[IKAME] Semiki investigative work

(DutchGunner) #61

I wish to contribute to finding a solution to this crisis. As my talents do not lie within the fields of research, I will assist by providing trinary datastreams.

125x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AEA1
152x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AEA2
152x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AEA3
134x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN1
144x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN2
138x Triglavian Trinary Datastream AFN3
115x Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV1
144x Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV2
159x Triglavian Trinary Datastream DAV3
145x Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN1
142x Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN2
154x Triglavian Trinary Datastream HFN3

These trinary datastreams have been contracted to Makoto Priano and can be collected at the Aliastra Liaison Center in Semiki. They are free of charge.

(Makoto Priano) #62

You’ve my thanks for the contribution, Yaken-haan! It’s a notable contribution of rogue drone components, and doubly appreciated as some of the components are freshly-recovered.

Likewise, DutchGunner, that’s a remarkable stockpile of trinary data! You contribution has been logged, and we’ll be turning it over to investigators as soon as possible. Again, you have my thanks for contributing to this work, and indeed for your long history of contribution to cluster crises; it’s always wonderful to see you active.

Additionally, addressing the IGS; as some of you have already heard, the timeline for the transfer of materiel has been accelerated. We’ve put out final calls for materials via our internal communications, and ARC is pleased to report that its many partners and associates have answered the call with remarkable speed. We’ll hold off on providing a final inventory until transfers are complete.

I’d also like to list out contributions by a number of parties. Aneko Cavin-Guang with North Khanid Traders contributed a small selection of rogue drone materials; likewise, we’ve received the contributions from Avio Yaken and DutchGunner, along with contributions by an anonymous party (you know who you are, and I wish you’d let me thank you properly some time!), a material contribution of piloting labor by Counselor Mallow, and a contribution of assorted rogue drone components and trinary samples from Khaprice Heska.

I’d also like to thank Aradina Varren of Phoenix Naval Systems for her considerable assistance with our acquisition efforts, along with the work of other PNS pilots.

(Makoto Priano) #63


An update on acquisition efforts. At this point, I think we’ve done what we can to provide a suitable supply of samples on short order, ranging from an array of drone materials, nexus chips, and drone AIs of both Rogue Drone and Sleeper origin, along with a frankly impressive stockpile of Triglavian trinary samples.

At this time, our trinary stockpile has crossed twenty thousand individual samples, with some late arrivals pushing it over the edge.

At this point, I’d like to extend my thanks to, again, DutchGunner for providing another batch of TTDSs; Eratos Thellere of Signal Cartel for assorted exploration materials; Pris Naari for an elite drone AI sample; Nomistrav for a sizeable TTDS contribution; Aria Jenneth for her contribution of TTDSs; and, for better or worse, Annisir Kaugan’s maddeningly large contribution of TTDSs, which outstripped DutchGunner’s in size. And, as always, Parious Mehoff has my considerable thanks for his work both securing additional TTDSs, providing for logistics in the pocket, and generally keeping me from, uh, censuring our accountancy department unduly when they express dismay at IKAME’s recent expenditures.

As always, apologies if I’ve missed anyone! I’ve done my best to log contributions as they come in, and will be relaying inventories to the Watch for processing.

(Oveg Drust) #68

By special directive of the CONCORD Inner Circle, I must inform you that such a major stockpile of artefacts represents a serious risk of an Emergent Threat Case Red Gamma incident involving CRG.A or CRG.B entities. The containment challenges posed by a class A, class B or even a class AB incident are extremely grave.

By the terms of the directive’s sealed codicils I, II and III, and on my authority as ranking SARO officer on the Case Red Gamma Taskforce, I hereby order you to turn over this stockpile to CONCORD’s authority and safekeeping. Shipment of the materials to Mastakomon XI - Moon 2 - DED Assembly Plant and contract to my custody to be undertaken within 5 standard days NEST.

Under the governing directive of the Case Red Gamma Taskforce there is no appeal from this order under the lawful jurisdiction of the Yulai Convention.

Captain Oveg Drust
SARO Command Liaison,
Case Red Gamma Taskforce

[RAZSU] Zaibatsu Associated News Institute hub
[Compilation+Speculation] The Lore of the Drifters - and their Other possible identity ∰
New Eden Heute - Weltnachrichten
Operational: Ending Life on Pator IV...with Triglavian Trinary Datastreams
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Announcement: Triglavian Trinary Datastream Weaponization Citadel Operational
(Valerie Valate) #69


(Sah Phyre) #70

Dammit, one minute too late to wonder when would Valate comment on her favorite CONCORD representative’s newest heinous actions.

(Makoto Priano) #71

Captain @Oveg_Drust; thank you for your request. I’ve relayed it to our coordination group for consideration and handling.

May I also ask what thresholds are considered dangerous for recovered Drifter constructs?

In service,
Makoto Priano

postscript; signing, because it seemed the thing to do in an official address.

(Valerie Valate) #72

I was sanctioned for not handing over 1 glowy doodad.

If Makoto doesn’t hand over twenty thousand glowy doodads, then Oveg Drust has to impose a penalty twenty thousand times as vast.

Fair’s fair, no ?

Also, Makoto, if you do decide to hand them over, then, perhaps you should consider hiring PNS as security escorts for the transports. Wouldn’t want any… unfortunate accidents… to occur, would you ?

(Rhoxy Runekin) #73

I have yet another couple hundred samples not yet moved from our lab to IKAME’s, should I halt this transfer? and I still have a few teams out in the field still gathering yet more.

Please advise?

Do these samples need to be kept at any known distance from Drifter elements? I’ve documented no visible reactions as of yet.

(Makoto Priano) #74

Like when Mr. Drust authorized a boarding operation of a PNS transport to seize the corpse of that fancifully-named would-be terrorist?

(Jev North) #75

Oh, I like you.

(Valerie Valate) #76


(Valerie Valate) #77

If it’s more than 12 glowy doodads in one place, then Oveg Drust has a… problem looming in Yulai.

(Akrasjel Lanate) #78

Nice plot twist.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #79

Now what might A, B, and AB refer to in the context of CRG? The fairest assumption in my mind would place Drifters as A, Triglavians as B, and a simultaneous appearance of the lot as AB.

Stockpiling Triglavian datastreams which have only been observed to be records at this point being apparently “dangerous” - that certainly implies that Concord is veiling some potentially important secrets concerning the nature of these very easily collectible gleanings.

(Julianni Avala) #80

While I-RED and ARC have had some differences recently, we would like to hope that we still align to the idea of keeping the cluster, and more specifically the State, safe from incursion of outside entities.

That said, we highly advise complying with CONCORD’s order.

We at I-RED will be turning over the little amount we have collected.

[I-RED] Public Release: Semiki Internal Watch Deployment
[GMVA] Petition to Head of the Senate, Federated Union of Gallente Prime, RE: SEMIKI
(Annisir Kaugan) #81

I’ve been using them as furniture I had so many. Not done me any harm.

(Lucas Raholan) #82

Due to past differences between myself and CONCORD, In particular the DED I feel obligated to tell Oveg to shove it up his behind and piss off.

this is the personal view of Lord Raholan and does not represent the opinion of SFRIM, Khimi Harar or associates

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #83

I feel that the Astromancer event shouldn’t be forgotten with all of this - under what was likely disguised as timebase research, CONCORD succeeded in some doings that may have led to their capture of the Triglavian cruiser Drust himself took in.

The most important part there is the Astromancer himself, who was in possession of a trinary datastream relic - given the warnings so far concerning “suborning” (or Sobornost, considering the Triglavians?) might he have been acting on the behalf of those who wouldn’t want their ship to be captured?

Additionally, the Drifter vessel that appeared that day did nothing but observe - perhaps that observer didn’t disagree with what was done that day.

(Valerie Valate) #84

Well, in a FORTUITOUS turn of events, that particular relic is indeed available for study.