Let's say they remove non-consensual pvp from highsec

(Quor Dresden) #81

Arthur, it’s vastly more populated. Back in 2004 when I stared you could actually go a week without seeing another player in 0.0. In 2010 when I left it was easy to AFK travel through low sec. Now days there may not be more peak players, but it seems there is more consistency in the amount of players active. There doesn’t appear to be an “off time”.

^^^ Post from a player that played Eve in the beginning, responding to your question I believe about the amount of players then and now.

So how again is Eve " circling the drain " if player numbers are up?

(shaun 27) #82

I doubt ccp will ever get rid ganking / non-consensual PvP in empire period! They could quite easy reduce ganking if they wanted to simply by implementing a system that if you engaged in non consensual PvP you have reduced weapon damage over 24 hours. Do it again within those 24 hours it will not only reduce weapon damage again but also increase the time limit your DPS is effected. This will effect DPS not only in empire but anywhere until timer has expired.

(Nana Skalski) #83

I wonder why CONCORD is not fining for the value of destroyed cargo or implants when someone ganks or pods in high sec unlawfully. :thinking:

How they are paying their response fleets?

(Solecist Project) #84

The vast majority of items is built with basic minerals. It does not matter if there are items which aren’t, they pale in comparison. You trying to come accross as smart is hilarious. Go check your own hangars and count the amount of things that don’t contain basic minerals, then count those which do.

I’ll wait for the result, you hater. You’re grasping for straws, just so you can keep hating.

(Solecist Project) #85

If you call that insulting then you REALLY are ten ply!

(Galaxy Pig) #86

I’ve never actually seen these words used in this particular order before.

(Galaxy Pig) #87

You wonder this because you are completely ignorant of the lore of this game. If you familiarized yourself with New Eden, even the slightest bit, you’d already know why CONCORD couldn’t care less about capsuleers and their stuff. :avocado:

Read the storyline, people! For Bob’s sake!

(Nevyn Auscent) #88

The Majority of the value of my ships & fits is not in basic minerals. Simply because an item contains basic minerals does not mean the items price is driven by basic mineral prices.
Of those ships where it is, the majority of the price is also driven by high end minerals, not low end minerals.

You know EVE well enough to know this too.

(Solstice Projekt) #89


What you should be looking at is amounts required for construction and NOT their ISK-value!

We were talking about how more expensive minerals will raise the price of goods! Holy ■■■■, are you serious??

Let me spell it out for you:

You need to look at the amounts consumed per item, NOT at the value! Otherwise you will be completely mislead by the ore that has higher value, despite being used much less!

Also, please, look up the amounts of items containing only basic minerals and compare that to the amount of items containing both basic and higher ends. The result might surprise you!

(Nevyn Auscent) #90

Everything T2 surprises me not in being focused on non high sec minerals.
I do industry, you clearly do not when you keep insisting that high sec minerals flooding the market will crash the price of everything to zero.

P.S. We are not talking about more expensive minerals, we are talking about cheaper minerals. And how a miners income is not ‘the same’ when high sec mineral prices are low, because of all the other inputs.

(Solstice Projekt) #91

We are talking about the fact that when mineral prices change, the price of everything build with these minerals changes accordingly, over time. That’s why, for example, when they removed drone goo, prices went up!

And here you are trying really hard to find a way to make it look like this wasn’t actually a thing! That we need to consider other factors too, which are actually outside of the context of “when prices for minerals change, the price of ALL THE GOODS THEY’RE IN changes accordingly!”, is absolute nuts!

So, one last time:

When the price for trit changes, the price for everything built with trit changes accordingly, in relation to the amount of trit needed to build that item. The number a miner earns is meaningless, because what matters is the buying power the miner gets from what he earned! Here’s an example even a child can understand, so you will hopefully too!

I grow apples.
An apple contains 1 tritanium, which is worth 1 isk.
I sell my apple and have 1 isk now.

Someone sells food salad.
Food salad costs 2 isk.
I grow and sell another apple to buy food salad.
**I’ve grown and sold two apples to buy food salad.

Now the price for an apple rises to 2 isk.
I’m happy, because i believe that now i earn more.
I grow an apple.
I sell an apple and get 2 isk.

I want to buy food salad.
Food salad now costs 4 isk.
I’m flabbergasted why food salad costs 4 isk now,
until i remember that the price for apples, which are in the food salad, went up.

I still need to grow and sell two apples to buy one food salad.

I still need to grow and sell two apples to afford one food salad, despite the number being higher than before. Just to be sure you don’t try to come up with the next nonsense I am hereby adding that, of course, the change in price of goods happens gradually, but that doesn’t change the fact that at equilibrium the miner’s buying power is pretty much always the same, no matter how high the numbers.

I can’t make it any ■■■■■■■ easier than this. My problem was that I wrongly assumed you really actually have proper understanding of what I am talking about, instead of speaking to you like a child right from the start.

Sorry, my bad.

(Clockwork Robot) #92

Looks like you got caught by the Brigade.

(Solstice Projekt) #93

Truth hurts liars the most, because they can’t handle it.

If we could see who flagged. this wouldn’t happen.
Others could see that some assholes are gaming the system.

(Yiole Gionglao) #94

In the short, medium and long run, EVE will shut down in november 2021. At this point, it doesn’t matters what CCP does or doesn’t. This year will end with layoffs hitting the production & art team and the game will smell of dead meat afterwards.

Risks of this prediction: CCP launching a big hit game and dramatically increasing its income beyond EVE. But, chances are low.

Disclaimer: the date might be modified depending on the evolution of the development of EVE Online. Chances are low.

(Solstice Projekt) #95

Why november 2021?

(Yiole Gionglao) #96

It’s a guess. I might be wrong and maybe just enters maintenace mode, or any of many different things that could happen, but I think that giving up it’s the most likely scenario.

Why 2021? Looks right to me. Almost three years more of decay, quickly accelerating beyond the turning point around 2020 when highsec becomes a ghost town and EVE-U shuts down.

Dont take my word for it, fo cours.e It’s just intuition and I can be wrong. I’ve been wrong before, ha ha. But one thing is hard fact: EVE is not growing, and what doesn’t grows, decays.

EVE will die at 18, whatever is the definition of “die”.

(Nana Skalski) #97

So that is why they are always interveening? Looks like CCP have to writ their lore stuff anew, or someone have to look how live lore is looking. :thinking:

(Galaxy Pig) #98

Again, this is something you would understand if you weren’t so ignorant of the topic. :avocado:

(Nana Skalski) #99

I have seen CONCORD caring about what capsuleers do, dont know what game you are playing.

(Galaxy Pig) #100

Just saying you should probably learn something about the lore before you try to use it to justify your carebear wants.