Moce For CSM 17

Greetings! Thank you for doing your civic-cosmic duty and checking out your candidates for CSM 17!

Before I get into what I’ve done, I want to tell you who I am and why I am running for CSM 17. I am a gamer, like you. I’m not a famous streamer, an Eve politician or the Darth Vader of Eve. I’m just a guy sitting in my chair trying to make the pixels blow up. Or, at least, that’s who I used to be.

This past year, something changed. I saw old friends leave our community for good. I saw our world upended as our economy was ripped asunder by a faceless entity. I watched scores of players posting in Reddit and on these very forums that we had lost them for good. I saw our content appearing to stagnate while our prices went up. All of this while part of this beautiful world rages in conflict and the rest of it sits on the very precipice of economic collapse. I cannot sit by idly while one of our sole sources of stress relief seems determined to Lemming off a cliff.

I am no miracle worker and I don’t pretend to have the answers that will suddenly part the clouds and bath the servers of our great game with the holy light of redemption. I wish that I was. What I am, is a dedicated servant. A man who will work for you regardless of your race, sex, creed or national origin. I intend to make myself available on the forums, in game or however I might serve you best. I will be your voice, together with the rest of the CSM team. Together, let us forge forward into this uncertain future with our heads held high, courage in our hearts and determination in our soul. Let’s do this together.

       **The Creation of Moce**

My toon name is old. I have been gaming online since 1998 with Ultima Online. I played UO from 1998 to 2003. By 2003, the Dev team had obliterated what made Ultima Online Unique. The unrestricted PvP, the unrestricted looting of your fallen foe. There is something viscerally appealing as a game that allows you to be who you really are. It’s fascinating how many people choose to go the route of the evil player killers, versus a noble hero. Ultima used to allow for a perfect expression of that.

I couldn’t resist the launch of Star Wars Galaxies in 2003 and I was there when it launched. I was a Wookie named Moce and I led a rebel clan on Corellia. The imperials had overrun our server and I loved every minute of it… Until the developers ruined our game.

I played Everquest, Everquest 2, World of Warcraft and World of Tanks. I was forever seeking that high I got from Ultima Online when I would successfully overcome an evil player. A chance to be a hero, even if only in pixelated form. In 2014 I found Eve Online.

Eve was over a decade old when I started playing. Back then, I used to get really attached to my ships. I’d name them something unique and think that my Merlyn or Moa was some kind of killing machine. We were all newbies at some time. I flew with TEST in 2016 and again in this recent war 2020.

I have played this game in high sec, null sec and wormhole. I even tried faction warfare long enough to decide that the system needed a lot of work. This past year, I founded my own alliance under my philosophy of real life first and under the idea that we would be a family. A big digital family. I was successful in that endeavor. I have a large group of online family to compliment my real life one. We are a member of the FIRE Coalition, so if you vote for me, I will be representing one of the smaller coalitions. I will definitely be representing the little guys with regard to alliances.

My guys started pushing me to run for CSM. I think they want to see how much I can take before I collapse. I guess we’ll find out!

      **Who am I in real life?**

25 years of online gaming has conditioned me to avoid telling anyone who I am or where I live. I find it rather difficult to part with that habit, but if Brisc can do it, so can I.

My name is James Sawyer. I served in the United States Marine Corps for 4 years as an active duty infantryman. Currently, I am a police officer from Wyoming in the United States of America. I have been in law enforcement for 20 years now. I hold a bachelors degree in Criminal Justice Administration. I also attended law school, although I crashed and burned a little bit past halfway through.

I have a wife and four kids. I have horses, chickens, ducks, goats, cats and dogs. I live a simple life without a whole lot of stuff. But I have love, a roof over my head and an honorable job that allows me to serve my community.

I have literally dedicated my life to service to my country and my community. It follows that I would want to keep serving in the community that I love in Eve. Give me a chance to serve you in CSM 17.

Addendum: Many players have sought me out to ask about a platform that I would support. MY guess is that CSM would not be asked for a list of changes, but rather their opinion of changes sought out by CCP itself. Having said that, if I had my say, I would push for some changes.

  1. Fix the ore distribution. Null sec lost all their asteroid belts and a portion of its ore, as all other aspects of Eve space. I would push for some portion of the ore that was removed for scarcity to be replaced in all space, and asteroid belts back in systems that lost them. Regular and more rare ores would be found in some quantities in moon mining.
  2. NPCs… Yeah this needs work. We need to get them off the gates, so players aren’t warping from system to system with rats on every gate. Its a perma camp and it removes small ships from the ability to gate camp at all. Even if the rats are cleared, they will be back fast.
  3. Ship balance changes. Assault frigates/cruisers need to remember that they are assault. I would propose a 50% reduction in range, 50% increase in speed and the sig radius buff replaced so that they can burn in with full ferocity. No more stand off sniping fleets. Battleships would get a 50% buff to range. Lets face it, they are supposed to be the king of battle until and unless a capital is dropped. Marauders don’t need that distance buff >:(
  4. The UI is broken. Create a new player and look at what they see. There needs to be an full rework where the basic UI allows for players to do all the basics for the game. Then, have the versatility to do what eve players do best: Ignore stuff they don’t care about. They can then adjust the UI to fit their own play styles.
  5. Null sec ratting buff. BUFF?! Yeah I said it! In wormhole, 15 battleships can turn an isk facet on and, assuming good hole control, make billions an hour. That is no joke. I am not proposing billions an hour for Null. What I am envisioning, is more players on site and the site isk values do not go down. The same dynamic would go for High and low sec. This would encourage player fleets. Support for newbros and better isk for newbros. Would it be abused? Of course it would. Its Eve. Botters will send fleets of Ishtars onto single sites and make a hell of a lot more isk. They also run the risk of getting whole groups of them caught by roaming fleets. This method would get more players into space in bigger fleets. You might not have the fleet even warp off if your roam doesn’t pose enough risk to the rat fleet. Content all day. CCP just needs to do a better job at catching botters, not punishing groups of players because they want to play together.
  6. Killmails for Logi. I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love logi. Except CCP. Its a thankless job. You will be primary target in nearly every engagement and no matter how good you are, you will not appear on the kills. Your presence could have been THE reason for success and the only one who knows is maybe the people you flew with. I’d add a category that tracks heals done to a ship that was registered as having damaged or impacted a ship that was killed.
  7. SOV Warfare. If you know anything about taking or holding space, SOV warfare is the 6th layer of hell just above 10% Tidi. It involves entosis modules that will be cycling forever while a cover fleet tries to stay awake. I’d change it so that once the system is reffed by entosis, the next event is combat based. Attackers will have to kill a structure in space that has some form of ECM defense like active or a persistent warp bubble. Attackers would have to kill the base while the defenders would have to kill the attackers. Additionally, the defenders could rep their base. Fun stuff!
  8. High sec response would include reps from logi depending on your sec status AND Concord would be faster to respond to you even if they’ve been baited elsewhere in the system. Incentive for people to pick a side and essentially be forced into faction warfare.
  9. BAD reputations need to have harsher consequences. Personally, I am hated by Gallante. All they do is whine at me as I enter their sovereign territory and will eventually start to shoot at me. There needs to be a response and it needs to suuuuck. Bad enough rep and there is no such thing as high sec for you for the empire that you pissed off. Why does it make sense to let some evil monster dock at your station, buy stuff and chill?
  10. Alliance and Corp interface is horrendous and needs to be simplified. It is an old code and it is crying out for a fix.
  11. Alliances need to be able to directly tax corps, so there is no more of this third party stuff.
  12. Walking in stations. Why the hell did we all spend time building a toon in character creation if we are never going to see that toon move around? Let us walk around Jita like a mall in the 80s. Let us shop for ship parts in stores. Of course we could still shop via interface, Amazon style. I mean, its the future for Bob’s sake.
  13. DUST… I want to shoot planets for players fighting on them. DUST needs to return in some capacity and Eve needs to be connected.
  14. Back to SOV. TCUs are just flags on the map. WHY?! Make them mean something. Half cost for fuel or better isk for the alliance owning them in ratting sites. Make it MEAN something.

I hope this short list helps to clarify my positions…


Firstly congrats on choosing to run. Your experience, especially over the last year parallels many in the community.

With that though, what will you bring to the CSM that the current members and other candidates don’t?

That is, by your own admission, you aren’t a famous streamer, space politician, etc., so what makes you stand out from anyone else that is running?

At the moment, it looks like, congrats on running, but too bad you won’t win a spot on the CSM - because there doesn’t appear to be any compelling reason to vote for you over anyone else, at least based on the above. The block vote will win.

Not trying to rain on your parade as such. Just trying to tease out more differentiation between what you’ll offer that would be worth voting for.


In my view the CSM needs diversity of thought and experience as well as diversity of play style.
The fact that he is NOT an Eve Famous streamer, YouTuber or Null Block slate pick is a powerful positive for me.


While I know CCP will most likely tie his hands behind his back, having played with Moce for a minute now he has always listened carefully and taken everything into consideration. WORST LEADER EVER. Already has my vote.


Thank you for your response and questions!

What do I bring that others do not: To be honest, I try not to talk negatively about other people, so I won’t say what other people do not bring to the table. I certainly bring my own perspective. I know I shot at Brisc a few times in the last war. I do have big bloc experience having flown with PAPI. Also, like many former big bloc pilots, I was disillusioned by some of what happened to the line pilots in the last war. I swore to myself that I would never treat a member of my alliance like a number. My perspective now is that of a small alliance trying to make it while surrounded by titans.

I know that I bring real world experience with conflict resolution. I know that I am not a big bloc candidate, so my candidacy should be a bit of fresh air, so to speak. Having lived in so many regions, I am confident that I can represent the interests of people living in wormholes, high sec, and null sec pretty well. Low sec people scare the heck out of me. Y’all are just made different. I will say this however, I will represent everyone in this gaming community with equal ferocity. You could have just popped my favorite cerb with all those kill marks on it and I’d still go to bat for you. It’s who I am.

I appreciate your time!


Thank you!

LOL Nothing but love my dude

Thanks for your service, and congrats on avoiding law school, lol.

Good luck with the race, bro.


Thank you very much and good luck on your fourth term! You are an example of the contact with our community that I want to be as a CSM. This year could prove to be a make or break year for our community.

I attended just enough law school to turn my brain into mush but not enough for the paper to prove it LOL… 1.5 semesters in. I’m a lot happier then the lawyers I work with, but they definitely drive nicer cars!

New Alliance who dis? JK GL, got my vote!

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/yell GUARDS

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I wish to lock this down

So what are your actual plans if you do get the position?

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There are obviously some things that every candidate here will advocate for if they have the slightest sense of integrity. We are all going to push to reduce that omega subscription increase, or push CCP to make it worth paying an extra 5 bucks a month per account to keep it running. Faction Warfare has been broken for years and I would want to ensure that CCP is going to throw a good sized development into it to make it a viable form of content. Personally, I’d like to seer a kind of programming in which we can see a convoy of NPC’s, having finished mining a system, try transporting their stuff through gates toward NPC null. I would love to see Dust make a return. EDENCOM ships need some love. I’d really like to see an implementation of a SOV tax that would exponentially increase as the number of owned systems increase. Say 1-4 systems would look as it does now. 4-8 would double and so on. Perhaps we could avoid a situation where certain alliances can control 160+ systems in their sleep. I’d make the TCU’s mean something. Nobody could anchor anything in a system without owning the TCU except the new FOBs they plan to put out. When a FOB gets put down, warning pings are sent out, but only to the owner of the TCU. I want to see Alliances being able to directly tax their corps. I’d for sure push to stop the sale of ships. That is a line that they should never have crossed. I would push for a UI that isn’t completely messed up. A nice user friendly one would be a good start. The interface for both alliance and corp level leadership is absurdly complicated and could be easily configured so that it makes sense to anyone. Permissions, roles and responsibilities could be easily spelled out. The structure browser is terrible. NPC’s need to spend less time on gates. Its kind of absurd. I’d push for asteroid belts back in systems. I’d also like to mess with HIGH sec gankers by having Concord respond faster and with Logi that would rep player ships that have a certain amount of rep with their respective factions. The speed of the response would directly relate to the victims reputation. I’d love to see bad rep pilots get ganked harder by the faction that hates them. This would directly affect me because Gallante wants my head on a spike from all my high sec missions for Caldari.

I have lots of ideas. The likelihood of any of them being implemented is pretty low. Judging from all the promises made by previous CSM folks, it looks like we have a red dot situation and that’s about it. As a result, I make one promise and one only. I promise that I will fight like hell for our game and for our community. I am not hostile toward CCP at all. I love their game. The point of CSM is to make sure that CCP is connected to their player base. They need to understand that the offhand decisions that they make next to a water cooler can change the way hundred or thousands of people spend their relax time in the evenings. Their decisions could push people out of a game they love. Its happening now.

Most of the candidates running are from mega alliances and huge organizations. Their perspective is important, but it isn’t everything. High sec makes up the biggest player base and they are savagely underrepresented in this field. Small alliances make up a big part of this game, yet we are also woefully underrepresented. I hope to take a step in the other direction. Thanks for reading my rant!

Eve Mail sent requesting a CSM interview on behalf of Ashterothi. Looking to book this Friday - Sunday. Let us know if you’re interested.

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Replied to you in game mail

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So apparently, I am supposed to rank my four areas of expertise, totaling 15 points. I took the opportunity to throw that out to my alliance to see what my guys had to say and it instantly turned into “roast Moce” Session… Anyways! I hardly consider myself an “expert” in Eve online in any respect. I know a good deal about our game, but I would never arrogantly profess to be the expert. Having said that, below is my rankings!

Null Sec 5
High Sec 4
Wormhole 4
Alliance and Corp Administration 2

Cant access my ingame mail atm due to wyomingness. Ill mail you a reschedule time. Sorry for the inconvenience. Ill make it up!

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Totally understand. I’m setting up interviews for Tuesday, Wednesday, & Friday now. I’ll message you my Discord if it’s easier to communicate that way.

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