Merge two games

Let’s give them a few decades to sort out the problem that impacts the Chat System first, then a few years for them to become bored with pushing Skins… so let’s be conservative and say 30 to 40 years for your Imicus wish.
P.I may get improvements and will actually look finished by the time a fully functioning Mars base is a reality. I would love to play EVE in my corner office on Moonbase and invite my great grandshild to fleet up with me.
All in all, things should be looking up soon.


You mean INFERNETH!..

From time to time, I re-visit this classic “Life of Brian”… days go by, while it gains more validity.
Current state of affairs reflect that perhaps if we apply some of “Brian’s way”, maybe we would game --and forum discuss-- peacefully.
But nooo… we’re all entitled, we all have such narrow-scope… like tunnel vision towards achieving the best of the best of the best, SIR!

Without falling to philosophical stance, the whole deal comes from me reading:

On another thread, I elaborated about our inability to game for dimes instead of quadrillions, fly a humble phriggot in contrast of pursuing the false promise of “the end game” in titons, capitols, supercapitols…
Makes me wonder… is it really a pilot’s mistake --falling to probly unreasonable ambition-- or the landscape not providing enough fun at all levels.

Organs black market facilitating the acquisition of SP. That sounds about right.

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I have two.

EvE and Warhammer, because I want an EvE Tabletop miniature game ala Gothic.

EvE and Pirates!, because I really want a decent age of sail MMO.

–Nautical Gadget

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Ugh. Carbon women? Those are disgusting. You know, they drool and piss and ■■■■ right? They will also leave you, cheat on you, and break your heart. They age like milk left out on the table too.

Anime women, on the other hand. Never ages. Never betrays. Never break your heart.

I don’t give them the chance to do that since I only rent them for a couple of hours.

… and never ever touch you. I guess it’s a plus for Safe Sex? I dunno… I like to live dangerously.

How cute.

I also want a decent age of sail mmo. I play World of Warships and it’s very decent seafaring mmo but no age of sail by any stretch of the imagination.
And pirates :skull_and_crossbones: lots of them! Aaaaargh!

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Battlefleet Gothic: Armada 2 is on Steam, in case you didn’t know.

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Got it, but I was thinking of bringing EvE to the tabletop.

Either as a fleet skirmish game (like the original Gothic), or maybe a boardgame…


Okay, here’s a third.
EvE and Federation and Empire.

Galactic Strategy Boardgame where players each control a Null sec corp and build an empire while making sure your rivals… don’t.
It would focus on direct fleet combat out in null, indirect combat in Empire space, and - of course - would also be a resource game.

Ok, CCP.


–Gadget wants to control it all


EvE and Diplomacy (the board game one should never play with a friend, notorious for backstabbing and betrayal).

Oh, hang on, that already happened. Double dose of viciousness.


Backstabbing and betryal. Yep! It would mesh with EVE beautifully.

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I have a friend of mine who used Diplomacy as a teaching aid in his high school history classes.

He loved to put couples on opposing sides.

–Gadget thinks her friend might be a bit of a dick…


You mean like with spying, corp theft, awoxing, etc ? Even professors seem to be interested in the subject, and write articles about our little big game with its element of betrayal. I just came across this reference, a bit hard to read for someone not in this area of expertise, but some of it made me smile. Here’s the pdf of it.
Is betrayal in EvE Online unethical to which I, in all my naivety would say no because, contrary to what the author says, we all knowingly role-play when we are logged in as immortal capsuleers in a distant future, virtual setting. Anyway, interesting read, and when contrasted with our Friendship Machine, amusing and likely uninformed by experience.

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LMAO. Perhaps the significant other of the teacher has a good divorce lawyer practice. Follow the money !!



Yes, I agree. I like that part of EVE where I can be the total opposite of what I am irl or amplify my bad side and explore the possibilities. And EVE being a PvP game with all the freedom it allows, it is to be expected that another lower side of someone’s character is expressed within the game.

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The two harshest (as in: make a mistake – you die) and most complex games I know are Eve and NetHack. A merger of the two would be hilarious, although I’m not very sure Eve would benefit from the ASCII only UI of NetHack.

But think of it:

  • Many Eve players could use a dog or cat who is actually wiser than them
  • Antimatter wielding barbarians
  • Capsuleers getting podded because they ate a bit over ripe jackal corpse
  • Capsuleers getting podded because they’re too afraid to nibble on a jackal corpse, and so starve to death
  • Carrying too much cargo makes your ship slower, and you take damage from falling down stairs every time you take a gate
  • Cursed modules, you need to visit an Amarrian priest before you can unfit them
  • Carrying a lizard corpse on you at all times just in case a kikimora stares at you
  • The captain’s quarters is back, but is now a throne room filled with angry orcs
  • The Gnomish Miners now have lasers

That game would be incredibly fun. Thanks for the post, I enjoyed it.

Did anyone say

Eve Online & Escape from Tarkov ??

Just … there will be no escape from New Eden…
we murder in space and then we keep chasing in stations and planets and murder them there too…

Ooooohhh Gooood! !

Elite Dangerous and Eve Online.

Medieval Dynasty and The Guild 3.

I also liked the early suggestion of Eve and Warframe => Eve’s space stuff with Warframe’s ground parkour would be dope.

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