Ironwulf for CSM 15

Ironwulf for CSM 15

EVE’s Counsil for Stellar Management

Who is Ironwulf?

A veteran of the game, I have walked down many paths in EVE ONLINE. Starting as many players who join this great game do, I was in Highsec. I tried my hand at a few different things in Highsec until I was picked up by a Nullsec group, which is where I’ve enjoyed spending my time ever since.

I love this game in its entirety, however I chose to spend my time walking the paths of PVP, Fleet Commanding, running a successful corporation, and doing industry. Over the years, I have poked around in many different areas of EVE, but I always seem to come back to what I specialize in now.

My Eve Story

My story is one that spans across EVE.

I couldn’t tell you exactly when I came across EVE all these years ago, sometime around 2004. I was looking for a new game, scrolling through the interwebs at different choices, when I found EVE. I enjoy the sci-fi genre, and the idea of an open world sandbox just drew me in.

When I first joined the EVE playerbase, I spent my first days going through the trials and tribulations of learning this vast game. I knew I couldn’t do it alone, so I began flying with a few people whom I randomly met while flying around. After bouncing around a bit and trying the different things this game had to offer in Highsec, my group of friends I flew with connected with others, and that’s when my path really started being laid infront of me. The world of nullsec finally opened it’s doors to me, and I was HOOKED.

Again, as with many new players do when they start in nullsec, I started on the industrial and PVE gameplay. However, those friends I flew with pushed me to come out on roams and to join comms. I got a taste for blood with a great group of people, and it was at that point where I started to realize truly what this game was all about. I couldn’t go back to doing just a single thing, I had to look at the big picture.

I would say around 2008 or so, a few guys decided to form a Corporation, and that is when I found my forever home. The group of people that come and go from my corporation over the years I consider family forever. Adapting and overcoming much of the changes EVE throw at us is something we always do together. Being in a group like Therapy. has really allowed me to form some long term in-game and IRL connections. I have bounced around and tried many groups, many of whom thought me different things about the game, but at the end of the day, I always come home to Therapy. We currently reside in an up and coming alliance named Evictus.!

In 2011, I decided to really start getting into fleet commanding. Starting off small with corp roams, which turned into small alliance fleets. Sooner, I was FCing fleets over mid-sized battles taking moons from other groups with dreads and a carriers. Over time, the groups I FC’ed grew in size, and I got a following for being someone who is an academic of fleet concepts and doctrines, often knowing the right move for every engagement (mistakes still happened!). I believe a lot of my EVE challenges from FCing. There are constant changes with the game, good and bad, and you have to remain on top of things in order to remain relevant in nullsec.

The changes and adaptions kept coming, and every time, I would study the game and its effects. Today, I FC when I am able to, however I think that my breadth of knowledge and experiences across the years to this game need to be put to better use: On the CSM.

My Areas of Expertise

I am primarily a Null-Sec PvP player that dabbles a little bit in Industry.

As a PvP player and a fleet commander I spend a lot of time playing around with different comps and testing them on the field. I solo when I can but with the current Nullsec landscape, sometimes that is hard to do. With my Null-Sec PvP and Fleet command experience, I am deeply in-tune with Subcap and Capital PVP. I have experience either FCing or partaking in small-scale PVP, to large coalition-level FCing for subcapital and capital fleets.

As for industry, I spent most of my time mining and building. I know what it was like before rorquals where buffed. I also know some of the struggle’s industrials face presently in the resource depletion era.

Why is Ironwulf Running for CSM

This is difficult to put simply, because I could probably spend all day typing all the things that I would like EVE Online to have, and all the things I wish it did not. In short, there are some changes I think would benefit the playerbase which I know many of my peers agree to.

However – how did I get the idea to run? Well, I was sitting at work and suddenly people were linking CSM 15 announcements and saying, “Ironwulf go for it”. At first, I laughed and said “nah – who would listen to me”, but the more I thought about it and talked to my peers, slowly but surely, the words “LETS DO IT” sank into my head.

Many people will tell you that see I have tremendous passion for the game. I still do the alarm clocks on the weekends, spend hours on PYFA trying to figure out the next best thing, and I still am very vocal with my friends about what I see should change in EVE (or remain the same!). I still got excited when I get to kill caps (or save them). When changes are announced, the first thing I do when I get home is start looking at the impacts and theorizing. After so many years of playing EVE as well as other games, I find this is the one I keep playing and coming back to. I keep logging into and giving it my all. I do not see that changing anytime soon and would LOVE for EVE to last forever!

What can YOU expect from an Ironwulf CSM 15 Term

So, friends, in conclusion, I can promise to continues to work on improved communication between the player base and CCP. I can promise to look over ideas and bring them forth if they have potential. I can promise to give honest and forth coming feedback to ideas that CCP share with us. I can promise to give my all to making sure that the game keeps running because of the positive changes that would come from this.

I can promise to be that loud voice in a room for you!!!




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2 and a half years I’ve followed this guy around new eden
think thats says about how much i believe he knows the game and its people. Vote Iron for CSM 15

Its awesome to fly with this guy +1 from me

Vote Iron!!

Iron Tours 2020!

He always calls us friends in his fleets, even if we suck. I like that.


+1 for Ironwulf!

Your introduction did not establish a platform on which you are running, and the above support messages/testimonials did not shed light on this either. For those of us who do not know you, would you be so kind as to enumerate in detail:

  • What positions are you running on?
  • What are major problems you’ve identified and your specific solutions to those problems?
  • What are areas of the game that could be improved and what are your specific improvements?
  • What distinguishes you from previous CSM members seeking re-election and others seeking their first term in relation to their platform?
  • Why is it worthwhile for you to run instead of merely influencing CSM members?
  • What concrete evidence can you provide us that you have meaningful ideas and engage well with the community? For forum activity is virtually non-existent per

He seems to have a bunch of prejudices and preconceptions that he does not want to divulge. His buddies like him though.

Do you have a campaign video?

I doubt that there will be a serious answer to this.

Based on experience with this guy, the sole reason for him to run is to try and get additional validation because he isn’t getting it from his friends anymore. Except for Hannah, but he’s a suck-up. I’d be surprised if there is a coherent response to the question; let alone anything worth voting for. It’s just an ego trip.

Lol. Yeah, but if you read these CSM campaign posts, don’t they almost all come across as ego trips?

They do, but generally they are semi-intelligent or at least have a team behind them that are.

+1 vote :slight_smile:

Are you able to provide concrete evidence and/or highly specific examples unique to this individual, first-time forum poster?

Someones butt hurt. Atleast be brave enough to post with your main.

I will post with any character I deem worthwhile.

In the end, Ironwulf created an extremely toxic environment where many veteran players refuse to play with him and simply do not undock anything decent. While that isn’t necessarily a problem for him on the CSM, I really don’t think a guy like him should represent any alliance that hates him enough that he ended up dropping his Strategic Command-role after a few weeks of frothing rage and insult-flinging in fleets.

So yeah, I’ll literally vote on any candidate that will ensure Ironwulf won’t be close to a seat.

Surely not Brewlar or Komi!