile of Triglavian data, but also my personal experience and methods to further this project. I’ve studied rogue drone behavior and potential societal structure in the past. God willing, I may be able to offer some insight to this project.

Working with IKAME in the past has been a joy, and the facilities are all very top notch. My only real complaint was a lack of variety in the cafeteria. The staff were all kind and accommodating, but some of us cannot subsist on Caldari cuisine alone.

(Makoto Priano) #47

My thanks to those pilots who’ve responded to the call for support so far! At present, IKAME has requested the assistance of SFRIM and Signal Cartel, and is reaching out to PNS in case of expanding security concerns. While IKAME will likely continue to take the lead to prevent issues with State security forces, this is now more properly an ARC operation. We’re inventorying and liaising with Zainou Biotech personnel as needed, in the meantime. Laboratory facilities are currently active aboard both the Zainou and Aliastra liaison facilities, and depending on needs and transmission risks we may set up additionally, further isolated hot lab facilities, though our experience with emergent infowar constructs is such that I am currently confident in the containment capabilities of our existing labs.

I would also like to thank Mako Koskanaiken for the first material delivery from Signal Cartel.

Suresha Bataav; you’ll have to relay my thanks for the initial contribution from Viriette Microlabs! At this stage, that stands as our largest donation of rogue drone cerebral components, though it’s early days yet.

Ms. Blackfire; absolutely understood on wanting to maintain oversight. The first step remains the Zainou liaison facility, as you know; we’ll then work on ensuring involvement in the process, though I’ll admit I’d assumed you’d want to participate in the general research pool.

Ms. Runekin; this is much appreciated! Whatever insight you’re able to provide will be useful, I’m sure. Oh, and on the cafeterias? You miiight find the concourses on the Aliastra liaison platform a bit more to your taste…? Though I suspect you’ll find the security procedures for Interbus transit in the system a bit more intrusive than normal, so… well, I can make no promises.

[SICH Press Conference] YC:27/1/121 Alillere IV - Aliastra Retail Center, SICH offices. Semiki Situation
(Shiran Mazaki) #48

Yes let’s involve our Sansha and Cartel colleagues as soon as Ishukone lets us into the room to take a peek. Seems like a logical course of action after they painstakingly vetted members of your team.

(Makoto Priano) #49

What matters more? Clutching pearls, or saving the lives of Aliastra and Zainou personnel who are suffering the effects of progressive implant corruption?

In any case, thank you for your input on the matter.

(Shiran Mazaki) #50

I’m surprised, I was at least expecting some kind of denial.

(Makoto Priano) #51

Mazaki, I’ve got more important things to deal with than to honor your indignation with a comprehensive reply.

So, please. Either help or leave the work to us.

(Shiran Mazaki) #52

How practical of you.

(Makoto Priano) #53

As I’ve said elsewhere, a little bit of Practicality has helped get things done.

Just a little bit, though.

(Nomistrav) #54

You painstakingly vetted Consortium colleagues, but couldn’t be bothered to review your own confidentiality agreement upon request after being presented evidence of potential tampering. That makes the second time my attempts to broker co-operation - though unofficial as they may be - have been overlooked.

It seems to me that you worked just enough with which to bank a later argument and went no further, but now that things are escalating you’re turning the criticism onto the Consortium. Surely that isn’t the case? It is not too late to work together for the greater good.

(Julianni Avala) #55

I’ve requested I-RED personnel to cease posting in this thread. Enough has been said to paint a clear picture of matters.

We will be in touch in an official and private capacity in the future.

(Literia) #56

I am curious as to whose loyalties you are proclaiming that you know? Colour me curious.

(Makoto Priano) #57


A small matter. I’ve sent a request to certain State authorities requesting that they address a small security matter in the Semiki system. Without going into detail on this matter, please do note that this request does not concern HECON, I-RED, PNS, CRUX-, or IPI.

(Maira Blackfire) #58

Im sure you would know best where to put me at work

(Makoto Priano) #59

I’d like to make a public note thanking Ms. Blackfire for a material contribution to the investigation, and also that I’ve asked her to focus on abstract research into the integration of rogue drone and Triglavian code, to facilitate the more applied (and understandably restricted, contained) research into the code currently deployed in Semiki.

(Avio Yaken) #60

The link this virus outbreak has to the rogue drones is a disturbing one, so much so that a little action felt necessary. Not like it’s much of a hassle, scraping a few deviants i something i’d happily due for free - which is exactly what I’ve done. With a detachment of De-bug personnel of the Myrskytuuli Regiment, I’ve tracked down several infestations in low security space and several hives in the drone lands - stepped in and scrapped the defenders and pulled what we could from any of these so called “Sentients”.

The list of materials goes as follow

352 vials of Drone Capillary Fluid
421 x Drone Cerebral Fragments
41 x Drone Coronary Units
243 x Drone Synaptic Relay wiring
283 x Drone Tactical Limbs
12x Elite Drone AI units
And a singular “Sentient” Remote Sensor Booster

All of these materials will be handed over to @Makoto_Priano free of charge via a legal SCC contract, as i mentioned - would do it for free. The sensor booster was a rather surprising piece of tech we managed to salvage intact, given the rare chance of these modules surviving intact, figured it be a nice bonus for the investigators to work with, even if it serves no real relevance to the investigation. Even if this investigation goes no where, i at least i got to stomp out a few hives.