Mark Resurrectus, a Wormhole CSM 16 Candidate for the Modern Era

Salutations friends, comrades, amigos and acquaintances. My name is Mark Resurrectus, CEO of the Holey Roamin’ Empire and Executor of the TURBOFEED OR GLORY alliance, and I am running for CSM 16.

- Your EVE Online Story

I first heard about EVE in a middle school band classroom in 2006, back when I was just 13 years old. My friends and I would play sporadically, but while we loved the game we were destitute children without much in the way of cold, hard American dollars, and our subscriptions were few and far between. Many, many years later in 2019, I joined a wormhole corporation at the suggestion of a friend, feeling like I needed to try something different. I’d spent some time in TEST during World War Bee, but I was looking for something with a little more razzle-dazzle. Once I came to J-Space, I knew it was home. It had everything I wanted in EVE: Small gang PVP, no local, and a thousand cloaky Tengus in every hole. Truly the heights of what EVE had to offer.

My friends and I formed our corporation December 2019, and our current alliance in the summer of 2020; we’ve been rolling ever since. We’re certainly not the most competent wormhole group, but nearly everyone who comes through our group at the very least pretends like they enjoy their time with us. We’ve had the pleasure of being involved in a number of the biggest events and engagements to happen in J-Space in the last two years, and have worked with some really stellar, much more accomplished groups along the way. It’s been an amazing ride, and I cannot wait for what’s in store for us next.

- Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

I’ve been the CEO of a moderately-sized wormhole group for a year and a half now, and have lived in wormholes for nearly two and a half. TURBO has participated in a number of engagements, big and small, alongside and against a wide variety of groups. We’ve worked with groups like Singularity Syndicate, Prismatic Legion, Wolves Amongst Strangers, Hard Knocks, Exit Strategy, and dozens of other smaller groups in dozens of other ops. I’ve gained a lot of experience very quickly in that time, specifically in the realm of small gang PVP and small-to-medium sized fleet fights, as well as both corp fleet PVE and dread ratting. TURBO lives by the mantra “take every fight”, and we’ve learned a lot from that (too much, some might argue). Beyond that, it goes without saying that as a CEO I’d also consider myself well-versed in the subtle art of managing wildly different internet peoples and utilizing their combined manic energies to achieve a common goal.

I’ll never claim to be the highest authority or expert on anything within EVE (or outside of it, for that matter). I’m not so naive as to believe that there aren’t plenty of other people with both more experience and a better understanding of the game and its mechanics. While I feel my strengths speak for themselves, what I offer most is the ability to listen, to understand people, and to turn that knowledge into actionable information. I know I don’t always have all the answers, and I feel like anyone who would tell you that they do is either lying, or trying to sell you something (and also lying).

I really do love EVE (in that near-Stockholm kind of way), despite its flaws, and want to make sure I am always bringing the best information to the table. I know I can’t do that by myself, and can assure you that I will work as hard as possible collectively with all of the groups I would represent to present the best case for change to both the CSM, and to the developers as a whole.

- Why are you applying for CSM?

I want to offer wormholers (and EVE players in general!) a vision for a different path forward. I do not represent a large bloc in J-Space—though I have worked with many and enjoyed doing so. My interests are not intertwined with the politics of larger groups. I would gain little from advancing the specific interests of my group alone, or even those groups we affiliate most closely with.

Instead, what I offer is a chance to meet all wormholers where they are, and find common ground that we can work from collaboratively. Whether you’re a pilot in a large alliance, or a group of friends in a low-class hole, or even a C4 monkey like myself, we are all here trying to accomplish the same thing: Making the time (and money) we spend playing EVE feel like it is worth the effort. It makes no difference who our CSM is if they’re not willing to listen to everyone they represent. I have no doubt the other persons running for this position feel similarly, and I look forward to discussing with them how we might best accomplish that aim, but it will always be my #1 priority.

More specifically, there are significant issues that need to be addressed in wormholes, and I want to make sure those things are not pushed down the road like they have been in the past. The state of ratting—especially with regards to large battleship fleets that turn high class systems into less of an ISK faucet and more of an ISK hydrant—needs to be reassessed. The payout distribution in C5 and C6 space; sites in C4 space in general; and wormhole mining, all need to be reassessed. The Wolf-Rayet small weapons bonus as it pertains to rapid light missile launchers also needs to be reassessed. While I personally think the current eviction meta is in a pretty healthy place, there are going to be questions about frigate holes and hole control that need someone with a steady hand to respond to them. Not only do I have experience in all of these areas, I have many close contacts with other more experienced groups to fill in any gaps in my knowledge.

- What can players expect from you?

I’ll take the job seriously, but I’m clearly not a serious guy. I write spooky internet fiction in my free time and enjoy talking about baseball. I enjoy good food, good drink, and spending time with my friends. I wouldn’t sit here and talk about how important it is for the wormhole CSM to connect with all people if I intended to only interact with a select chosen few. I hope, if nothing else, my colleagues will vouch for me when I say that I am easily approachable and happy to listen to any concerns or questions brought up. I will always offer the best I have to offer. When that’s not enough, I’ll make sure that you know it. I will not lie (insomuch that the NDA allows, obviously), and I will not pretend to know more than I know.

What can players expect from me? Someone who wants nothing more than to see this game, the game that I grew up with, the game that has been with me through all the great and miserable times in my life, continue to grow and thrive in a changing world. They can expect that I will look not to turn EVE into the game that is best for Mark Resurrectus, but the game that is best for everyone in New Eden.

Thanks for reading! If you got this far, you are very cool and I love you. :+1:


I happily and strongly endorse this man for CSM. He will represent the best interests of all wormholers and I hear he looks really good in a bathrobe too.


Hello yes thee Havoc here. I support Mark for CSM! He’s wicked smaht.


Mark is one of the coolest people I’ve met in wormhole space and I think he would be a great asset for wormholers if he was on the CSM. I think Mark can find the common ground between large high class wormhole groups and small low class wormhole groups in order to improve Wormhole Space for all.

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Leo here, as a very brief background, I am the longest standing, non-founding member of ROAMA.

I for one can vouch that Mark is and has been one of the most approachable people I have met in Eve, whether you just helped a corp mate steal (and die with) an officer dcu (Confessor | Koneko Breau | Killmail | zKillboard) and are explaining why the confessor was worth 50 billion isk or you were trying to anchor a structure in a C3 and all of a sudden there is 10 leshaks on your undock (insert link of sacrificial nergal loss mail), he is a great guy and as patient as a saint, even when some of us (myself especially), don’t deserve it.

I will support this man’s campaign to the end’s of the earth, and he is by far the candidate I will trust the most to listen to outside sources and not just use their position for personal gain. Especially in light of recent out-of-game events (looking at you reddit), Wormholers need a CSM member who can look at both Bloc, Solo, and small gang playstyles and work to help and nurture them all, rather than simply reeing about “blue donuts” or saying that people should simply “get good” (though there will be plenty of that on our own time).

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I am pretty cool. Thanks!

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I know this isn’t a politics thing but I have also heard this and it’s very kind of you to say so.

I trust Mark to listen to the community and represent all of us while in the CSM. He is one of the best people i’ve met in this game, and has always been very approachable. He has my full support, and my bathrobes

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What are your main concerns for jspace as a whole?

What beneficial changes would you like to see in high class space?

What beneficial changes would you like to see in low class space?

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  • What are your main concerns for jspace as a whole?

Emphasis on diversity, both in PVE and PVP. In short, the primary complaint I see made by groups who don’t have access to more abundant ratting is that they’re limited in how they make money, and the groups who do wish they had more content in general. Industry changes have made gas harvesting more valuable, but adjusting mining in general would let more groups have access to more ways to bring in cash - and as a result, would give PVP groups more targets to fight over. Finding creative and unique ways to encourage groups to fight, such as creating more focus points (like event sites) to fight over, are a net benefit to everyone.

There are other things as well; for example, it’s a non-secret that certain weapons are broken (good or bad, depending on where you stand) in Wolf-Rayets, and that Edencom guns are broken (just bad) in WRs and Magnetars. While these are comparatively minor issues, I still feel like they need to be addressed.

  • What beneficial changes would you like to see in high class space?

I’d like to see blue loot values adjusted in high class sites - in general, bringing the drifter values down and avenger values up. At the same time, I’d like to see a system wherein sites spread tackle to all targets in a site, instead of just to the one target with aggro, and for that system to be random and not assigned to a certain ship type within a site.

To elaborate, the latter would ensure that roaming battleship fleets running high class sites (especially those in farms) would have to commit more to the sites they’re in, similar (albeit clearly to a lesser degree) to how dreads are locked into place for the duration of siege.

This does two things:

  1. First, it creates a need for a more reactive ratting experience, since shedding tackle will become a primary objective if stuff starts to hit the fan, and that tackle might not always be coming from just frigates. That makes it harder to mass-multibox those sites, and then-

  2. Gives fleets who roll into those holes a better chances of grabbing literally anything before the entire fleet MJDs away and cloaks up.

One small change - having sites spread tackle, provides a slightly more interactive ratting experience for ratters, while also providing a better chance for content for those rolling to find targets.

  • What beneficial changes would you like to see in low class space?

There are a couple of things I could go into here, but just to name one: C4 sites need to be adjusted pretty badly. It’s easy to complain about C4 corps roaching high class sites, but fact of the matter is that they’re doing that because they cannot reasonably make a decent living ratting their own home sites. Making C4 sites more reasonable encourages groups to stay home and rat, which itself allows for more chances for fights. If you roll into a few people farming their own C4, and you engage them, they’re more likely to stay around and escalate because that’s where they live. If you’re trying to create more content while also providing low class wormhole groups a chance to make an honest living, this is probably the most cost efficient way to do so. It also has the added side effect of making C4 statics worth something, which is nice.

Plus, C4 spawns are a nightmare. Need to address that, too.


yes! Good stuff.

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You’ll have my vote!

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you claim the following:

“I’ve gained a lot of experience very quickly in that time, specifically in the realm of small gang PVP and small-to-medium sized fleet fights”

…yet a quick killboard check indicates that the majority off content you are participating in is in fact not that but rather wormhole eviction content.
What do think about the current state of organic skirmish based WH PVP and why are you mainly focused on evicting other groups rather than just having good fights or nano small gang PVP with them?


On the contrary, we generally aren’t interested in evictions of other wormhole groups. The solitary exception from the last few months being a low power fortizar we showed up to shoot that spiraled into one of the biggest wormhole brawls in recent memory, but that wasn’t an eviction - we never shot at any of their other structures, and didn’t follow up with it after HOSA came in to save the forti at the last minute.

What you’re seeing are eviction of farms belonging to K-space groups, which is generally considered fair game among wormhole groups. Just like how it would be kind of wild for a wormhole bloc to own sov, K-space groups (especially large null and low blocs) setting up shop in wormhole space is frowned upon, in general.

The rest of our content has either been finding fights in chain, coming to the aid of our allies, or defenses. I’ll attach a couple of links below for reference. That being said, I do think there can be more done to encourage organic fights between groups - event sites are a great example of a way CCP has done this in the past. Introducing limited arenas that contain something valuable that multiple people want is a great way to spur that kind of engagement. Our group specifically enjoyed some content we encountered during the most recent Gala event while we were out defending a friend’s farm. That’s the kind of content I would encourage CCP to explore.

And as for why we aren’t doing nano gang stuff, that’s just not our playstyle. Some people really enjoy the nano life, but we’ve always been fleet brawlers - and that’s far and away the most preferred content among the majority of our members.



you dont have to link handpicked BRs. Everyone can check zkillboard for what content someone is mainly experiancing. sadly the majority i see includes citadel kills. I personally dont think an eviction content heavy meta is good for the WH environment.


I don’t think that bopping farms belonging to K-Space blocs is the same as evicting other wormholers from their home systems, but I can’t stop you from feeling the way you feel.

We do our best to find content wherever we can - those farms show up disproportionately on our killboard, but are a small minority of our normal activity.

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I have to agree with you on the proliferation of wormhole evictions. Two years ago, I was one of the lone voices in the wilderness complaining that chronic evictions would irreparably damage J-space, especially for small corps. Yet they’re still here, and then some.

Since the game is organic (a sandbox, right?), it has adapted to the changes, for better or worse.

Btw, Mark is one of the nicest, funnest CEOs I’ve even flown with. He gets my vote.


This makes absolutely no sense to me, can you clarify please? I don’t understand how a group can not have access to pve.

I agree, mining could use a buff. I rarely see anyone out mining anymore.

Are you recommending more pve sites with this statement?

Any plan to make sure this isn’t exploited by the individuals that own/rent the c6 farms? Can you be specific to changes you’d recommend to blue loot totals?

What would make them commit more? These fleets that are often complained about are run by a single player input broadcasting and using dscan bots.

Are you recommending that c4 be a higher value than c5 and c6 sites? I do agree though that c4 sites are complete trash and should be adjusted, do you think that this can be done simply with changing the spawn locations or something more involved?

I don’t know you so I’m asking for more specific answers than just some generic talking points to get to know you and your platform better.

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Having flown both with an against you in some of those big engagements, I will be happy to see you on CSM


You have a lot of corpmates and other allies on this thread talking about how much they like you. I haven’t seen much said about why you would make a good CSM member other than this. Personally I don’t care whether you are the nicest guy in the world or the worst. What I do care about is whether you understand wormholes, and whether you can actually articulate ways of improving them to CSM.

This sort of statement doesn’t do much to fill me with confidence. I would echo the comments made by others above about your lack of experience in wormhole PVP.

I am a wormholer and the only criterion I have for voting for anyone in the CSM election is whether I think they will make wormholes better in any way. With that in mind, and taking my comments above into consideration, why should I vote for you ahead of someone like Phantomite?

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