[IKAME] Semiki investigative work

(DutchGunner) #85

Our goal is to help find a solution to this crisis, not to create another and bigger one.
We should not put the system of Semiki or the cluster at large at risk. I have offered my help in moving them to the provided location.
Having said that, I do not think we should abondon the crisis in Semiki and I have begun collecting requested materials again for finding the solution in Semiki.

Camptain Drust, as a CONCORD loyalist I do would like to request additional information with regard to what amount of these artefacts is considered to be safe. That way we can transport the now impounded stockpile safely to Mastakomon without causing undue risk in transit and after handing it over.
It will also allow us to provide the safe amount of materials to help find a solution to the Semiki crisis.

With regard,

(Valerie Valate) #86

The thing is, that now that @Oveg_Drust has revealed that collecting many of these things in one place is Dangerous™, then, I predict that several malcontent capsuleers, (i.e. Vlad Cetes), will collect as many of them in one place as they can, in morbid curiosity to see what happens next.

(Rhoxy Runekin) #87

Some would say the sciences are a morbid curiosity of the universe.

(Literia) #88

Mister Drust,

Perhaps trying to discuss it with people before making demands of people that don’t know you. Just because you have a flashy badge to shine doesn’t make it so that people will automatically comply with you. Some of us still remember how corrupt CONCORD is.

Literia Khammael

(Alex Hinkelmann) #89

As much as we capsuleers may feel we’re above the law in all regards, it’s an incorrect assumption. We are beholden to CONCORD.

Acting against their wishes is a criminal act as it’s been proven in the past, no matter how much we view it as an overreach of power. That’s just how it is and loyalists should strive to remain within the regulation imposed on us, as they’re in place for good reasons.

(Uriel Paradisi Anteovnuecci) #90

Given the rising inception of Triglavian data, I figure this may be a good time to add our script sheet to this post as a reference, should anything come of it:

(Aria Jenneth) #91

So … Cpt. Drust? Those were a lot of code names.

I’m assuming that it’s not a problem for us to know those code names, because you’ve now published them. I guess it’s probably a problem to detail what they involve or exactly how they’re triggered.

Respectfully, would it be possible for ARC to comply with your order by dividing the cache into a suitable number of separate locations, perhaps to be communicated privately?

Also, is there a number you would be comfortable with declaring for a size you’d consider unacceptably large?

Although … “emergent threat” cases involving two different potential types of entities … hm. You’re afraid the Drifters (or Triglavians? probably not-- they’ve got all the trinary data they could want) are going to launch a raid to recover them, aren’t you?

Entity categorization is very similar-- CRG-- “Case Red Gamma”-- A and B … could be Artemis and Apollo … “AB,” though? Hikanta? Arithmos?

… though “containment challenges” … well … it’s hard to “contain” a Drifter “death ball” if it’s not already badly weakened …

What if the problem’s from the stockpile itself, though? Hm.

Maybe you can’t give a specific number because the true critical mass isn’t known, or else because it’s whatever’s “big enough to get attention”?


(Vlad Cetes) #92

I offer to pay market price for said commodities if they will keep them out of the hands of this blowhard.

(Arrendis) #93

You know you’re just making me consider building up a larger stockpile in the 1dq keepstar to see just what you jokers will do to try to enforce that ridiculous rule, right?

(Aria Jenneth) #94

Uh. Arrendis? We don’t actually know how ridiculous it is.

“Surrender it all!” isn’t rare as a CONCORD demand, but it feels a little panicky here. I’m wondering whether Cpt. Drust was supposed to explain even as much as he did.

("… even a class AB …" it sounds smaller. Oh! He could be talking about a Drifter cruiser incursion?)

(Or maybe it’s Class A - full Drifter Incursion; Class B - Drifter “death ball” raiding fleet; Class AB … um. Only he talks about them as entities, not fleets. Hm.)

Anyway, it might or might not be ridiculous. We know CONCORD doesn’t tell us everything, but that doesn’t mean they’re foolish to hide some or even a lot of things. It might even be they’ve been foolish to say as much as they have.

(Makoto Priano) #95

Honestly, my current interpretation of A. B, AB, is that it’s either Drifter, Triglavian, Drifter-and-Triglavian, or Triglavian, Rogue Drone, and Triglavian-and-Rogue-Drone.

Of course, this is all supposition, and beside the point.

(Aria Jenneth) #96

Well … I can’t really see the Triglavians just wanting all this stuff back considering how badly they seem to have wanted us to have it.

Now, if the stockpile ITSELF is the problem … the threat origin’s probably Triglavian. Like if that implant virus gets into the stockpile and promptly networks it into a massive factory for modifying and spreading itself and basically taking over the world?

(Arrendis) #97

If the stockpile itself is the problem, the threat is CONCORD.

And really, if the stockpile itself isn’t the problem, the threat is still CONCORD.

(Aria Jenneth) #98

If you get us all killed because somebody listens to you, Arrendis, my ghost is going to kick your ghost in the shins.

(Vlad Cetes) #99

All the more reason to keep it out of Angry CONCORD Man™’s hands.

(Arrendis) #100

If they don’t want to be considered the active threat in this scenario, they shouldn’t go making threats.

(Jason Galente) #101

This guy isn’t going to explain anything. CONCORD makes demands, not explanations. Until they give an explanation, I would suggest moving these things to Anoikis, tightening your security, and telling CONCORD they need to learn some damn manners, and convince you it’s in the cluster’s best interest to turn them over, at an above market price, since they are so personally concerned.

Until they do, I’d rather they be in Makoto’s hands than theirs.

I have a pilot, my brother, in fact, qualified to fly a Deep Space Transport, but I’d have to buy one, and with these sorts of things, you should trust nobody but yourself, and perhaps family. That said, Makoto, if you do choose to trust Christophe and I, cover the costs of an Impel and an appropriate fitting, and give me appropriate intel, and I’ll move them for free.

(Aria Jenneth) #102

Look close, Arrendis. You’ll see a lot of code-word hand-wringing, in which he might have said more than he meant to, and an order. Also a “that’s final.”

That’s pretty much it. Any threat’s purely implicit. So far.

(Vlad Cetes) #103

Jump freighter. Keep them from attempting to board you at a gate. Fortunately I have an associate that flies one (and owns it) and PLENTY of areas to hide them.

(Jason Galente) #104

A Jump Freighter cannot take them outside the jurisdiction of CONCORD.