Main AFK cloaky thread

(boernl) #4131

deserve maybe because weve bin only nerved for over 10 years ?

(Merin Ryskin) #4132

Nope. Good PvE players have not been nerfed. Good PvE players are making plenty of ISK. Your inability to succeed does not mean that other people are suffering from the same failures.

(boernl) #4133

while i try to keep this in general as much as i can you are just attacking
like i mentioned i am making money and do not have the intention of making trillions

and what is wrong with nerfing the pvp side for a change

(Merin Ryskin) #4134

Because it doesn’t need to be nerfed. The fact that renter trash and RMT bots can’t cope with a name in local, while good PvE players keep making lots of ISK, does not mean that PvP needs to be nerfed. Nor do your ridiculous delusions of persecution mean that PvP needs arbitrary nerfs to be “fair”.

Good players do not need PvP to be nerfed to succeed, they’re already doing it. Be the good player, not the renter trash.

(boernl) #4135

and again thesame non sensible argument renter trash rmt bots
figure some new arguments out
and hell yes after 10 yrs of boosting theyDESERVE to have a good nerf

(boernl) #4136

the nerf would already be effective if only non cloakable ships can use cynos
than it does not mattter if they have cloaky eyes in system
if they do not standard carry a cyno ppl are aware of theyr presence cause theyr eyes
but eyes are watching not dropping a fleet on you

(Merin Ryskin) #4137

Good PvE players are not worried about cynos because they have the ability to fight back. Stop being a bad player and take responsibility for your own defense.

(boernl) #4138

maybe you should start realizing that im right
good pvpers dont need a invullnerability button cause they have guns

(Merin Ryskin) #4139

Guns don’t counter local. The sole purpose of AFK cloaking is to reduce the effectiveness of local as an instant warning tool, take away local and nobody will bother AFK cloaking. They’ll just log out when they go AFK.

(boernl) #4140

well ifyou want no local go to a wormhole
that is the 1 thing that devides nulsec from wormhole space

and yes it is a instant local tool if theyr sitting there
but like i said if theyr watching that is already disrupting because you know the enemy is present
they just have to remove theyr cyno capability and than they will also log sicne they can not do anything
or a afk timer that woudl also fixes it
plus than they can filter out wich pvp alliances use bots to keep theyr cloaky campers active so a win win situation no cyno and a afk timer

(Daichi Yamato) #4141

No, it’s 100% pvp sandbox.

‘the essential core concept of eve is fulltime pvp in a sandbox environment’

Sec 7 eve faq.

(Daichi Yamato) #4142

But not the last.

Wh =/= null with no local.

(boernl) #4143

indeed thatswhat i meant wh is nulsec without local and i will look into that faq next time i dock up

(Daichi Yamato) #4144


There are a lot of other differences than just the lack of local. As this guy found out.

And an afk timer doesn’t fix afk cloaking either. It just tells null bears how long they need to wait before they know a cloaked ship is active or not and thus whether it’s safe or not.

The root problem is absolutely local. Even the devs understand that.

(boernl) #4145

thank you

and i understand that in full

pvp is just the main focus in eve online
and yes it is a fulltime pvp sandbox
but on the other side ppl are not forced to participate in any form
it is just not something that can be avoidet nto even in highsec

there is just a difference between beeing in a envirement where pvp standard occurs or to have ppl just hanging there for weeks cloaked up and ready to light a cyno if theres a fleet ready

that are a few very different concepts

(Daichi Yamato) #4146

It only occurs to counter local. If there was a better way to hunt nullbears, everyone would do that instead.

When the new chat system went up and local broke, afk cloaking actually stopped.

(boernl) #4147

that was most likely sicne even they could not by just having a 1 second glace see how many actual neutrals were in system since everyone was neutral at some point in local by that bug

(Xcom) #4148

You seem to contradict yourself there. How can you log out without logging out? Intel while your not at your PC? If you can’t avoid getting killed with a cloak nerf then nothing will change so you shouldn’t talk about entitlement of losing space. Nothing you talk of makes sense. You should think before you post so you don’t look like a broken record stating the same dumb response with contradictory statements.

(Kuba Ganowski) #4149

Pozdro Old Pervert wariacie! Kiedyś nagramy coś wierze!

Anti Cloaking device
(Mala Zvitorepka) #4150

The whole and only point is that hotdrops have nearly no risk and have a reward. Forget about the people on the other side of the drop, that isn’t the point at all.
This is kind of like hisec ganking - either target has enough escort and is safe, or the target is dead. On the target side, this risk is fine, balanced and sensible and so on. But on the ganker/hotdropper side there is no risk (except if they ■■■■ up). For the hisec ganking I have no suggestions how to make it dangerous for gankers, so I don’t complain there (plus hisec gankers are needed to keep carebears in check). But hotdrops firstly are defensive as well as offensive and secondly, it would be also trivial to remove them. What should happen is significant boost to roaming gangs instead. That requires at least more than just 2 semi-functional brain cells needed for hotdrops.