Incursion griefer

Why do you think that , I was on all morning today from about 9 to 12

Did you stop any ganks?

No if you must know I was getting an alt ready for a dread, skill wise, as war seems to be coming

Prolly close to like 1-2 weeks.

Gankers have had really good success. From ganking incursion runners who are travelling, and moving stuff, to ganking stragglers on gate who failed to activate gate along with the group.

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Yes true, but I meant ganking them on site like they do mission runners.

Killing the mom like this is a brilliant strategy , you can’t take it away from them , it’s like check mate to the incursion runners , where as it should have been check , needing an equivalent move to get over.

I wonder if this will cause a shortage of sansha items in the long run

The incursion bears are free to kill their mom.

We don’t mind.

It’s near impossible. The only ships that are gankable are the logi cruisers.

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Not really. With enough firepower, anything is killable.


Thanks for the laugh!

With enough firepower, anything is killable


Well duh but when a fleet of battleships (marauders), max FC boosts, and VERY attentive logi are all moving around in often a 0.6 system and higher.

Good luck with that. Only things they manage to get are the cruisers.

Pretty sure we got your whole community on meltdown.

Who said anything about targetting them while they were all there and completely attentive and at their keyboards?

Thats no different from saying “Good luck with ganking my freighter when i have 80 logi and 30 battleships orbitting me and keeping me locked on to rep me”. The killboard is not filled with freighter ganks of people being repped by 80 logi.

Where the gankers get you, are at the gates when youre alone. When youve just joined an already-in-progress incursion fleet and youre warping to the acceleration gate. When youre transporting your ships in a bowhead to the new incursion site. When the incursion site that you want to get to is in a system without stations, so you need to jump.

Thats when they get you.

Of course I did not say that. I was replying to Githany’s post about on-site ganking. (Post 46)

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And I never said you can’t kill incursion runners anywhere else, in fact when they are anywhere else they are not Incursion runners they are like every other pilot.

In the past gank fleets have tried to upset on site fleets and failed , which I never understood because when I did incursion a long time ago they were hard and if someone messed up it was a cascade fail fast. Often warping to a site and seeing a dead fleet

Maybe it’s changed and the ships are better or incursion are easier.
This new mom killing way just stops the farming which is what the gankers play style sets out to do .

Play the what-if game all day. :sweat_smile:

Sure. And what did i say?

Thats on-site, my friend.

Ive seen gankers actually enter the site, and wait on the other side of the acceleration gate drop-out point in the 1st or 2nd room to gank the ship that comes through. Ganks used to happen on-site all the time.

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I mean we can talk all day about on-site and off site.

Sure has been awhile. It would actually wake me up.

Anyway it will be interesting to see what and how the new up and coming incursion runners do as mom killing is a thing now

Maybe all sides race to do that now

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I see from Aiko’s Blog that the leaders/FCs of a group of Incursion Runners have done an altogether different type of runner - and hauled themselves off into the sunset, leaving behind their bemused, inconsolable line members.

All this, because they chose not to deal with the entertaining interdictions provided by the Awesome Wrathful Hawk & Co.

Whilst it’s true that Greed can temporarily unite people in common purpose, it is not of itself to be relied upon in providing a stable and sustainable basis for facing even the mildest of challenges.

A most illuminating read, @Aiko_Danuja.


I wonder who got the SRP fund ISK. Maybe the leaders/FCs will live off of that for the time being and plex their accounts using that.

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