L4 Epic arcs. Single ship?

And he tells you that being “probably fine” is not enough.

try to do the part in null in any of those ships. On the going, you will be fine. On coming back, you will be dead.

With the new T3-cargo bay for subsystems CCP added, a Loki or a Legion would work well, if you really want to go through an entire epic arc without changing ships even once.

I’m prefering Ham-Legions and Ham-Lokis for the adjustable damage, but I’m sure autocannons and lasers can be made to work, too.

Just fit your T3 like you want and add a second covert fit for the parts in Low/NullSec. Don’t forget your depot for refits in space, though!


The last run through I used a AC loki. It worked well and projectile ammo has a decent variety of damage types. mostly it was because I realized even with 140mil SP my missiles skills were crap (long story).

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So i feel weird replying to a thread that my post is the last reply.

I am due for another run of all the L4 arcs. I am going to run them all in the Loki again. I figured I’d see if there is any interest in seeing a loki run the arcs.

I am not a streamer, nor am I a youtuber. However I am technical enough to be able to stream and record.

If anyone is interested in seeing me run the arcs in a Loki Im happy to record it. (warning it will likely be very boring).

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Maybe keep it short and only record main aspects of mission?

Anyway, there hasn’t been any changes to the Epic Arcs that I know about so shouldn’t be any problems with the Loki fit.

I’m getting ready to run the arcs again too, only this time I’m going to do the Sansha and Syndicate paths.

Yea it comes down to time. It is a lot more footage to simply stream it and save on twitch. Making a shorter video requires editing. I’ve been wanting to get in and run them for weeks and I’ve had 0 free time to play.

Yea it runs fine. I ran the missions 3 months ago in the Loki for the first time. :slight_smile:

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I don’t reply much on the forums but I’d like to say thanks for this whole thread. It’s been a good read too.
I just recently started flying the T3’s and would be interested in the fit Demichael and you discussed back a bit.

I’ve run the major faction epics in a standard Raven a few times (thank the god’s for MJD’s), ran the pirate factions in an Astero a few times. I’m used to the old school PVE face tanking and kiting when things get rough. Would you guys mind adding a bit to some of the tricks of the trade used with running in a Loki or Tengu?

DeMichael_Crimson, your original “The Plan” was a major help to me as well. Got 3 characters unlocked for all the epics. Much appreciated.

Anyway, thanks again.

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Send me an evemail and I’ll get back to you.


Ahhh that’s great, I’m glad to hear it.

Granted the ‘Faction Standing Repair Plan’ doesn’t get posted as much as it use to but it’s still as viable today as it was back then.

Anyway, I’d really appreciate it if you could also post your statement in ‘The Plan’ thread too, that will help validate and promote it.


I do all 4 empire arcs in the same Rattlesnake with a single Gecko. Active shield, rapid heavies. No problem.

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I have done 3 of the 4 L4 Epic Arcs, (Gal, Min, Amarr) and did the Amarr one twice. This was 2 years ago so take my info considering any changes CCP has made since…

All three were done with a needlessly blinged out Paladin. Needlessly because it never came close to needing anything more than a basic T2 fit. There is only one or two missions per arc that present any challenge above a normal L3 or easy L4 mission would. Those tougher missions weren’t terribly difficult either but for lower skilled or fitted folks might need a warp out at most. I was never at risk of losing my ship, just take out tackle frigs first.
I also completed the Amarr arc with a Rattlesnake using the same tactics as the Paladin.
Warp in, light MJD
Drop sentries, hit Bastion, start shooting small stuff first.
if anything got close I’d pull the sentries, MJD again, rinse and repeat.
The hardest missions took 2-3 MJDs usually.

Of the three I thought the Amarr one was the most engaging and the minmatar one was a bit of a grind. The final rewards are only okay- but you can make a lot along the way so I think they were worth doing.

I just finished the 4th major faction epic in a single ship.
I went ahead and decided on the Tengu for this.

I only had issues in 1 mission on the Amarr side because I didn’t prioritize a warp scram frigate. I was already low on cap and they got me. Reshipped and had no further issues.

The pirate epics should be even easier since in a T3 you can go nullified and covops cloaked. I’ll try out the Loki fit [Derath Ellecon] was kind enough to send me next week sometime.

Only thing I’d say about running it in a Tengu is it doesn’t hurt to have an alt with a Hoarder full of faction missiles waiting in the wings. :grinning:

Thanks folks, it’s been a fun run so far!

t3s can’t enter some of the pirate epic gates.

Personal preference here, but I’d rather take one of the amarrian BS for doing these epics. You travel a lot and you need utility mids, so not having to rely on ammo supplies and being naturally armor tanked help keep your sanity.

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NOoooOOooOooo!!! Ok, well… I’ve done them in an Astero before, probably the more sensible choice. o7 Thanks!


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AC’s go through ammo like candy. It may be smaller than missiles but I still had to top and reload.

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@Bambi_Poldansser @Kace_Robins @Planeta_Pirata

Keep in mind, at least in terms of the origins of this thread was a single ship that could do all of the missions. Given that at least the Caldari epic requires a dip at least into LS or NS, nobody is finishing that arc in a “single” ship that is a BS or marauder. At least not in the strictest sense. or unless you are ballsy enough to take those ships into LS.

I’ve run all of the arcs in many ships. Most of the marauders, an ishtar, dominix, etc. The Loki is the only ship I’ve ever run all 4 empire arcs in one ship without swapping to something else.

I know it is somewhat of a nitpick. But the reality is, if you want to talk about what ships can do “almost” all of the misisons, then there is a list longer than my arm that could do the missions.


Lowsec is practically empty. You could fly a Tech I hauler to Faurulle and back.

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Practically empty.

Flying a tech 1 hauler =/= as your 2bil blinged out paladin.