Melicien Tetro for CSM18 🔺

Your EVE Online story:

In May of 2004, I was 15 years old and visiting with one my oldest and best friends, Saphon Antaran. His older brother, Kain Aegis, caught wind that I was into cyberpunk ■■■■ and MMOs. It was the start of summer, a perfect time to get into a new MMO. I was brought into the Intaki fold and was shortly doing whatever the hell I wanted as a drone pilot in my Vexor.

I had real-life friends in the game already, I brought more in with me at a rapid pace. We never needed to be loyal to a large organization because we brought our own gang everywhere. From fighting pirates to being the pirates forcing a haiku ransom, I had fun with my friends for more than a decade, and friendship was, in fact, the best ship. As we all got older, the game-scape shifted. You couldn’t just undock into low-sec any more with a single tech 1 cruiser and expect to be blessed with the spoils of war, so we took up in wormholes for a few years, specifically C4 space, and I enjoyed that for a very long time.

Eventually, I ended up joining Pandemic Horde with my friends and my partner, who was fairly new to the game. Pandemic Horde helped her and others play out some really interesting gameplay niches, including market PVP and intel as full-time jobs. I loved the onboarding, loved the Newbean Initiative. It was a good place to settle and bring others in. I learned a lot and had a ton of great experiences. If it weren’t for The Invasion, I might still be there.

In 2020, ■■■■ GOT WEIRD. Suddenly, I was very interested in smashing EDENCOM for the sake of Proving. Dropping out of Horde, falling under Asheterothi and the collective Kybernauts, I became an Invasion Fleet Commander. Picking up at weird hours to keep the fleets rolling. I kept the imposter syndrome at bay by saying “well if I wasn’t here, the fleet would stand down.” With a few of my real-life friends around me, we attracted more and more loud voices who wanted to do MORE, and we formed Stribog, I was the first Director. Our First moves were a lot of fun, especially taking Nalvula when consensus was that low sec couldn’t become Liminal. Moved out of Stribog pretty quickly due to cultural differences, and then proceeded to play political and strategic grab-ass with friends during the pre-totality structure shenanigans.

Between 2020 and now, I hadn’t been playing as fiercely. I was frustrated with in-game leadership, I was frustrated with my real-life friends who had grown out of the game. If I couldn’t tolerate being led by some ineffective random, and couldn’t gather my friends who were busy starting businesses and raising children, what could I do?

At the end of 2021, I kicked off with Bunzil and made an alliance, AZDAJA CLADE, based solely on unifying the infighting and fractured Kybernaut Clades. I told myself that once the organization was self sustaining, I’d bring my friends in. We did the struggle bus in C4 wormholes again to relight the fires of industry, and nowadays I’ve got a decent sized alliance going on and fruitful cooperative diplomacy with my Pochven Neighbors. Because of some of the other issues I’ve faced before, organization growth has been secondary to curating a lasting and intentional community.

Sometimes we’re not really good at the game at hand, but I love everyone who trusts me with their Eve Experience™ so much. We try to curate an environment that is actively safe for our girls, gays, theys, neurodivergents etc., and it pays off so much in our culture. We’re finally really emerging in Pochven, and our ONLY political loyalties are to other Pochven Residents. We’ve got a cute little icon, and I’m very pleased with our growth so far.

Your areas of expertise. In which areas of the game do you feel you are the most knowledgeable? What qualities set you apart from other candidates?

Triglavian Lore/Investment in Pochven: I fought in the Invasion for the Triangle. I’m very fond of it. I want to see it flourishing and vibrant. This isn’t the Pochven I fought for, though. Capsuleers squander the gift they were given and soil the ancient domains. Working as an intermediary between the most invested Triglavian Groups and CCP, hopefully we can continue the weaving we began.

New Player Retention/Attraction: My beautiful partner, Bunzil Sigrun, was kidnapped and brought into New Eden in 2014, and she is still around. In that time, she developed skills that she’s taken out of New Eden into real life. At the same time, she brings a fresh set of eyes to everything. Surrounding myself with new players instead of spooling up a legion of alts give me a unique insight into the new player experience.

Roleplay: I used to make fun of dedicated character roleplay a lot, but as I’m entering my 20th year, I see the appeal. Unlike ERP in the Silvermoon Inn(sorry not for me), I never really feel the need to break character with my capsuleer. At some point I really became Melicien Tetro and he became me. These days, I lean into it. I pore over every word in The Triglavian lexicon, I try to divine the flow the best I can. I’m very serious about reaching Bujan.

Why are you applying for the CSM?

My primary goal is to bring an invested Pochven candidate to the Council with no null loyalties, somebody who is accessible and engaged with the Triglavian Community. I think a little bit of guided feedback could push the region forward.

What can players expect from you?

Players can expect me to be extremely accessible on any issue relating to Pochven, new player retention, and Triglavian Lore.

Players can expect me to ONLY answer to those loyalties. I don’t want to buy votes, I don’t want any unwanted riders on my platform.

You cannot expect me to care about the diminished ding dang on the entosis folds lowering your indexes. I don’t even know what that is.

Oh yeah you can expect me to advocate for gender affirmation for capsuleers. It’s good for the culture, and it’s the Transhumanist Cyberpunk future I dream of every day.

I was banned from r/EVE after asking where the people who actually like this game go to talk. I’ve been happily playing this game for almost 20 years, you can expect me to love it and champion for it accordingly.


a true Triglavian hero, long time friend from the invasion days.


Mel is a total EVE lore nerd in the best way. He’s also an incredibly patient, helpful, and friendly player with a lot of knowledge under his belt.


I’ve been flying under Mel for 6 months (after like an 8 year break) so perhaps there’s a little bit of bias here but it seems rare to find someone that’s been playing the game for so long yet still has such a passion for it and the others that play it, managing to resist the allure of blaming/bashing CCP for every decision they make.
He has lead me on more varied/interesting gameplay than most of what I’d seen before in my previous times playing the game, and the environment he promotes in corp is so friendly and postive and I’ve met a bunch of new folk that I’m happy to call friends.
His investment into Pochven and the people that live their is genuine as is his wish to see the region improve with better content and a better environment to enable people to thrive.

As I said, biased, but I believe he will bring Zorya to speak with us again.


Its biased, but this man has his head on his shoulders and know what the community wants. if you want a non null bloc CSM member pick this fella.


Mel loves Eve. He loves it top to bottom, lore to mechanics, theory to practice, friend to future friend he hasn’t made yet.

He keeps us logging in day after day, for the fun, for the friendship, for the /intrigue/. Getting players to enjoyable content is his expertise, and improving that process would be a labor of absolute love.

Plus, all that avid CCP support has him regularly accused of being Hilmar, so in lieu of reparations, let’s let him have a lil influence in shaping the future of the game he believes in.


Mel is a lifelong friend of mine who has patiently been coaching me in EVE on and off for several years. I have seen him do so with countless other players as well. He has been playing for nearly the entire lifespan of the game and he truly embodies what makes EVE interesting in the MMO landscape. Mel dedicates so much time and energy into cultivating an inclusive and friendly space for old and new players and without that I would have burnt out. New player retention is a challenge that our corp takes seriously.


Can you speak to a few of the issues in Pochven you would like to see addressed?

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I think we can all agree that the region needs profitable lower end content to act as a content driver for the region. That’s a simple thing that keeps predators and prey happy.

That said, I can’t help but imagine that’s in the works somewhere unimplemented. I see the position as a go-between, not necessarily to give orders to CCP. I’m REALLY open to the nitty gritty detail oriented stuff from folks who are out there all day, but I don’t know enough to say I’m going to ADDRESS anything yet. Campaigning will probably change that though, eh?

You’re out there collecting kills pretty regularly. What would you like to see addressed? :smiley:

Well, as the Alliance Leader of the EDENCOM Defensive Initiative, I can only speak for you to vote for him. You have someone who fights for Pochven, and also supports the further development in cooperation with EDENCOM, even if that sounds a bit strange now.

Azdaja Clade is the only clade that has aspirations to deal with EDENCOM - and so we do.

When I ran for CSM 15, that was also my ambition, that something progress happens here, and I give this now into his hands.


Mel is passionate, optimistic and dedicated to everything triglavian. I’ve collaborated with him for a while now, and appreciate his dedication to his friends, copilots and enemies. He works hard for others and I’d feel comfortable having him represent the region and its interests.

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I’m blown away by the kind words from everybody. Thank you all so much. <3

Hello I will tell you some things about my meatsona.
I live in Texas. I’m a stay at home dad. I’m the CEO of a Mechatronics startup that has… a lot less traction than my eve corp. :sweat_smile:
I DJ, Produce, Fly drones, build robots and AI, and I’ve been doing more multimedia art because of EVE.
Mental health and mental stability is a struggle for me, and it’s a lot easier to be open about that since 2020. We have a broadcast for reps channel in our discord, and I try to curate an atmosphere where we can be vulnerable without being victimized.
Finally, I take my civil disobedience as seriously in real life as I do in EVE. I put so much energy into the invasions AFTER doing what I could on the ground here and being tear gassed and sent home.

A very far aside in my platform are my PVE interests in Wormhole space. I’m not talking about wormholes much because “DON’T CHANGE THEM” and I agree mostly.
I’d advocate for increased blue loot value across the board, easily adjusted on the npc buy order side.
Blue loot hasn’t kept up with inflation. It’s most obvious in low class wormholes, but even C6 sites and all of the capital escalations could use some love.

I haven’t spent as much time as I’d like to in Pochven since Totality, but my war trophies have been near to my heart while plotting a return.

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I’m also VERY active on

if you want another place besides these forums to enjoy content that’s actually just about eve online and not a complete circle jerk. Check it out. I’m not sure how much I’m allowed to say, but instead of Karma, it’s straight to Paypal when you make postworthy content. Go ahead and apply. :smiley:

Interested in a candidate who will advocate for Pochven & the Trig/EDENCOM storyline? Look no further. This man won’t shut up about about triangles. Even though I haven’t played EVE in years, he’s constantly telling me about new developments in the story and ideas to improve interaction with the region. If you too share a passion for this content, vote for Mel.

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Good luck with your campaign. Pochven is certainly a unique part of the game that has it’s own challenges and specifics to set it apart from the rest of EVE. Having a candidate that has expertise on this will be valuable on the CSM.

I do have the ask the question that if the focus of CCP is not on Pochven, the Triglavian and/or EDENCOM story and new player retention, what would you be able to add to the CSM?

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Frankly, I’m ONLY running because I heard there was an internal focus on Pochven, Wormholes, Small Gang, Hi Sec and Role Play, among other things. Otherwise, I’d let the imposter syndrome take hold and I wouldn’t be running at all. In fact, I see my narrow focus as a strength. I can safely say “I don’t know” on a lot of issues, I don’t have to pander to null blocks, and I can focus on the things me and my peers enjoy.

I wish I had a better answer, but most of the issues I care about are related to one of bullet points you mentioned.
The reality is that the CSM is a focus group, and I happen to check a lot of the boxes so I tossed my hat in.
I’m honestly doubtful I’ll have a chance for a top ten vote, I’m just here to be selected if I am needed.

Thank you for the thoughtful question! I hope my answer is alright. :smiley:

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@Melicien_Tetro would you back any idea mentioned below as CSM member?

  1. Insane idea - pay with PLEX in NES for extra dev time
  2. Quafe+ is from "biomass" (...or corpse reprocessing)
  3. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - Better Visibility Of Other Players’ PI Networks
  4. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - 13 requests for Stack Split enhancment since Jun’18
  5. Little things / Small QoL suggestions - PI KB-shortcuts for toggling between groups of structures

If these suggestions were brought before me as things that CCP was considering, I’d support them. :smiley:

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