Please add “in my oppinion” you are not God. I also would love to know how much it cost a product that I buy. The difference between you and me is that I speak real life you not. I am about to say that CCP should eliminate PLEX, I prefer to know how much does a product cost. Straight and simple.

What if, giant alliances just paid you to fend off invaders instead of the machine paying you?

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And how do you propose that content is delivered in a reasonable time frame? Through a PVE mechanic of a PVP mechanic? Eg PVE Invaders? Sure thing, but to say that some giant alliance is going to pay anyone outside of the umbrella anything is a bit short sighted of giant alliance financial mechanics. You don’t get rich by writing cheques to others.

easily the worst game update, I hate CCP now seriously

someone ask the minmatar if we can borrow their fleet.

we need to blow up whatever station CCP is in.

An endless ISK supply ( Incursions ) was never going to be sustainable. And that is before the ISK to PLEX transactions came in.

I am a subscription kinda guy.


If the ships get too pricey etc, due to Null being nerfed, then it’s gonna get real hard to push ultra-tight doctrines.

I get the need for this economic lever, but… The only winners in the Incursion & Null nerfs are the wormholes ( who now have mega safety as well as great loot ).

High Sec gives protection, so some restriction in ISK supply makes sense.

Null cannot defensively roll gates, or dodge hot-drops, and now we are poorer.

WH’s are laughing.

Who started the lobby that led to these decisions? Because I think that it was a bad one. Null needed a little less loot, and it would have been fixed. Incursions needed a little less ISK, and it would have been fixed. Both Nerfs feel like over-kill.

WH’s? Crawling with loot, and STILL very defendable.

The balance is out captain!


You have seen the Economic Reports right? Where null sec ratting bounty’s dwarf Incursion rewards?


They are nerfing Null too.

Null is overkill, but the ISK sistern that is Incursions was bound to get attention sooner or later.

People in the Incursion community ridicule me, because apparently I’m not smart enough etc. Or I’m crazy. But…

Split your fleet, & hammer the VG’s & Assaults too. Farm the hell out of it.

It’s what we do in Null & Low-Sec.

Please increase to two at least. Incursions are becoming over crowed to a point where not everyone that wants to play this aspect of the game have the opportunity.

Typical CCP style motivation. If no one wants to do something, nerf everything else.


not the best business strategy : )

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I just found out a few days ago about incursions and I enjoyed it a lot and now I learn that I could be playing right now if we still had 3 spawns. Instead of being here waiting for the single one to spawn again, which is already late in schedule. WTF CCP want me to unsub? With these prices and loss of content I’m having no incentive to stay subbed.



Yup. This stifles game-play. You have to compete, so the chilled out crowd get no fun.


Use the VG’s & Assaults. If you’re part of the chilled out crowd then you won’t get the biggest ISK anyway, so VG’s & Assaults will work fine.


Game Balance:

The combination of the Leshak & Nestor in Armor is a big issue. Game balance is lost.

Shield fleets need a response to this.

I’m hoping the Drifters will drop something mysterious that helps Shield Fleets I have to say.

The funny thing about this is that CCP affected WTM very heavily, yes, they ■■■■■■ WTM right in the ass, WTM is a newbro group and so they don’t win many contests. Meaning they are crammed into the system with us. They can’t access better sites because they have to compete with other groups. By confining all groups into 1 system CCP killed the newbros. The players CCP wanted to force out of incursions just ended up not being too badly affected (it is still really bad tho) and many FCs and other pilots from WTM (the skilled ones) joined better incursion groups. CCP made no progress by doing this and they just ended up pissing us off badly. If you won’t change back for us atleast do it for the new players that just got into eve. It’s not fun having 5 sites in a system and 250 people (up to 7 fleets) fighting over sites, especially since the best groups can do sites in minutes and complete all the good stuff while WTM is busting ass in a TPPH for 15 minutes.

To my knowledge all Fleets are Newbro friendly.

It’s the fact that Armor dominates so badly ( the Nestor & Leshak ) that has squished WTM ( a non-contest group of space-miners who like a good brewski ) into worse sites. It’s a tech imbalance.

Let’s face it, we in WTM have been squished badly too. Not just a little bit, flattened.

I think WTM can adapt by heading into VG’s & Assaults, but… I’m not high command.

Incursions are just another “Spaceships FarmVille” that needs to go. It’s about time for CCP to just remove Incursions. They’re retrograde and outdated. Also, Sansha Nation appears to have been crushed by the Drifters, so Incursions make little sense from a lore perspective.

The “Incursion community” is free to stay a community and find something else to farm. I understand how important community is. So stay together, maybe find another game? Or step out of HiSec for a bit. I promise it’s not that scary.

Ok, we all know Eve is a sandbox game. This should something everyone understands, that at any given moment, the rug could slip right out from under you. Meaning, all that you are used to and love to do daily can change at any moment.

This is the time where CCP changes the playing field for a lot of things in game. And that’s ok. Bc this is a sandbox game. Be a human and adapt to change. The flow chart for Eve is full of other isk making activities in High sec.

If you’re one of the people complaining than maybe it’s time for you to try something new. When ANY game dev says they are working to “balance” a game. This simply means to change the way the game works in a, usually, small way. This time, it’s a big one, or many ways for that matter.

So sit back and learn to have fun in another way. Fly safe.

Nah, they’re a useful mechanism after a player has taken a big hit.


I understand the need to dial it back a bit. There are Trigs to smite now too.

Interestingly the last few Incursions have been in Amarr & Minmatar space. Not Gallente or Caldari. Wonder if that is because the Trigs are over that way?