You only get payout for 10 people.

Emerging Filaments pay ok for 3 of if you’re new.

wtf is an emerging filament???

I think its that thing that sticks out when you have a tapeworm?

Oh wait

Do we have data on NGA’s success rate against TDF yet?

Being nosy :slight_smile:

Tacos are good.

Bit late but NGA was destroying us in tcrc contests for a while but we countered their mainly CQC fleet with our own mainly CQC fleets. Now you will see 20 vindicators cruising through sites from us, winning most contests. We do not win all contests tho.

What Citizen said. NGA vs TDF is mostly dependant on how many newbros TDF has in fleet at that time.

If only WTM would inplement the : You shall upgrade your hyperion to an actual ship, incursions would benefit so much
You would have 3 groups able to contest and win, it would be more of a fight…

They’d clear sites faster so we’d have to take a lot less TPPH’s too :stuck_out_tongue: