Lore Question

In the lore, is it possible for a character to “go home” to their home planet and visit family? I’m interested in writing a story about my character but just want to be sure.

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Absolutely! Many characters are written as living on planets, or on stations. (Many were also born on stations.) Most capsuleers don’t live in their ships/pods.

It’s also possible to visit planets; for example, many players RPed their characters as being on Thebeka III when the trouble unfolded a few months ago. And Thebeka III is at least one character’s home planet. Similar happened with Anath, and plenty of other CCP-created events.

Several of us (well, our characters) wrote stories set on planets or stations for the New Eden Capsuleer’s Writing Contest; feel free to check them out if you want some examples! There’s also lots of other writings on the Player Fiction board.


Yes. Instances of capsuleers going planetside occur regularly in lore.


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