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With the fall of the once-great Provi-bloc coalition, and CVA’s decision to travel with Snuffed Out and switch to NBSI, the Red Alert coalition was formed to pick up the mantle of NRDS and assure a future for our way of life. Katothen, the founding corp of Total Eclipse. and a founding member of Red Alert coalition, is recruiting combat pilots who wish to serve in our vanguard.

About Katothen

Katothen was founded about a year ago by ex-null bloc members looking for smaller scale combat, where capital ships and killmails were still plentiful, but time dilation and uncontested structure grinds were rare. We moved to Providence in September last year to aid the struggling Provi-bloc coalition, founding the Total Eclipse. alliance, and became a holder alliance shortly after.

We’re currently based in The Bleak Lands, though the intention is to return to nullsec as soon as possible.

Why Join Katothen?

We offer the following to all members:

  • regular fleets on a small to medium scale, in the EU & US timezones;
  • occasional larger fleets, and third-party opportunities;
  • mature & active leadership, and a corp that’s been through a lot together and isn’t going to randomly implode;
  • the chance to be a member of New Eden’s only remaining NRDS coalition, guaranteeing you will never be a part of the blue doughnut;
  • the opportunity to get involved in rebuilding an Eve tradition, and modernizing it for a new era;
  • the greatest community in New Eden, with active comms & Discord around the clock;
  • good memes & jokes;
  • a very limited amount of SRP, until we get set up back in nullsec.

If you’re looking to be a part of a fledgeling coalition with a bunch of very well-established corps and alliances and a common cause that no one else in Eve shares, get a lot of content, and have a blast doing it, this is the corp for you.

What We Look For

We expect our recruits to have the following:

  • useful PvP skills, and the ability to fly Stealth Bombers and Interceptors;
  • a record of active PvP, we aren’t elitist about your killboard, but we expect you to get about 30 kills every 30 days;
  • an interest in FCing, or otherwise being useful beyond just being an F1 monkey;
  • a willingness to train into dreadnoughts on an alt;
  • a good attitude and a sense of humor;
  • a working mic and Discord;

All recruits also agree to uphold the NRDS (Not Red, Don’t Shoot) rules of engagement, as well as to keep ESI access on our applications.


zKillboard // https://zkillboard.com/corporation/98605157/
Apply // https://forum.katothen.com/viewtopic.php?f=48&t=90

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Up to the top. Do you like smashing Snuffed Out Fortizars? We do too!

Had a little roam last night around the warzone. Come join our next one.

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Guess what: we’re still recruiting!

Aaaand up!

We took part in an 800b fight yesterday in lowsec, what did you do? Sign up today and you’ll be there for the hull timer.

We killed a Snuff fort yesterday and survived a coup today. What did you do?