Konstantin Surovij for CSM 16

you are just another salty russian boy, doxing and insulting ppl over their physique, thats so sad man, you got nothing to look for in CSM. ppl like you should get banned from this game, it would immensely help community become less toxic…

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You called him fat… that is a personal attack…

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Nice, I too fear I will run out of ships! My favorite aspect of the game is BLOPs, how do you plan to change BLOPs to make them more effective? I have 20 accounts that could definitely be ‘persuaded’ to vote here haha.

You should understand it is a big work behind this stuff. I think we should stop. I told that I had no intentions and he was not abused. It is done.

thank you for your opinion.

dumbest explanation i ever heard

I think the main problem for Blops atm is the lack of targets. If you do not have cloaky campers or + eyes it is really hard to find a proper target for it. As i told people need like 2-5 seconds to warp to the structure and deny a content. Changes to the direction risk-reward should be made for sure. Atm i do not know how it should look like, but we will talk about it in the future for sure.

Also, sin is too good if we compare it with other blops, i believe other blops-es should be buffed.

CCP is doing a good work by increasing a price for dreads, that opens a place to use blopses more often. Before one dread was really more isk efficient.

I think Blopses are really fine at the moment. If we had more real targets, they would be more popular. The main problem of Blopses is really to find a target and tackle it. If you are good with it, it is very fun activity. Sin is too op, other blopses need to be buffed to sum up.

Mb you can talk about your thoughts as well.

If we talk about my experience, every content ends with an easy kill, or we are getting blopped.

In both scenarios it did not really matter what changes could be made. RIP my sin btw

Worst choice for russian community


thank you for your opinion and good luck IRL. Long time no see in the game unfortunately :frowning:

Yeah, I have similar sentiments, I feel like BLOPs are just a bit too expensive in their current state to be worth it over T3’s. I also agree with the whole gank or be ganked binary that exists. I feel like a lot of the fun is based in the setup of it though. I’m definitely interested to see how this campaign develops and wish you luck! Any inquiries about my voting can be found in game. Perhaps we can work together in the future.

We had good relations with Timoxa before. And I still do not understand why it changed so badly. But anyway, gl you with leading an alliance. It is hard work.

You can always contact me in Discord if u have any questions.


Specialist in doxxing idk why you’re even allowed to run for CSM

Also this post is ■■■■■■■ cringe


Doxxing isn’t fun mr. Supovoy

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What can you tell about improvement of wh and lowsec gameplay? What is your goal there?

+10 votes from me!

Luv you konstantin <3

Konstantin is our candidate!
Make CSM useless again!

For sure, I’m glad we have such high-character candidates this year. It’s also nice to see you evoke such response from the player base, I’ve always considered it better that half the people hate you and half the people love you then have everyone be indifferent.

I think the main problems connected with Wh and Lowsec atm in people’s minds. It is very obvious, that Snuffed Out is killing every lowsec group, who wants to achieve some results in this game. We can see, that changes in ores allowed people to mine expensive crokite in lowsec. On the other hand, it is very hard to mine a lot of it and receive significant profit, simply because u will be dropped by a big group like Snuffed Out. I do not see a real problem with income in low-sec, people are flying expensive clones, etc. So the main problem, that might not give people opportunity to buy ships is solved atm as far as I understand. Wormholes have the same story. Hard Knocks and Lazerhawks are controlling a lot of wormholes, that gives them a lot of profit. Also, i have heard real stories, that it is still very easy to make a decent amount of money in the Wh space. So the problem with making money is also solved. If we are not talking about factional warfare, lowsec is kinda balanced atm, you can mind moons, ore and it is even more profitable than in null. If we want to see more people in lowsec, i think the main idea is to make people earn money easily. The average nullsec player just has to undock and he can already make some money and after PVP. Lowsec needs anything like this. But lowsec gives u an opportunity to earn more money if u know how to. So it is perfectly balanced in my opinion atm. I have not heard a big problems connected with fights, i think everyone found their niche and feel very comfortable until u getting blobbed. Feel free to express your opinion about it as well. I am not playing in lowsec or wh every day, so i might have missed some important stuff, that should be discussed or changed in the future.

Totally agree with you.