Is EVE being purposely sabotaged?

Eve is dying…eve is dying…eve is dying…

Always this crappy accuse…who ever said it?

This game will not die silently,the devs are preparing it to go down in flames with a boom…

This company is LOOSING 2/3 of their customers

You’ve been making this claim for years and it still hasn’t happened.

  1. loosing 2/3 of their customers is NOT the same as ‘this game is dying’,
  2. i don’t discuss with you because we all know if you fear to lose an argue you will start to abuse the flag system to silence me,you are well known for that and i’m not in the mood for that.
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oh… no… you made me do it. I’m gonna pin you. Let’s see a link.

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Good luck, the burden of proof doesn’t seem to apply to him.

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Now you bias again. Sept19 is not the beginning of a stellar rise in players due to awesome design changes, is just the returning players that fled from the worst design change ever, AKA Blackout.

Then the population raises until jan-mar 2020 reaching the previous numbers from june 19, just in time for raising again due to the pandemic.



He didn’t show to the world the significant drop after may…

He instead cut the graph out at the ‘right’ place to boost his opinion…

I just writing here, but no one is listening. So maybe watching is the better thing you want to go throu or - dont you ?

If i am saying, there is a Masterplan behind this, you can thrust me, because i wrote this plan.

If you are saying, no i am a liar, do whatever you want to believe.

The reason behind this all is following (and sorry for the spoiler).

The magic will revealed in the future (i think 2-3 months from now on)…

tinfoilhat on - how could i do this ?

Because of this. (i guess you wont watch this to end… but i just sayin)

ok, you dont want watch this ?

then watch this…

and if you dont like that, maybe something more like that here ?

well i dont know, why should i explain more. You have your own thoughts, and i dont have to proove it, i can sit back and relax and wait. Thats what i do :slight_smile:

Sabotage might be overstating it, but some of this Triglavian stuff makes me think they aren’t even trying. I mean, even an intern could have told them to double-check Trig invasions in starter systems - or not to mess up the SOE epic arc - or that the map should have two separate check boxes (one for avoid-EDENCOM and another one for avoid-Triglavians). The constant “small” failures by CCP are all the more puzzling when you look at the Pochven update and see how much effort they put in to all the graphical assets.


Cash Shop is king in today’s world. It brings in the profits in the short term, and that is all that the investors care about. Quality and depth are thrown aside and replaced with shallow facades, each one torn down and replaced by another the moment the playerbase shows the slightest inclination to spend less money. The playerbase that once valued complexity and depth, is replaced by a playerbase that has the attention span of a Gnat with ADD.


Even the most far sighted companies have to worry about this quarter and this year. It is funny how our economic system forces everyone to have short attention spans and easy, myopic goals.

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Short term “gains” for a long term loss. That seems to be the current plan for the great majority of businesses these days.

I’m grateful companies like SCS software still exist. They are a rare example of not following this trend though.

OOOOHHHHhhhhhhh trucking!
I used to play this on the c64!

Don’t mind me, that is all.

Haha don’t be angry that u can’t sell your illegal stuff any more, and not spending 1000 days grinding skills has nothing to do with a low attention span. Also you are outright lying, I remeber when I played back in the day before I went to swg, and the entire game was plagued by thousands of rmt.

So that is just garbage about you saying the people who started this game were some kind of super attentive people. All you guys did was buy accounts and isk illegally by the 100s of thousands.

Now new players can do it and actually get the company money. The only people who don’t support the cash shop are people trying to scam new players into buying thier illegal garbage.

Trying to tell people they have a fly attention span if they don’t want to spent 4 years skill grinding starring at the screen, and don’t have all day to sit and grind. All the cash shop did was make it so people who actually work can keep up if they want. Although you guys like to imagine so werid crap about stealing parents credit cards or so garbage, must be like your psyco tendency to murder and steal in the game had you stealing your parents stuff as a kid I dono.

So no the game is not purposely being sabatoage, not many people have the ability to play eve 14 hours a day, and spending less than a days wage to get 40b makes it easier to follow eves golden rule of dont fly what you can’t afford to lose.

With out it new players would just be scared to do anything, o yeah I know you vets come at me with your well I’ve been player for so many years I dont even know and can make 5 trillion isk in 3 mins, but for a new player that isn’t reality. You got missions, wormholes, and mining for new players and none of them equal anything.

You are asking for impossible. CSM is under NDA and they can never say what they actually do. It’s always: we were talking to CCP devs, discussing something, et cetera.
It is funny because CSM actually have nothing to show for their work. They say “we are doing important job” but then you can never get anything to prove this. I guess it is just pure trust that they are actually needed and play some important role.

And this trust gets constant hits by sudden changes by CCP and threadhoughts on the forums where nobody from CSM is to be seen. Did anyone ask them? Did they said anything? Nope. Silence.

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Typically gaming developers will add changes only players want when they are trying to find success either after release or as a game begins to fade and require such attention again.

Once they succeed and are making crazy profit that is when they are always seeking more profit, start to look at players as having “too much” and the money goes to their heads. Then the nerfs and messing the game up for everyone starts because they know these things don’t last forever and they want to squeeze every bit of potential out of it before they are forced to actually put any effort into the game again just to keep it alive in the future.

Two years ago CCP proved this game was as successful as it ever will be by selling their company for a huge price. Now with nothing left to do but chase even more profits for their new owners they are going for what makes them the most profit now though hurting players game play.

A successful player is one who will likely spend less on the game, if at all. Really successful players won’t even need to pay for their subscriptions and no reason to buy PLEX with RM. However they might make the game harder for most players and someone might decide they would rather spend thousands of dollars on PLEX for in game currency and that is more useful to them once than the average lifetime of a players active subscriptions slowly overtime.

People don’t really need any reason to buy long term subscriptions (save small amount?) and even if they continue to play the game CCP can’t predict when in the future the game actually loses most of it’s interest and long term profitability.

However, someone who is willing to spend thousands on PLEX so they can fire off a DD in a Titan one day later in some huge fight that might never happen again will probably spend all that money, log on a few times then get disinterested and not play again because they have no real reason in continuing to play otherwise and their investment though huge to an average player is worth nothing to them to keep playing regulary.

It’s just money after all (worthless to them), not their time (valuable) they put into it.

So someone poor might make them hundreds of dollars over years but who knows when this game might end, probably sooner than another 15+ years later. What company wants their profit based on waiting overtime and hoping a game will always continue to succeed in the long term?

One person who might only play for a few days every couple months but spend thousands of dollars on PLEX every time they play and do whatever they want will make them huge profit immediately whether or not they keep playing.

Basically one player who can spend thousands on PLEX and only play for a few days periodically because they hate grindy games is more useful than a dozen average players with active subscriptions the entire time this game exists. Those average players are the ones invested in trying to become independent so they spend less on the game overtime because of the time they invest grinding it.

It’s not like they really think what this game needs is tens of thousands more players and their subscriptions. They already notice how poor the performance is with current numbers in huge fights. They know the real profit is in big spenders in the smallest but most wealthy population of players who need little quality and performance in the game over long periods of time which require the most resources to sustain.

It’s just the economics of business that requires making harsh changes to games. It happens in a lot of MMOs focused around micro-transactions/DLC sales more than subscription based profits of the past that required maintaining quality in the game and interest of players overtime.

In this understanding, Eve Online is no exception to the gaming industry. They see the billions in potential how other developers seek and they follow the money just like them. This is the new order.

This is utter nonsense and I wish people would stop repeating it. If CCP nerfs income for those successful players with tons of ISK then who is paying for PLEX with ISK? CCP needs people with lots of surplus wealth who are willing to spend some of it on their subscription cost and therefore enable PLEX purchases from people trying to get ISK.

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Honestly I think it has less to do with targeting those who already hold a lot of wealth and independence.

There will always be those same trillionaires and the rest of the 1% who would buy up and use/resell PLEX for their own needs and thank them for that or the value on PLEX would probably have plummet a lot more by now to nobody’s benefit but the freeloaders who just want to spend less ISK on PLEX.

The vast majority of players will never easily pay for PLEX with ISK. This makes new players with money in the bank think twice about going through all the effort and time to become wealthy in this game. They will spend money instead when they see that in fact it is much easier to spare an hour’s wage for a subscription than spending 30-40 hours/week grinding in a video game for years.

If we are also being honest here the subscription cost is the least they will spend on. They want players to sell PLEX to buy clones and capitals, anything else that cost an infinitely larger amount of ISK. Those with bank will buy PLEX from CCP to buy things and those others “not wealthy as” will grind but still pay for subscriptions/DLC for years before they become free to play masters.

Not to say that there is anything wrong with players becoming independent but if some players can play to pay we must also have others who can pay to play that keeps the supply of PLEX coming in those other players will buy with ISK.

We can’t have it only one way. It needs to be both and that is why subscriptions are no longer RM mandatory and players if willing and able can pay for anything they want with ISK, including PLEX and Omega time. If it was easy for any player to grind ISK to buy PLEX then we would also have less players buying PLEX to sell for ISK and subscriptions alone would be the least of everyone, CCP and Eve’s players’ worries.

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