Increase CONCORD Response Time at non-Gate/non-Station locations

Wardec used to be a deterrent to large bot/multi-boxer fleets in high sec.

With the wardec changes these fleets now run in complete safety.

Suicide gank is the only remaining deterrent however it is hardly practical given the tank on a fleet of Orcas.

The CONCORD response needs to be reduced to make ganking bot fleets practical.


So… law of unintended consequences here.
You want this to combat orcas, but who it actually hurts is everyone else. Because gankers will go for the softest target. Not the hardest.

Also, if someone is a bot fleet, report them and they’ll get banned. If they aren’t then they clearly are a multiboxer.
I mean if gankers can manage 15 catalysts miners sure can manage 15 orcas.
And multiboxing isn’t against the rules and shouldn’t be magically penalised.

Still, let’s see the maths and stats, how much are these orcas pulling in isk/hr to make them such an issue.

Bot fleets should be reported and banned.

First 100% safety with no counter being removed is hardly a magical penalty and second they can always, you know, ALIGN AND WARP???

Maybe take a tiny bit of responsibility for their survival?

Flying a high tank ship fitted for tank is taking responsibility for their survival.
And they aren’t 100% safe, they can be ganked.
Maybe take a tiny bit of responsibility for organising a gank.

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Fighting bots by hurting primarily other people. Typical CCP way to develop.

Really, exactly how many suicide ships does it take, 10? 20? 30?

Versus ONE afk ship.

That’s balance.

Or they could just nerf the Orca and Rorq directly?

Or like null, they could just pull resources.

At least in this case miners who are actually playing the game lose nothing.

Yeah… Because you can warp an orca before the gank fleet lands on their neutral warp in…
Oh wait you can’t.
Everyone but the people you want to hit gets hurt by this. And they don’t get hurt. Of course a heavily tanked capital ship is going to take a fleet to suicide gank it. And increasing the timer by a few seconds isn’t going to significantly affect that.

Back in the day you kept miner alts in NPC corp, and have a private channel to co-ordinate. This would just result in a nerf to highsec for no reason, for that I disapprove.


If you don’t have skills that is not a game design issue, learn to fit, align and single cycle AB or MWD.

Nope, um Nope and were did I put it, oh yeh, NO

If you want to blow ■■■■ up that badly, go to null/low/wh

Stop harassing new players

I found the ‘think of the children’ guy.

As for the idea, a generally slower response time for concord in all areas would be nice. The orca however just needs a simple yield nerf that’s all.

A structure HP nerf on the Orca would be very appropriate. Once the DCU goes on that thing, it becomes almost indestructible. Especially since the only reason to gank them is on principle.

The orca is already lower yield than all the barges if they are boosted, and lower than the exhumer even before boosts.
If you push it lower it starts being a non contributor to mining operations which is contrary to the intent of the change.

Yield is measured over time and because the Orcas tank is so large, and the ore transfers directly to a huge hold people can literally mine AFK.

Since they are AFK time doesn’t matter and neither does the yield.

Another option would be to have to ore go to the regular hold and force the player to move it to the ore hold. This would be nothing for normal miners who are used to doing this with a hauler.

They still have to retarget regularly. And if they are afk there are plenty of npc risks now as well.

There is no reason to magically force orcas to use a different mining mechanic than everyone else.

Wait, you think this is theory? Have you logged in recently? AFK Orcas is a thing.

I’m familiar with Orca fleets. I do however think you vastly overstate how afk they are. And the more afk they are the less efficient they are as well. Which means they are trading things off for that sort of afk ability, including vastly increased npc risk.

Not to mention yet again that increasing concord times will not impact on orcas because there are still easier targets to gank worth more. Which means this is simply about getting easy gank targets.

P.S. Gankers have told targets for years to just fly something with tank… Now they do the gankers complain it’s too hard to gank… go figure.


The intent of the change, since you brought it up, was for orcas to help with mining, not REPLACE barges altogether.

They can still contribute with a lower yield than they have now. It’s not as all or nothing as you’re trying to make out.

Regularly as in every few hours?