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Mifune SwordGod is a veteran of Eve Online and many other MMORPGs, a nullsec player, Eve Online streamer and youtuber. He first came to eve in 2016. and has spent almost his whole life in nullsec. Between FCing and Streaming, he has been known to be the Jar Jar Binks of EVE.

He’s spent most of his time mindlessly wanting to take every fight he can find, win or lose, He has lost hecates (HE-COT-TEY do not argue with me ) galore in search of Valhalla. He has streamed the entire M2-XFE fight, including the infamous 30 minute power nap, that turned into a 10 hour sleeping session, missing 16 phone calls, and 100 discord messages during downtime. For most of his eve day to day activities, he has been a PvP pilot, active miner, and destroyer of comms. Currently spending his time within Ascendance, working as a pencil pushing recruiter and FC.

He is currently the tech and co-host to Imperium News Network’s Theta Thursday. He also currently makes content on Youtube for various Goonswarm fights, and was the camera man for larger fights during the WWB war.

In his real life, Mifune SwordGod is the persona of Robert Knorr, a 21 year old College student in the US, studying IT Solutions as well as side lessons in video editing. In his career he currently works as a bartender at a local brewery, although in the past his previous major was Music Ed, and was a student teacher for a middle school choir. Some interesting things in his life was to be apart of his states Honors Choir and All state performances. He was also in his highschools theatre class and actor within 6 musical productions, and writing his own screenplay that was performed in front of the whole school (yes it was bad, but a funny bad). Although he loves music of all kinds he gave up singing, finding more passion in his love of coding and computers. A passion he learned from his father.

I am an eve player of lineage, oddly enough my gaming journey started right off the bat playing WoW with my father. At the time he had been playing a mix of WoW and Eve. By the time I was 15, able to understand the complexities, he got me to join him in ProviBloc. I was apart of a small eve family, that to this day I still talk to them constantly. I was into scouting and very interested in military structure, as IRL military was always a crabshoot of mine since I was a kid, sadly medical issues prevented this. I digress though. As I started to get more interested I had stumbled upon the video of the Goon V TEST fountain war, and to me, Goonswarm seemed the badass grandma of the game. Provibloc introduced me to the game, but Goonswarm has been my home for near 6 years. I remember when I first joined goons, a squeker and master sperger along with Mike Flood, the other youngen in Karmafleet. Being in highschool took a toll in how much I was able to game, so taking a years break from the game to focus on IRL I went.

A year and a half later I returned to find my old eve family residing in the LAWN alliance, so following my father and eve family again I joined them in LAWN. I can’t lie, I caused trouble, a loudmouthed 17 year old kid who thought he knew everything, eventually my loudmouth landed me in a position of needing to leave. So I went back to goon proper with my Theta friends. Here I have stayed for almost 3 years. It was around this time the war started to begin, and as far as Twitch content goes, the meta show couldn’t be the only place for news reporting. So I joined the INN team, using my many retired scouting alts as camera men, placing them in areas of conflict to stream all the large fights of WWB2. Also around this time, Dawn had approached me with the idea of bringing the sperg of Theta to the big screen, and BOOM theta Thursday was born.

** My Areas of Expertise**
My area in eve has always been a little dabble in all things, Primarily in nullsec PvP. Proficient in subcap FCing and a dabble in caps here and there. I have lived in a wormhole and done wormhole work here and there, but by no means an expert. When it comes to faction warfare, I’m almost clueless as to the meta, but we all know how much we beg for CCP to fix FW.

As well I am well versed in media etiquette for twitch and YouTube, working as an eve partner since its inception, working to create good content for people to watch and enjoy outside of the game. As you will see later in my campaign notes, I want to work to improve this area of the game, as we have seen eve only peak at 6k concurrent viewers at its highest. Just like our twitch viewers, my views may be limited to only certain aspects of the game, but I am always willing to learn new things every day, and listen to the average players thoughts.

I have been in love with eve since the day I started playing. I have wanted to run for CSM for a long time now, and with the death of eve very well likely, I want to make the beautiful game we all enjoy. Really have that dream of EVE Forever. #MakeEveGreatAgain


But as promised here is a list of a few things I have written in the past about what needs to change about eve:

  1. Corp/alliance management roles - management roles in eve haven’t been touched in many years, they should be updated to go along the lines of the current ACL lists, citadel management and other revamps that we have had
  2. Clean fozzie sov - The TCU is useless, get it out of here and combine that stuff with the ihubs, make ihub upgrades etc be even more meaningful than they are, if you don’t own the system, no citadels should be able to be placed, use a POS as a beach head.
  3. New expansion/ships - triglavians were alright for most people, but after the invasion ended we have had NOTHING to go on lore/expansion wise, finish up this garbage “balance the game” none sense and give me a new pretty ship to work towards
  4. Faction warfare revamp - year 4 now of the player base screaming for a FW revamp, address plex botting and make FW actually mean something to the rest of the game.
  5. POS Code - If we can’t get rid of the POS system (thanks to code) build upon it and make them worth something,why the hell are they just the poor man’s citadel? untapped potential here
  6. AI rework - all ratting and abyssals get boring eventually, yeah it’s cool that some things will scram you or neut but I still feel like I’m playing kill the bots simulator.
  7. Fix the HAC meta - pvp metas come and go through the years, eventually you guys nerf something and buff something else to change the meta. It’s been almost 2-3 years of HAC supremacy, time for a change
  8. Post NPE - CCP has revamped the NPE at least 100 times in the past 10 years. The NPE isn’t the problem, it’s after players finish the NPE, getting tossed into the fire. Most of us vets didn’t have any tutorial at all, we had to either figure it out ourselves or have someone else teach us. If you decide that you want to handhold the newbies, then handhold them all the way.
  9. Default overview - most vets know of overview packs and some newbies get introduced to them, otherwise the default overview is GARBAGE, fix it, make it good. Hell even do an eve academy about how to customize it.
  10. The pulse & captains quarters - vets know that captains quarters was fantastic but made servers struggle, why not just have it in jita then? Make captains quarters a thing in major trade hubs and better yet make the pulse an actual bar in jita where players can meet up.

Your post failed to mention one of the most important balance issues currently: Ansiblex Jump Gates. Where do you stand on their current state, particularly with regards to force projection and general safety?

HAC meta has been roughly 4 years btw

Not everyone has to mention anything about the gates.

I think in the current state of the game, Ansiblex’s are very tough to make a call on.

In one hand you have a small (ish) player base in nullsec right now, mostly goons v papi and pets on both sides. Without the extensive reach of ansiblexs’ in their current state, all sides would stick to their closest regions. Expansion of space wouldn’t be a thing like it is now. While this is a plus to let new groups and new forms of power to enter nullsec, I can also see this becoming a bad thing, as we can see more dead regions like Tenal etc. It is a VERY difficult issue to address and has many pro’s and cons on either side, but It is a discussion I would like to start with CCP to weigh those pro’s and cons.

Who came up with the name Ansiblex?

I guess they copied it from Ansible - Wikipedia

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Ansiblex, are the least of the games problems at the moment.


I would argue that there are more dead regions (Tenal, Branch, Scalding Pass, and much of the south-east are good examples) because of the strength of ansiblex allowing large groups to continue to smother those regions with relative ease, than there are dead regions that are the result purely of nobody wanting to live there without ansiblex (even the hardest to set up regions like Omist and Feythabolis will gain local residents if people see opportunities)

I can see this as a perfectly good reasoning! I’ll take it up in consideration :slight_smile:

I support this product and/or service

Regarding your point number 3. Do you really believe that the balancing that was undertaken by CCP was nonsense? You might want to correct the spelling for that word in your post from none sense. We saw the graphs from Fanfest that showed that there were significant problems with the game. Has your opinion on this changed since the release of the new information?

Fanfest has made me (stolen from Brisc) cautiously optimistic. I am excited to see what the faction warfare change makes to the game, but my option still roughly stands. Balance changes were always needed to fix the mistake of buffing rorqs in the first place. But still they could have ripped the bandaid instead of slow releases over 2 years. A lot of players are on an extended break and/or quit due to nothing but temporary events in place of brand new content. And announcing “soon tm” at fanfest didn’t help. Most players were (including me) expecting announcement + immediate drop of content right then and there… that expectation wasn’t filled and drove a lot of hate. I still think CCP needs to stop extending the ladder and extend the ceiling instead, as stated during theta Thursday this week: titans are only t1 ships, the sky is the limit here.

Sent an Eve Mail requesting a CSM interview on behalf of Ashterothi. Looking to book for this weekend. Let us know if you’re available.

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Said like a true politician! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


An expansion of discussion on my stance of Current Capitol Pilots and what they are feeling: https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/977982270885470218/979435281063235666/unknown.png

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