Local Comms Blackout - Discussion Thread - Part Deux!

Even if/when they do find ways around the new cyno mechanics, which I’m sure won’t take long. Most members of a decent Sov holding alliance can fly Recons and those alliances have SRP.

There is still no reason for the biggest groups to go to war.

Supers are what hold these groups together - Risk losing them you risk losing everything. No good alliance leader will risk everything they have built up over many years just to go fight for something they already have.

Making all resources deplete and respawn over time - As in moon mining mechanics - Might create some conflict but it will be the small/er groups that get hammered into submission and either join the Bloc that wants their space or leave the area but IMO it still won’t make the Bloc guys want to fight each other.,.
They simply have too much to lose and nothing to gain.,.

I have RL friends in a few enemy alliances (that i’ve belonged to over the years) but that doesn’t mean i won’t do my best to send them home to a fresh clone if they come to my space home with ill intentions.,.
I’d say anyone who has spent a while in Sov holding alliances has “friends” in enemy camps but that won’t stop us shooting each other if they come to try and take what is ours.

I was on a killmail of a friends NYX, the next night we had burgers and a few beers together and watched the video of his demise - This is a game, albeit one many of us take very seriously, we have RL friends we compete with - It is a game.,.



nais CCP, we almost reached a historical low ! GJ ! Keep Blackout going !
sarcsam off


That chart doesn’t mean anything… it’s just a chart with wavy lines… come back when you got some real data

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I see you still go to school and have not yet mastered mathematics to lvl 5.

But just in case i am wrong, please elaborate on how a line can be “wavy” . I always thought, if the definition of a line changes, it is something else…

Oh, and please also elaborate on how to scientifically correct obtain the real data you are asking for.

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Actually while they mean something they are irrelevant in relation to the blackout and CCP.
After all CCP is a business so a character who logs in on an omega account, 1 minute a month is worth more than 1000 alpha account log ins.

What matters to CCP is if they are making more money from the return of old players and new ones than the revenue they are losing, if they are losing any as a lot of people are making threats but who knows how many actually are carrying them out. After all people may be also paying their accounts but failing to log in.

I had 10, I unsubbed 9, they bring back local, I bring my PAID accounts back. That simple. Not for ratting, but for the demand local generates on the market, otherwise my operation cannot exist in null.


Thats the point though if they are generating the same or more revenue now, Your unsubscribing does nothing.

blackout is not working. I lost so many new to 6 month players that I had to shut down my corp. at this rate we will not have any new people and this game will fold.


You might not have new players or old players returning but that is hardly evidence, Hi-sec is getting more people in it that I have seen, especially as mineral prices are increasing.

Your statement is evidence that you’re one not to be in the management of corporation; High Sec. isn’t affect by this change, you chose to remain in Null and not adapt to it.

I personally, like this change and have experience with it because I have been into WH space which of, has had “this” for over six+ years.

May I ask where is your proof that all these players coming back outweigh the players that left if you could give hard fact rather then hearsay would be fun to see the real numbers.


I want to thank you and many others for this. You guys are posting here about all the alts you unsubbed, and i am rolling on the floor laughing at you.

to you, and the idiots like you i ask

did you ever think you are ridding eve of alt/bot spam?

Thanks for that by the way.

Thats the whole point. I have seen more people in Hi-sec it means nothing.
People leaving Null, means nothing.

All that matters is how much CCP is making in revenue, which none of us know at all.
I have NO EVIDENCE more players are coming back and NO ONE has any proof more players are leaving or if CCP is now getting more or less money.

Going on about quitting is just Whining. Giving Null sec its more apt name, Whine Sec.

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How does Local Comms blackout effect botter’s being able to detect players in the system?

If CCP can determine the number of mutli-accounts that have dwindled down to one or two since the black out those accounts would worthy of investigating as bot users.

Oh please don’t come into Null Sec, we own that gate, we want you to bend a knee to our internet space ship empire that we can make you bend a knee to us in real life, please don’t come to Null for anything else.

Yep, they are whiners.

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You mean that? Pearl Abyss is a publicly traded company. That means their financial summaries and earning reports are publicly available. Including CCP. Download the pdf and go to page 6.

EVE made 14.9 billion South Korean won in the 2nd Quarter of 2019. That number, btw, is $12,329,377.50. EVE’s revenue rose from 14.5b KRW in Q1, which means a rise of 400,000,000 won, or $330,990.00.

Give it 3 months, we’ll know how much they make this quarter, too.


Honest question here;
How long do you think EveOnline - The game CCP sold as a multibox game and that has survived for years on the multiple subs of it fan base, would last if everyone only had 1 account?

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the majority of people get warning through intelligence channels, and since you dont show in local, you dont get reported that easy. most of the reports are from pvers, who are reporting passer byes, etc. as a result of the blackout, most of those reports go away, which allows players to get by and kill things.

indirectly that causes people to stop botting, stop pve, or stop subscribing on those accounts.

These changes will show up in Quarter 3 of 2019.

And I am guessing a similar rise again.

And thank you greatly for the information.