Konstantin Surovij for CSM 16

Sure you have. So I understood that you know nothing about the question. And point that you are the voice of Russian community is undervalued. Due to the hi-lighted problems it would be bad for Eve if they Some how elect you to CSM.


Nice answer! I know nothing about WH and FW, so they are well balanced and no attention needed. In other words - No idea how RMT there so useless space, no need to balance.
Dude, you want to go to CSM to represent the whole EVE community, not only nullsec botters, so do DO YOUR HOMEWORK, there some aspects of Eve that also need some attention and rework.

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During next month I am going to find out these aspects. Also, I was not talking about Fw space at all. It does not mean it is fine and well-balanced. The huge work should be done and I am ready to do it.

So you are going to learn enough about wormholes to have adequate opinion about their state, their needs, their current problems and of course their core mechanics just in month? Ok :weirdChamp:


I believe it is not possible to be on a high level in all spheres in eve online, but I can definitely try to receive feedback from experienced players from each aspect of the game.

If he applies the same level of care to CSM that he does to alliances in FIRE co then he too can drive you away!


By the way, could you state in the first post the main issues of Hisec, Lowsec, Nullsec and WH you think need to be reworked and what are you going to do to tackle those issues? What exact changes are going to offer for the EVE community?

Heh, one of most active threads. As someone said earlier better when they hate or like you than feel indifferent. Although with all those doxx/not doxx, rmt+botting/no I’m not posts I still didn’t find answer why you and not, for ex., iBeast as a ru-community representative…

I am a part of Russian community, and this man do not represent me in any way

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Nice first post here after brigading in your coalition discord to troll me in this thread. Also, i have no idea why r u so mad about me after giving you good opportunities in Fire space before.

Ibeast is a good candidate as well. You can vote for him and for me, you have 10 positions and can decide who you like more. We are doing completely different things in the game on different levels, but my stronger point will be connected with English. You can compare our levels in English after listening to some recordings. It can become a strong point if we are going to express our ideas to CCP at least in meetings. I am not telling, that my English is perfect, but I think it is definitely better if we compare it.

If by good opportunities you mean a meat grinder. If you still don’t understand what I am talking about just take a look at BlackRose’s killboard. The group that took the space after us. Though I have heard some rumblings that they are starting to fail cascade under the pressure.

U had do that before u posted your application to the CSM.

Now u just tryna get upvotes with lying phrases about “i will learn about all aspects of eve except n+1 fights in nullsec in next month”.

Sorry, but too many “n+1 fight experts without any other knowledge of eve” in the csm in past years, get out and start learning.

And when all of us know u as an expert in something in eve, u can pretend on place in the csm, but not right now.

P.S. as part of ru-community i dont wanna see u as “representative of russian community”

Always a pleasure to talk with ex-ra members. Big fans as always. But at least I am an expert in null-sec at least,so you are already not right.

I am an expert in null-sec


Konsruss you are piece of sh***. Go… and never return. This is what community wanna tell ya but don’t have balls.

Have bad day.


CCP, if you have anyone reading this thread:

This man has used personal attacks against the IRL appearances of players.

This man has made very wink wink nudge nudge threats at doxxing his opponents.

This man clearly reacts poorly to being in the public spotlight: See his very upset reddit post complaining about a voice clip of him berating his own alliance members being used on someone else’s stream.

He should not be considered as a candidate in good standing.

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